Performance Bundle

Performance Bundle

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Your Ultimate Bundle for Fueling Exercise and Athletic Performance.

Kion Coffee

There's no better pre-workout than a cup of clean, black coffee! Kion Coffee is certified organic, 100% free of toxins, and incredibly energizing.

Kion Aminos

Essential amino acids support energy levels, build lean muscle, and speed up recovery.* Kion Aminos are pure, 99% absorbable amino acids. They contain no added sugars or artificial ingredients. Great for fueling pre-workout, or as a post-workout recovery enhancer.

Kion Creatine

Creatine is a well-studied and trusted supplement in sports performance. It’s been shown to increase strength, muscle mass, energy levels and post-workout recovery*. It even helps stave off muscle loss in older populations.* Kion Creatine uses the gold standard of creatine, Creapure®.

  • Clean pre-workout energy without the jitters

  • Optimal exercise performance, endurance, and strength*

  • Post-workout recovery for your muscles, joints, and nervous system*


Performance Bundle