Bar - 12 Bar Box

Bar - 12 Bar Box

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Kion Bar is a satisfying, real-food energy bar. Delicious, on-the-go nutrition for your busy life.

  • Simple, whole food ingredients
  • Balanced macronutrients with 11g of protein
  • Crunchy and delicious, with a subtle hint of sweetness

    A Flavorful Energy Bar That Can Keep Up With You.

    Energy bars can often be a love-hate relationship.

    On one hand, they’re a convenient, on-the-go snack that can prevent hangry breakdowns. But they can also taste like cardboard, be loaded with sugar, and end up in a pile of goo in your backpack.

    The Kion Bar is different.

    It’s a whole-food energy bar with a chocolatey flavor and nutty texture, 11g of satiating protein, and solid nutrition for any adventure.

    With a balanced ratio of macronutrients and a dash of honey, the Kion Bar can keep you satisfied and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. Grab it for a quick breakfast, afternoon snack, or epic adventure fuel.

    • Clean, Natural Ingredients

    • Stable In Extreme Environments

    • Satisfying Chocolate-Salty-Coconutty Flavor

    Delicious, Real-Food Ingredients In a Convenient Bar.


    Cocoa Nibs*

    Cocoa nibs are a superfood that provides minerals and antioxidants, and a rich dark-chocolatey flavor.

    Coconut Flakes

    Coconut flakes are an ideal source of natural Medium-Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs), providing clean-burning, stable energy.


    Almonds are a source of plant-based protein to support performance and satiety while adding a crunchy texture.


    Nature’s original sweetener! Kion Bar has just enough to add a touch of honey-sweet goodness.

    Hydrolyzed Grass-fed Gelatin

    A protein-rich staple in traditional and ancestral foods that supports gut and joint health.

    Chia Seeds*

    An ancient superfood and good source of fiber. You may even find a few in your teeth, too ;)

    Sesame Seeds*

    Sesame seeds add a perfect crunchy, nutty taste and texture.

    Kaniwa (Baby Quinoa)

    Kaniwa is a naturally gluten-free source of B vitamins, essential minerals, and flavonoids.

    Rice Protein*

    A gut-friendly, vegan source of protein.

    Pea Protein Isolate*

    A perfect complement to rice protein, pea protein completes the amino acid profile in our Bar.

    Cocoa Butter*

    Cocoa butter is a healthy fat source that adds a delectable buttery taste.

    Chocolate Liquor

    Chocolate liquor adds a perfect amount of natural chocolate flavor.

    Cocoa Powder

    A source of magnesium and chocolate-y goodness.

    Sea Salt

    Sea salt is the ideal natural preservative and also provides health-supporting electrolytes. Plus who doesn’t love sea salt and chocolate?

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    Honey*, almonds, cocoa nibs*, hydrolyzed grass-fed gelatin, baby quinoa (kaniwa), chia seeds, coconut flakes, chocolate liquor (roasted and ground cocoa beans), water, rice protein*, pea protein isolate*, sesame seeds*, cocoa powder, cocoa butter*, sea salt, tocopherols. (*Organic Ingredients)


    Questions? We have answers.

    Is the bar vegan?

    The bar is not vegan, as it contains grass-fed bovine gelatin and honey.

    How many bars are in a box?

    There are 12 bars in each box.

    Do you use compostable/recyclable packaging?

    Our Kion Bar wrappers are not recyclable. However, we are currently researching recyclable options.

    Why is there added sugar?

    The only source of sugar in the bar is from honey. New regulations require food manufacturers to consider honey as “added sugar”, even though it's from a natural source. To learn more about the benefits of honey and why it's in our bar, check out this article:

    Where are your almonds sourced?

    Our almonds are sourced from the United States.
    Bar - 12 Bar Box