Strength Bundle

Strength Bundle

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Gain lasting strength, build lean muscle, and speed up recovery for days of powerful workouts.


  • Kion Clean Protein - Smooth Vanilla (1)
  • Kion Aminos Capsules (1)
  • Kion Creatine (1)

Bundle and save 10% on your order.

The Perfect Bundle to Unlock Your Maximum Strength

Kion Creatine:

The workout fuel you’ve been looking for to enhance short-burst, high-intensity training. Kion Creatine is made from the gold standard of creatine, Creapure®. Its 95% bioavailable formula fuels your toughest workouts in minutes.

Kion Aminos:

The perfect pre-workout for hours of lasting energy and leaner, stronger muscles. Kion Aminos has all nine essential amino acids (EAAs) and a 40% leucine formula. High leucine EAA supplements are scientifically proven to increase muscle protein synthesis and therefore, muscle growth.

Kion Clean Protein:

A velvety, delicious whey protein powder to speed up your post-workout recovery. Clean Protein has 20 grams of complete protein to rebuild worn and torn muscles and unlock your leanest, strongest gains yet.

  • Science-Backed Muscle-Building Formulas

  • Short-Burst Energy for Powerful Performance

  • Rebuilds and Recovers Worn and Torn Muscles


Strength Bundle