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Michelle Dean

Michelle Dean


Las Vegas, NV, USA


I am a NASM certified personal trainer and CrossFit coach with a background in group fitness. I'm also a competitive powerlifter and mixed martial artist, having the opportunity to train with world champions out of Las Vegas, NV. My background in the fitness industry is extensive, but my background with plant medicine and the spiritual side of things I would say is even more so. I've traveled all over the world studying different cultures and their use of plant medicines. I own a company, Blunts & Barbells designed to dismantle the stigmas associated with plant medicine and show the real mental health benefits of both plant medicine and physical activity. In addition, I've taken psychology courses and I'm forever expanding my knowledge on the human mind and behavior. My purpose in this life is to assist people in awakening to their own true power through total mind, body, and spirit optimization. “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds”

Athletic Performance, Fat Loss, Fitness, General Nutrition, Mental Health, Spiritual Health, Plant Medicine

Additional Credentials/Certifications:
CrossFit L1

Contact me - I prefer to set up a consultation and come up with a custom monthly plan based on your goals, budget, etc.

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