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Essential aminos acids (EAAs) are the building blocks of protein, energy, and just about every bodily function.

They help you:

  • Power through your workouts*

  • Grow and maintain lean muscle*

  • Speed up recovery*

But not all amino acid supplements are created equally. Some EAA supplements don’t contain all 9 EAAs. Even worse, BCAA supplements only contain 3 out of the 9 essential amino acids.

Kion Aminos Contain
All 9 EAAs for Maximum

All 9 EAAs
For Maximum

BCAAs taken without the other 6 EAAs may actually slow the rate of muscle gain.

Kion Aminos contain all 9 essential amino acids, unlike BCAAs (and even some other EAA supplements) which only contain 3 of the 9.

Plus, Kion Aminos are leucine-enriched for maximum muscle protein synthesis and enhanced recovery.

More Leucine =
Better Results

EAA supplements rich in leucine work even better than traditional EAAs to...

  • Stimulate muscle protein synthesis*

  • Aids in muscle repair*

  • Support athletic recovery*

Kion Aminos contain 40% leucine, with the remaining EAAs in optimal, scientifically backed ratios shown to help you grow stronger muscles and recover faster.

A Formula So Great,
We Just Couldn't
Keep It A Secret

A Formula So Great,
We Just Couldn't
Keep It A Secret

We hired a 3rd party independent research firm to conduct a meta-analysis of all the most current amino acid research available.

The result?

A truly unique, 100% transparent formula that's unlike any other at energizing the body, building, muscle, and assisting recovery.

Two Amazing
Flavors, One

Mixed Berry, Cool Lime, or Capsules—whatever you choose, you're guaranteed to love it or your money back.

Kion Aminos are a convenient, easy-to-drink formula that gives your body all the EAAs it needs to operate at its peak.

Better Workouts,
Faster Recovery &
Bigger Muscles In 3 Easy Steps...

  1. Shake! (Kion Aminos mixes best when shaken or blended, not stirred)

  2. Add 1 scoop of Kion Aminos Mixed Berry or Cool Lime Powder

  3. Start with 8-12 ounces of water or any cold liquid

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For bigger muscles, lightning fast recovery, and razor sharp focus, try Kion Aminos Mixed Berry, Cool Lime, or Capsules today, and save 10%.

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