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How Much Exercise is Enough to Be Healthy?

How much exercise is enough to simply be healthy, feel good, and live a long time? When it comes to physical activity, what if you could just do the bare minimum and still reap all the health benefits? In this article, we’ll cover exactly how much exercise is enough for general health and give you minimalist workout plans you can do anywhere, no matter how hectic your schedule!

Outdoor Exercise Ideas To Get You Out Of The Gym

Breaking out of the gym for more sun, fresh air, and fitness fun doesn’t need to be complicated. This article will give you some simple and practical outdoor exercise ideas to making working out in the great outdoors easy, enjoyable, and effective.

EAAs Vs BCAAs: How To Choose The Best Amino Acid Supplement

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and serve as the catalyst for nearly every chemical process in the body, but not all amino acid supplements are created equally. Discover the truth about BCAAs Vs. EAAs here.

Developing Speed & Power – How To Optimize Your Nervous System Performance & Reaction Speed

To develop true, functional strength, you need to do more than move weights at the same cadence over and over again. Discover the best training modalities for nervous system and muscular adaptations that are crucial for speed and power.

Fitness Decoded: The Ultimate Blueprint For Designing A Perfect Body

Regardless of whether you do or do not exercise and the related whys and hows, the purpose of this article is to give you a scientifically validated exercise plan that will maximize your longevity. The best ways to lose fat and build muscle are detailed elsewhere, but because this is an exercise plan, if you […]

Everything You Need to Know About How to Use Amino Acids for Muscle Gain, Appetite Control, Injury Repair, Ketosis and More

by Ben Greenfield It seems these days that the building blocks of proteins, affectionately known as “amino acids”, are viewed as tiny little gold nuggets that bestow superhuman powers upon anyone lucky enough to stumble upon them in a sports gel, capsule, fizzy drink or cocktail. After all, these little guys are starting to get […]

Four Natural Ways To Fix Your Joints, Bones And Injuries Fast (Without Drugs Or Surgery)

  by Ben Greenfield I'm Ben Greenfield. Health and fitness expert, voted America's Top Personal Trainer, podcaster, writer, and self-proclaimed obsessive athletic competitor. For years I raced Ironman triathlons, but have recently traded in the incessant chronic cardio for something more exciting and admittedly more masochistic: Obstacle racing. With that challenge came many more scrapes, […]