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Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System And Avoid Sickness For Good

There’s this old tale of four thieves back in the 15th century. They may have been grave robbers, maybe house robbers – the story changes depending on where you read it. The gist of the story is this: the thieves traveled all over the place robbing people, as professional thieves do, and… They never got […]

Proven Ways To Recover From Exercise Faster

We’re all familiar with the Marvel Comics Avengers character, Wolverine. Who, of course, is the single fastest-recovering superhero on the face of the planet. And while you certainly can’t expect to get punched ten times in the face by a muscle-bound cyborg and have your broken and smashed cheekbones and nose regenerate almost instantaneously, you […]

Quantify Your Body – How To Test, Track & Interpret Blood, Saliva, Stool & Urine

If you’re familiar with the self-quantification scene, you may remember the days when you had to go to a fancy place like the Princeton Longevity Center or some other fancy anti-aging facility if you wanted a deeper understanding of the state of your body in order to take a more proactive and precise approach to […]

Fitness Decoded: The Ultimate Blueprint For Designing A Perfect Body

Regardless of whether you do or do not exercise and the related whys and hows, the purpose of this article is to give you a scientifically validated exercise plan that will maximize your longevity. The best ways to lose fat and build muscle are detailed elsewhere, but because this is an exercise plan, if you […]

How To Determine The Perfect Diet For You: A Scientific Approach to Personalized Nutrition

At Kion, we're huge believers in bio-individuality. We'll say it over, and over, and over again. There's no one-size-fits-all anything. This is especially true when it comes to nutrition and diet. Convenient as it might sound to find an optimal "human species diet," the fact is that we all have individual biological responses to food. These responses are based on variables like genetics, lifestyle, gut microbiome, environment, gender, and activity levels. This is why that strict keto diet that worked so well for your neighbor caused you to gain weight, feel lethargic, and sleep like garbage. Instead of following general diet guidelines from an Instagram post or whatever diet book is currently trending on Amazon, recent science shows it's better to personalize your diet based on your unique body.

The Three Most Common Gut Issues and How To Fix Them

Digestion is a mysterious thing. Temperamental. Sensitive. This is old news if you’ve ever dealt with bloating, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, even brain fog or fatigue after consuming certain foods, due to the intimate interaction between your brain and your gut. Digestive issues not only disrupt your day, they can mess up your whole body. Your […]

Sexy Forever – Build Functional Muscle For Life

Want to know how to reverse nearly 40 years of aging? Simple. Lift heavy stuff. That’s right: muscle is so important because, aside from just helping you to look lean and sexy, it’s actually been associated with your ability to live a long time. Strength training decreases the rate at which telomeres, the end caps […]

The Misunderstood, Misused Darlings Of The Supplement Industry (& How *Not* To Waste Your Money Or Damage Your Health With Amino Acids).

by Ben Greenfield They're the new darling of the supplement industry. They're purported to give massive amounts of clean energy, muscle repair and recovery, neurotransmitter precursors, better performance when in ketosis and much more – all without ingesting barely a single calorie. Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie and Viatcheslav Eckimov all used a regimen of them […]

Everything You Need to Know About How to Use Amino Acids for Muscle Gain, Appetite Control, Injury Repair, Ketosis and More

by Ben Greenfield It seems these days that the building blocks of proteins, affectionately known as “amino acids”, are viewed as tiny little gold nuggets that bestow superhuman powers upon anyone lucky enough to stumble upon them in a sports gel, capsule, fizzy drink or cocktail. After all, these little guys are starting to get […]

Four Natural Ways To Fix Your Joints, Bones And Injuries Fast (Without Drugs Or Surgery)

  by Ben Greenfield I'm Ben Greenfield. Health and fitness expert, voted America's Top Personal Trainer, podcaster, writer, and self-proclaimed obsessive athletic competitor. For years I raced Ironman triathlons, but have recently traded in the incessant chronic cardio for something more exciting and admittedly more masochistic: Obstacle racing. With that challenge came many more scrapes, […]