Immunity Bundle

Support your immune system from all angles with Vitamin C and Zinc, grass fed colostrum, and organic oregano oil.


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The Essentials to Support Your Immune Health All Year

Kion Immune

Keep your system running strong with Kion Immune. This synergistic blend of Vitamin C and Zinc promote optimal immune health. Vitamin C keeps harmful free radicals in check, while zinc provides the foundation for strong immune cells.*

Kion Colostrum

Indulge in nature’s original gut-building food: Colostrum. Colostrum is a natural, milky substance created by mammals to strengthen the immune system of their young. Use Colostrum to help support a healthy gut lining, promote a better immune response, and improve athletic recovery between workouts.*

Kion Oregano Oil

Support healthy gut bacteria the natural way with Oregano Oil. Oregano has been used as a trusted herbal solution for centuries in the Mediterranean. Our wild harvested Turkish Oregano Oil has over 80% carvacrol levels which makes it a potent, yet gentle solution to promote a balanced microbiome.*

  • Support healthy immune function*

  • Promote a balanced gut microbiome*

  • Improve the body’s natural immune defenses*