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Carl Lau

Carl Lau


Sydney, NSW, AU


Upon leaving Hong Kong, complete with homemade clothes & a bowl haircut, Carl landed in Sydney at the age of 4 years & 5 days. He was a nerd, yet (much to the dismay of his Chinese heritage) he was sporty & loved the outdoors. Carl spent days playing all manner of sports he didn’t know the rules to & evenings with his nose deep in comic books. Asterix, Tintin & the Marvel Universe were favorites (all of which he credits to learning the English language). He was an early adopter of “The Hobbit” & “LOTR” & dreamed of being a pointy-eared Sindarin elf.

At 16 he had an adverse reaction to an antibiotic & from there the health journey began. Fast forward to a degree in Medical Science (Anatomy), he went on to complete his Master’s in Chiropractic. In ‘96, he was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition of the kidneys after passing wee (medical term) the consistency of a double short black. Thanking the doctor for his diagnosis but not accepting the prognosis (probable kidney failure & transplant), Carl’s been hacking his health ever since. He is happy to report he is in complete remission & still has the same pair of kidneys he was born with.

With over two decades in the health, fitness & wellness industry, Carl is a biohacker with a focus on longevity & healthspan - coming full circle to be that strong, lean, long-lived woodland elf. He’s still a nerd.

Anti-Aging and Longevity, Athletic Performance, Brain Health, Detoxification, Mental Health

Additional Credentials/Certifications:
Bulletproof Coach
Eleiko Strength Coach
Strength Sensei Coach

Starting at $150 (up to 60 minutes)

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