Kion Coffee Bundle

Love Kion Coffee? Bundle and save, so you never have to go a day without your precious brew again.


  • 3 bags of Kion Coffee (12 oz. of whole bean, medium roast, organic coffee)

Grab the bundle and save 10% off your order.

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    The Best Bundle For Bottomless Coffee All Day.

    No more rationing coffee or fighting with your spouse over the last cup. When you bundle, you can start every day with a bountiful cup of Kion Coffee, expertly roasted to maximize health benefits and flavor.

    Our coffee is medium roast, with a balanced, clean flavor and a smooth, rich body. You’ll taste notes of sweet apple, marzipan, and baking spices, and scrumptious dark chocolate as the cup cools.

    Every batch of Kion Coffee is sourced with 100% organic Arabica beans that are grown and harvested on sustainable, fair-trade coffee cooperatives. We also regularly test our coffee to ensure its free of mold, mycotoxins, and pesticides.

    Finally, a coffee you can feel good about drinking every day.

    • USDA Certified Organic

    • Ethically sourced

    • Free of pesticides, yeast, mold, and mycotoxins