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Mark Chavez

Mark Chavez


Los Angeles, CA, USA


Dr. Chavez is a medical doctor and entrepreneur who is passionate about teaching people how to synthesize health, fitness, and medicine to work together to optimize human potential.

A graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine he completed his residency training at Stony Brook University Hospital in Long Island, NY. His passion is in sports medicine and functional movement training. Dr. Chavez teaches a unique resistance exercise method he created called the Gravity Ball Method which utilizes a weighted functional exercise training device invented by him called the Gravity Ball. By integrating the Gravity Ball Method into his clients exercise program they improve overall function and performance through improved mobility, flexibility, joint stability, and core strengthening.

Dr. Chavez goes by the pseudonym" The Health MD" under which he offers coaching to a limited number of carefully matched clients to be in his year-long goal-directed health program that utilizes the 5 Habits blueprint that his book is based on.

This is an intensive one year program that integrates the 5 keystone habits that my book is based on into your life. By combining habit formation with goal setting and taking action on the goals one by one we will accomplish your desired level of health. I developed these 5 habits after years of observing the habits of patients, family members, and friends. As part of the program, you will be certified in the Gravity Ball Method by Dr. Chavez.

Anti-Aging and Longevity, Athletic Performance, Brain Health, Fitness,

Additional Credentials/Certifications:

Six-month coaching, health, and entrepreneurial accelerator program: $50k

The program is an intensive deep dive into health, entrepreneurship, and becoming a key person of influence in each client's chosen industry. I take 2-4 clients per year.

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