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Breaking a Fast Mindfully: How to Incorporate Intentional Eating After a Fast
By now, you probably know the vast benefits that fasting has on the body. Going without food, we’ve got that part down… but what about breaking the fast? Many of us put a lot of thought into preparing for and engaging in a fast, but when the time comes to break the fast, it's a different scene all together. In this article we'll discuss practical tips to eat more mindfully next time you break your fast so you can fully nourish your mind and body and cultivate a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude for your meal times.
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make fasting easier
Make Fasting Easier With These Simple Tips
The ancestral ritual of fasting has seen a revival in modern times and has taken the health scene by storm. Whether it be intermittent fasting, liquid fasting, or various kinds of prolonged fasting, the benefits of consciously going without food are profound. Fasting, however, isn’t always easy. Whether you’re a seasoned faster, have had trouble sticking to a practice, or are thinking of trying fasting for the first time, these are our top tips to help make your fasting experience a little bit more pleasant.
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Does Coffee Break a Fast? The Ultimate Guide to Coffee and Fasting
Even though fasting is an ancient practice, its popularity has resurfaced recently in a number of ways, from intermittent fasting to juice fasts to multi-day water fasts and beyond. The recent resurgence of fasting can be attributed to a litany of new research on its ability to improve body composition, gut health, metabolic health, and support disease prevention. However, there are also many lesser known, yet equally fascinating benefits of fasting. Read on to learn more about how fasting can benefit your mind, body, and spirit.
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