The mind influences how you receive and process information from the world around you, dictates many of your own bodily functions, and allows you to communicate with those around you. This section of Kion will teach you how to optimize brain function by balancing neurotransmitters, relieving stress and decreasing cortisol, eating brain-boosting nutrients, taking nootropics and brain supplements, sleeping properly, building new neurons and increasing memory, focus and IQ, showing you biohacking tips and tools, and much more.


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What No One Tells You About Meditation

Because of its proven benefits on everything from sleep to productivity, focus, mood, and stress reduction, meditation is quickly becoming the daily practice of Marines, pro-athletes and world-class performers in all fields. Although meditation is one of the fastest growing health trends, its fundamentals—what it is, what it does and how to do it —remain ill-defined. Learn the top three misconceptions about meditation so you can start your own practice with knowledge, confidence, and clear expectations.

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