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Exploring The Mental Benefits of Cold Therapy

Regularly embracing the cold is not just a ‘biohack’ that may benefit our physical health. It also has impressive impacts on mental health. When approached in the right way, cold exposure is a small practice that can have sweeping implications across all aspects of our life. Read on to learn more about the mental benefits of cold thermogenesis. 

Unearthing the Physical Benefits of Cold Exposure

Cold exposure is trending partly because of the long list of health benefits attributed to it. The headliners include fat loss, improved immunity, enhanced mood, better muscle recovery, and more. Is it hype or is there substance to those claims? In this post, we'll take the (cold) plunge into the research to examine the alleged physical benefits of cold training, and whether or not there are scientific studies to back them up.

Protecting Your Gains Without A Gym: Exercise, Diet and Supplement Tips For Building Muscle at Home

At this point, many of us have found new and creative ways to modify our daily routines in spite of the limitations of social distancing, and exercise is no exception. No gym? No problem! Just go running. Ride your bike. Dust off the roller blades. Take walks. Stream a fitness or yoga class. Cardio it up... But what if your goal is to build or maintain muscle mass? The good news is, you can still maintain (and even build) muscle even without access to a gym or heavy weights. Read on to learn the best body weight workout techniques, nutrition, and supplements for supporting muscle growth. 

The Complete Guide to Fasting for Women Part 2: The Best Ways to Fast as a Female

Without a clear scientific consensus on the topic of fasting for women, it's difficult to give general recommendations on whether fasting is 'good' or 'bad' for women. In this article, we're breaking down ways to find out if fasting is right for you, and the best ways to approach it as a female to maximize the benefits but minimize the negative hormonal side effects for both pre- and post-menopausal women.

The Complete Guide to Fasting for Women Part 1: Should Females Fast?

Fasting continues to make headlines. Every day more research is published revealing its application to everything from heart health to neurodegenerative diseases, cancer prevention, autoimmune disorders, and nearly everything in between. But what about fasting for women? What does the research say when it comes to sex differences? Does fasting affect women differently than men? In this two-part series, we'll take a deep dive into this topic to answer those questions and much more!

Breaking a Fast Mindfully: How to Incorporate Intentional Eating After a Fast

By now, you probably know the vast benefits that fasting has on the body. Going without food, we’ve got that part down… but what about breaking the fast? Many of us put a lot of thought into preparing for and engaging in a fast, but when the time comes to break the fast, it's a different scene all together. In this article we'll discuss practical tips to eat more mindfully next time you break your fast so you can fully nourish your mind and body and cultivate a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude for your meal times.

Make Fasting Easier With These Simple Tips

The ancestral ritual of fasting has seen a revival in modern times and has taken the health scene by storm. Whether it be intermittent fasting, liquid fasting, or various kinds of prolonged fasting, the benefits of consciously going without food are profound. Fasting, however, isn’t always easy. Whether you’re a seasoned faster, have had trouble sticking to a practice, or are thinking of trying fasting for the first time, these are our top tips to help make your fasting experience a little bit more pleasant.

Does Coffee Break a Fast? The Ultimate Guide to Coffee and Fasting

Even though fasting is an ancient practice, its popularity has resurfaced recently in a number of ways, from intermittent fasting to juice fasts to multi-day water fasts and beyond. The recent resurgence of fasting can be attributed to a litany of new research on its ability to improve body composition, gut health, metabolic health, and support disease prevention. However, there are also many lesser known, yet equally fascinating benefits of fasting. Read on to learn more about how fasting can benefit your mind, body, and spirit.

5 Signs Your Recovery Sucks (And How to Fix It)

Recovery. It’s not sexy, we know... Rest days? Foam rolling? Deloading? Stretching? Boring... Most people would rather just crush themselves in the gym day after day, because that’s how you see results, right? Maybe not. What if we told you adequate recovery is actually one of the most important factors in optimal fitness and physical health The truth is, no matter how hardcore your fitness routine is, how often you exercise, or how on-point your diet is, if your recovery sucks, your health and performance will suffer.

Beyond Curcumin: The Hidden Health Benefits in Turmeric You’re Probably Missing Out On

Turmeric is everywhere nowadays—supplements, beauty products, salad dressings, fancy overpriced lattes; it's even made its way into chocolate. You've probably had your fingers or countertops stained by turmeric, sprinkled turmeric powder on your salads or smoothies, or started taking a turmeric supplement for any number of the seemingly infinite benefits of this wonder-spice. But when it comes to the difference between turmeric and curcumin, many are left scratching their heads.