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Jason Plotsky

Dr. Jason Plotsky


Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA


Dr. Jason Plotsky has been helping people achieve their health goals since 2003. He is co-owner of Nova Spinal Care with his wife Cindy and since opening, they have helped over 3000 people. Dr. Jason is a life long learner and one of his biggest passions is helping people understand how their body works and how to keep it healthy! He has developed a blueprint for health and is ready to share this with the world. He has read 100’s of books on health and wellness and most recently completed the Kion health coaching certification through fitness guru Ben Greenfield. He has also attended training from world experts like Tony Robbins, Dr. John Demartini, and Dr. Joe Dispenza. He loves accumulating information from these experts and breaking it down to help people come up with strategies to enrich their life. He also believes immersion is the best way to learn and has created various seminar experiences as well as retreats in Costa Rica.

Anti-Aging and Longevity, Fat Loss, General Nutrition, Men’s Health, Mental Health

Additional Credentials/Certifications:
Doctor Of Chiropractic

Various coaching packages available depending on health goals. Rates to be determined with client.

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