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Why You’re Stress Eating, Plus Free and Simple Ways to Stop (That Don’t Involve Food)
During times of stress, many of us find ourselves coping with unhealthy food—whether that's reaching for the potato chips more often than usual or upgrading dessert from a weekly indulgence to a daily one. Maybe you feel like your jeans—okay, your sweatpants—are feeling a little tighter, and you can't help but wonder: "Why can't I stop eating?" Read on to learn the science behind food cravings and the three physiological reactions causing you to stress-eat, plus simple and free ways to stop stress-eating that have nothing to do with food at all.
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Protecting Your Gains Without A Gym: Exercise, Diet and Supplement Tips For Building Muscle at Home
At this point, many of us have found new and creative ways to modify our daily routines in spite of the limitations of social distancing, and exercise is no exception. No gym? No problem! Just go running. Ride your bike. Dust off the roller blades. Take walks. Stream a fitness or yoga class. Cardio it up... But what if your goal is to build or maintain muscle mass? The good news is, you can still maintain (and even build) muscle even without access to a gym or heavy weights. Read on to learn the best body weight workout techniques, nutrition, and supplements for supporting muscle growth. 
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In Case of Fire, Break Glass: 3 Evidenced-Based Keys to Managing Stress
It's March, 2020 and the Coronavirus has spread like wildfire across the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have been infected, the global economy is crashing and our national and local governments are escalating their measures to contain the virus and “flatten the curve”. This is certainly a frightening and stressful time. When we're forced to come face to face with our thoughts and fears, how can we cope with the stress? What really works in a time of global crisis and pandemic? Read on to learn about the three most research-backed stress management tools.
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