Do you want to be rewarded for living an adventurous life? Whether you’re an athlete, yogi, outdoor adventurist, designer, writer, photographer, guru, trainer, nutrition expert or all of the above, we want you to join and represent our inclusive, eclectic tribe of healthy, joyful creators. The mission of our tight-knit, grassroots team of brand ambassadors is to authentically exemplify our brand values and showcase Kion products via engaging, creative and high-quality content. This content is produced by you and shared via your social media channels and other web properties. The goal of the content is to create excitement for Kion products and our company mission of living an adventurous, joyful and fulfilling life.

You’ll receive exclusive gifts, discounts, product previews, invitations to Kion events and other special opportunities, will be featured on Kion’s owned social media and web properties, will have the opportunity to test new products before they are available for trial & feedback, offer ideas for product development, and additionally have the opportunity to earn 10% commission on any sales you convert via the Kion Affiliate Program.* Kion Brand Ambassadors are UNPAID. If you have a fee structure associated with promoting a company and its products and are interested in working with Kion, please contact If you’re just in it for the dough and want to exclusively become a Kion Affiliate, please apply for the Kion Affiliate Program. If you are a health and fitness professional who already holds a current certification or level of licensure, and want to take your practice or business to the next level, be sure to also click here to check out becoming a Kion Certified Coach. *participation in the Kion affiliate program is optional



Got your attention? Ready to apply?

These are the basic requirements we’d like you to meet before you apply:

• You’re age 21+ and a resident or citizen of the U.S.

• You’re motivated to speak authentically about Kion products on social media.

• You’re active on social media and ideally have a minimum of 5K followers on Instagram (if you have fewer than 5K followers, but are very motivated to become a Kion brand ambassador, you should still apply.)

• You have the tools / know-how to create engaging media and can write engaging copy in English.

• You can join a Slack channel using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. (What’s that?)

• You want to make a 1-year commitment to Kion’s brand ambassador program.*

• You’re not currently promoting another directly competing brand or their products. Integrity is a top Kion value! *this commitment can be terminated anytime by you or us if needed.




We want you to apply!




Tell us about yourself by filling out the form below! We will be in touch once we review your application. If you have questions, send us an email. Applications for our initial group of brand ambassadors are due by December 18, 2020.