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Food & Nutrients For Brain Health – Improve Memory, Focus, Mood, Motivation & More

If you put dirty, unstable oil in your car, it’s going to wreck the internal mechanisms that propel it. Sooner or later, you’re going to see smoke rising up out of the hood. A similar principle governs your body — you are what you eat. Which means how well you function relies on the quality […]

Banish Stress and Kiss High Cortisol Goodbye

You know that feeling when you are stuck in traffic and already late? Or that feeling of your heart pounding, mind racing, and knots in your stomach while you're running through your to-do list knowing there's no possible way you can accomplish it all? Unless you're living in an all-inclusive resort with zero obligations, you're […]

How To Hack Your Environment For Better Sleep

You surely know the importance of sleep, or you at least know that you're supposed to be getting seven to nine hours of it each night, but if you're like most busy parents managing a household and a job, or young professionals juggling work and a social life, or really anybody with access to tv […]

How To Think Better By Optimizing Your Neurotransmitters

Yep, that giant gooey mash-up of neuronal cells, white matter, gray matter, blood vessels, nerves, tiny bones, sutures and squishy tissue can occasionally go south, and as a result, most of us walk around with broken, inflamed, poorly functioning and poorly trained brains. It’s kinda sad that you have a supercomputer in your cranium that’s […]