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Unearthing the Physical Benefits of Cold Exposure
Cold exposure is trending partly because of the long list of health benefits attributed to it. The headliners include fat loss, improved immunity, enhanced mood, better muscle recovery, and more. Is it hype or is there substance to those claims? In this post, we'll take the (cold) plunge into the research to examine the alleged physical benefits of cold training, and whether or not there are scientific studies to back them up.
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Why Humans Need Cold Exposure: An Evolutionary Case for Cold Therapy
Cold thermogenesis is hot! In case you haven’t noticed, cold showers, ice baths and ice tubs have become the routine de jour of biohackers, athletes, and celebrities alike. The list of potential health benefits is enticing, but there is a deeper reason why your body needs cold exposure. In the first part of this three-part series, we’ll explore the evolutionary case for cold therapy and evaluate if cold training can be the key to unlocking primordial stores of vitality, strength and health.
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Why You’re Stress Eating, Plus Free and Simple Ways to Stop (That Don’t Involve Food)
During times of stress, many of us find ourselves coping with unhealthy food—whether that's reaching for the potato chips more often than usual or upgrading dessert from a weekly indulgence to a daily one. Maybe you feel like your jeans—okay, your sweatpants—are feeling a little tighter, and you can't help but wonder: "Why can't I stop eating?" Read on to learn the science behind food cravings and the three physiological reactions causing you to stress-eat, plus simple and free ways to stop stress-eating that have nothing to do with food at all.
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