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Building blocks for muscle recovery, reduced cravings, better cognition, immunity, and more.*


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Whether you’re looking to stimulate faster muscle growth, recover more rapidly from exercise, become more resistant to fatigue during a grueling workout, or just benefit from additional amino acids in their most absorbable form to support aging or a vegan, vegetarian, or ketosis diet, Kion Aminos essential amino acids has you covered.*

Essential amino acids are just that: essential. Your body can’t produce them on its own and yet they are crucial for supporting and maintaining the muscular, skeletal, enzymatic, nervous and hormonal systems of the body.* All of these systems need to be running optimally if you're hoping to get to sleep faster, promote muscle synthesis, enhance recovery from exercise, support optimal cognition, support your immune system, digest properly, and much, much more.*

Your body generally gets amino acids from the protein you consume as food. But your body’s amino acid utilization from common protein sources is often less than 50% of their content, with the rest being excess calories and waste. About 48% of egg protein is utilized by your body, less than 32% for meat, poultry and fish, less than 18% of whey and soy protein, and only 1% of branched chain amino acids are utilized by the body.

The amino acid utilization of Kion Aminos is a whopping 99%, meaning your body is actually absorbing and utilizing the essential amino acids it needs.* Plus, Kion Aminos are formulated in the exact, scientifically validated proportions needed for maximum utilization and absorbed by the body within twenty minutes.* So if you’re running from the gym, in need of a quick energy boost, staving off hunger pangs, or in the middle of a long workout, you can easily give your body the support it needs – and fast.

And yes, this means you get all of the essential amino acids, but without actually having to prepare, chew, digest or engage in any other stressful or inconvenient way of getting your protein. Don’t take this the wrong way: of course, we’re all about eating high-quality, nutrient-dense, tasty foods like steak, eggs, and nuts, but when you’re in a situation that requires you get your protein fast and you get it absorbed even faster, Kion Aminos is the perfect solution.


So what’s inside Kion Aminos?

Kion Aminos is an essential amino acids (also known as EAA’s) supplement that is 99% utilized by the body for protein synthesis.* No other form of protein comes close! The ingredients contain eight essential amino acids, perfect for omnivores, Paleo dieters, vegans, vegetarians, and ketosis support.

Kion Aminos contains:

  • Tryptophan to encourage the release of important neurotransmitters and hormones for mood and sleep, such as serotonin and melatonin.
  • Lysine, which, if deficient, can result in a deficiency in niacin (Vitamin B), as well as slow connective tissue repair.
  • Methionine to supply sulfur and other compounds required by your body for optimum metabolism and growth.
  • Valine, which is needed for muscle fiber firing, tissue repair, and for the maintenance of proper nitrogen balance in the body.
  • Leucine, which stimulates muscle protein synthesis and may be the major fuel involved in anabolic (tissue building) reactions.
  • Isoleucine, which is important for blood sugar regulation, muscle development and repair and energy regulation.
  • Threonine, which is important for antibody production, immune system activity, and can be converted into glycine and serine.
  • Phenylalanine, which stimulates the release of neurotransmitters and hormones such adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are necessary substances for optimum activity of your central and peripheral nervous systems.

With each amino acid performing a variety of functions within your body, you want to ensure you have enough of them at the ready and in the proper ratios. Kion Aminos provides this in both tablet and powder form.

Kion Aminos tablets contain one gram of essential amino acids per tablet, with NO binders, fillers, stearates, coating or dye. Just eight essential amino acids formulated to be in the perfect ratio for your body's absorption and utilization. And there is only 0.4 of a calorie per tablet.

Kion Aminos powder comes in two delicious flavors, mixed berry and cool lime, and is 100% all natural and sugar-free. The included five-gram scoop allows you to easily portion your serving that dissolves easily in water or your favorite drink.

As a dietary supplement, we recommend that you take five grams (five tablets or one scoop) of Kion Aminos daily. As an exercise aid, take five grams thirty minutes prior to physical activity and repeat every two hours of exercise. For maximum absorption, take Kion Aminos twenty minutes before or one to two hours after other dietary protein and fat.

With so many benefits, such convenience, and the fact that these amino acids are essential to your body, Kion Aminos are a superb addition to just about any diet.

So try Kion Aminos today and propel your performance and vitality to new heights!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Suggested Use:
Aminos Tablets – As a dietary supplement, take 5 tablets daily. As an exercise aid take 5 tablets 30 minutes prior to physical activity, repeating once every two hours of exercise. Take 20 minutes before or 1-2 hours after other dietary protein or fat.

Aminos Powder – As a dietary supplement, take 1 scoop in 8-12 oz of water or juice daily. As an exercise aid, take an additional 1 scoop 30 minutes prior to physical activity, repeating once every two hours of exercise. Take 20 minutes before or 1-2 hours after other dietary protein or fat.

Ingredients & Label

Aminos Tablets Ingredients:
L–Leucine, L–Valine, L–Isoleucine, L–Lysine HCl, L–Phenylalanine, L–Threonine, L–Methionine, L–Tryptophan

Aminos Cool Lime Powder Ingredients:
L–Leucine, L–Valine, L–Isoleucine, L–Lysine HCl, L–Phenylalanine, L–Threonine, L–Methionine, L–Tryptophan, Citric Acid, Natural Lemon Lime Flavor, Malic Acid, Stevia Extract, Silica, Sunflower Lecithin

Aminos Mixed Berry Powder Ingredients:
L–Leucine, L–Valine, L–Isoleucine, L–Lysine HCl, L–Phenylalanine, L–Threonine, L–Methionine, L–Tryptophan, Citric Acid, Mixed Berries Flavor (Natural), Malic Acid, Stevia Extract, Sunflower Lecithin

Kion Aminos Tablets

Kion Aminos Cool Lime Powder

Kion Aminos Mixed Berry Powder


  1. What are Kion Aminos made of?

    Kion Aminos are extracted from plant-based sources like beans and peas. Both the tablets and powder are free of binders, fillers, plant residues, sugars, yeast, gluten, soy, corn, wheat, rice, and animal products. Our Kion Powder does contain natural preservatives, specifically citric acid and malic acid.

  2. Do Kion Aminos contain all 9 Essential Amino Acids?

    Kion EAAs contain 8 of the 9 Essential Amino Acids (EAAs). Our formulation excludes Histidine because blood Histidine levels will rise naturally when you consume the other EAAs.

  3. How much leucine is present in Kion Aminos?

    Our exact ratio of EAAs is proprietary, but 5 grams of Kion Aminos contains .9-1.35 grams of leucine.

  4. Are Kion Aminos vegan and gluten-free?

    Yes. Kion Aminos are completely plant-based, and the entire line of Kion supplements is gluten-free.

  5. How much dietary protein is a serving of Kion Aminos equivalent to?

    Numerous testing has proven just how little of the protein we eat actually gets absorbed. Whey and soy have a utilization rate of 16%, beef, lamb, and fish have a 33% utilization rate, and whole eggs have a utilization rate of 38%. We've formulated Kion Aminos to be 99% utilized, meaning when you take 5 grams, you absorb 4.95 grams. Therefore, 5 grams of Kion Aminos are roughly equivalent to the following:

    • 10 grams of egg protein
    • 15 grams of meat protein
    • 30 grams of whey protein
    • 30 grams of nuts/soy/dairy
  6. What's the difference between the powder and the tablets?

    The Kion Aminos tablets are unflavored, while the Kion Aminos powder comes in mixed berry and cool lime flavors. Additionally, the powder contains a few ingredients that the tablets do not: malic acid, natural flavor, citric acid, stevia extract, and sunflower lecithin. As a result, the powder contains 2 calories from carbohydrate per serving, as opposed to the effectively zero carb/calorie pills.

  7. What is the difference between EAAs and BCAAs/collagen/protein powder?

    You can learn about the difference between EAAs and BCAAs here, and what makes them different from other protein powders here.

  8. Are EAAs safe for teens?

    Kion Aminos are safe for children and teens. They will not stunt growth and development, and they might even encourage it via upregulated protein synthesis.

  9. Should I take Kion Aminos daily?

    You can take Kion Aminos daily, even if you aren't working out, as amino acids provide the building blocks for nearly all other physiological functions. There is no harm in taking them every day.

  10. Should I take Kion Aminos before, during, or after workouts?

    You can take Kion Aminos at any time around your workout, depending on your personal goals.

    • Take them 20-30 minutes before a workout as a pre-workout boost or to support fasted exercise
    • Take them during your workout if you need an extra push through a high-intensity session or every 1-2 hours during long sessions
    • Take them within 1 hour after a workout to improve your recovery
  11. Will Kion Aminos break my fast?

    Kion Aminos will not interfere with most of the benefits of fasting, as they do not contain added sugars or binders and have minimal calories (<0.3 calories per tablet). EAAs can actually enhance your fast by increasing energy levels, accelerating fat loss, improving athletic performance, staving off appetite cravings, and helping you maintain muscle mass. However, EAAs have been shown to inhibit cellular autophagy, so you should avoid taking them if that's your primary fasting goal.

  12. Do EAAs spike blood sugar?

    Leucine is typically the amino acid thought to increase blood sugar. However, compared to BCAAs, in Kion Aminos leucine is packaged with 7 other amino acids. These other EAAs help to buffer the glycemic response normally experienced from high leucine consumption in their absence. Therefore, the insulin response for most individuals from Kion Aminos is negligible.

  13. Aside from exercise, what else do EAAs support?

    Kion Aminos have many benefits aside from supporting vigorous exercise. EAAs also benefit brain and neurotransmitter health, improve protein synthesis and muscle retention, and they can aid in improving REM sleep. They can even be used to support injury recovery.

  14. Will EAAs disrupt sleep?

    No. Kion Aminos may actually aid in deep sleep by supporting healthy neurotransmitter levels and REM sleep.

  15. There are brown clumps in my Kion Aminos powder. Is this normal? What are they?

    The brown specks are pieces of solidified organic sunflower lecithin. This is a completely natural occurrence with this product.

  16. Can I combine Kion Aminos with creatine, exogenous ketones, protein, and other supplements?

    You can combine Kion Aminos with certain supplements like creatine and exogenous ketones. Any supplemental protein like whey and BCAAs, or fat like MCT oil, will interfere with the utilization rate of our formula. Having said that, our aminos are fully absorbed within 30 minutes, so any other supplement taken or food consumed outside of that timeframe will not interfere with utilization.

  17. Can I crush the tablets?

    Yes. Our founder puts them directly in his mouth and chews them – although we’ll warn that it’s not pleasant! If you’re going for taste, opt for the powder.

  18. Will heat damage or diminish Kion Aminos?

    Heat will not affect the formula or the taste, although it is best to store them in a cool, dry place. They can also be refrigerated after opening.

239 reviews for Kion Aminos

  1. Shelley B Coleman

    I used this after my brick (3-4 hour session) and I am in LOVE. I was not ravenous after drinking this, so I had more time to stretch/ cook a calorie dense meal. I also was not “dragging ass” for most of the day after the brick (the usual). I will say that I am SO glad Ben put a sample of the berry flavor with my order because I actually like this flavor better and I will order this next time.

  2. Jed`

    Essential Aminos have proven invaluable to my physical and mental alertness. I use both powder and capsules. Powder does get into the system more quickly, but not by much over the capsules. It helps me to feel centered, calm and sustains energy particularly in intermittent fasting phase.

  3. Ricky

    Incredible. Makes fasting easy. Taste great generally but after taste a little weird but I think most supplements have that weird after taste if they are legit so can’t complain. I feel it comes with the territory. I do like mixed berry better. I feel stronger, replenished and alert when I’m taking this product so any flavor pettiness is worth it. Thank you team Kion

  4. matthewniethammer

    I purchased the tablets and have been using for over a month now. I wish I would have done some measurements before but I do feel that I have put on more muscle. My recovery seems better and I definitely feel that push during training when I have been under a 16-20 hour fast after taking these. I haven’t tried any other EAAs but I trust the quality of Kion over just about anyone.

  5. Jack Sheldon

    This is an awesome product! I can’t believe how much this improved my workouts! I have never experienced the kinds of benefits I am getting with this product.

  6. Jorge

    Amazing product, great quality, no secondary effects. I’ve been taking BCAA for about four years now and I still can feel the difference when taking Kion Aminos. You can feel how the energy is released throughout the entire workout so you body absorbs every single part of this product. Swimming 3500 yard every other day and working out the rest of the week demand a lot of energy and this product is able to provide that.

  7. Camille

    Three weeks into a new workout routine I was feeling exhausted, unmotivated, and kinda down. I had read in Ben’s book about EAAs and realized I probably wasn’t getting enough protein from my diet. I ordered this product and started taking it on intense workout days. I honestly believe my recovery is way faster and my mood/energy levels have increased dramatically! Obviously there’s no way to prove it was from these EAAs alone, but I definitely believe they were a contributing factor.

  8. Jordan Klebba

    Great product. Taste is a little bitter, but overall awesome supplement!

  9. Jennifer Depner

    First bought the lime powder, which tasted awful, but the Kion team was quick to send out tablets as a replacement and I am more than impressed. I have always struggled with exercise because recovery took way too long, that regular exercise was difficult. I take 1 serving (5 tablets) right after my workout, and I am not sore at all anymore. I have noticed that I am getting stronger quicker, and I have completely stopped taking Advil before bed, so I stocked up on the Memorial Day sale. Definitely worth it.

  10. Alaina Wright

    I absolutely love this stuff! It does taste a bit like a pill that opened up in your mouth, masked with flavor lol, but I can definitely drink it, and it makes me feel like I can power through the most grueling of CrossFit workouts!! Plus with the knowledge behind the ingredients, I definitely be buying more!!

  11. Marcie

    I have been taking the tablets and noticed I am able to lift heavier and for longer duration. Excited for what the results will be after the first 30 days.

  12. Becca

    I feel great and focused after drinking the lime, but it’s difficult to choke down. I have to dilute it 3x more than suggested. I’ll try the pills next, but I really wish the powder didn’t have that fake sickly sweet taste. I would def buy a version without the stevia.

  13. Jay

    I noticed a slight difference in my recovery & physique when taking 2 servings per day. *Ben please correct me if I’m wrong – I feel you need to take even more than 2 servings per day (3 or 4) to notice a significant difference? If you are going to take 4 servings per day is best to take them all at once or spread out? Also, have you stopped offering bulk deals? thank you

  14. Brian

    Kion Aminos are my “go to” ergogenic aid–they repair my torn up body with a weird hyper muscle synthesis recovery method or else I am having an amazing placebo effect–I go through a bottle a week easy

  15. Deborah Dinsmore

    Adds a nice edge to the benefits of strength training. I could see the consistency within a few workouts. Also great support for fasting. Flavors OK – at least the berry. Don’t like the lime, and I’m pretty flexible on taste.

  16. Thomas Zorich

    First of all customer service was amazing I ordered the wrong product and called them they let me keep the original wrong product and sent me the one I wanted. The amino’s are great I’m 63 years old and I’m getting muscle back that I had back in my 20s. Best of all great customer service that’s a key for running a great business

  17. Brooke

    Great product. Tastes good taken with water or straight from the container. I prefer working out in the late afternoon, about 3-4 hours after my last meal. Kion essential amino acids are my go-to supplement to take pre-workout, and I appreciate how pure they are.

  18. Damir Kulizada

    I have over past few years have turns out damaged my whole body from excess training, long stress, smoking, and of course processed foods.
    I have problem with my muscles tissue or nerve problems or circulation. I have tried my supplements like Complex B, Bone Broth, Multi collagen, herbs, mushrooms, etc that have supported other area throughout body.
    When I took these EAAs tables 5g each day for 3 straight days, I felt something little different but not that of a big change towards my muscle tissue. So I took 20g each day for straight 7 day on a empty stomach as Ben says in his podcast. Right now I feel like I’m wearing 10 layer skin throughout my body. And it seem that I have less of muscle pain than I use to. Thinking I need to buy more for like 6 months to see further changes while doing slow training, 10g 3 time a day on empty stomach.
    Thank You 🙏

  19. Jason Blevins

    Flavor’s good. Price might seem high, but these are high quality essential aminos not cheap BCAAs. Mixes well and provides good energy prior to workouts and during fasting.

  20. Ruaridh Mackenzie

    Seriously amazing product! I’ve really noticed a Big difference in my muscle tone, I don’t even take any other protein supplements now. I seem to be recovering very fast. Can’t recommend these highly enough. The only thing is, they can become a bit expensive if using them a lot like I do. The berry flavour is delicious.

  21. Brian

    Wow, a product that actually does make a noticeable difference! I’m in my late 60’s, have had Lyme disease and lost about 1/3 of my lung capacity, and have over the last 6 years lost about 20 lbs. of muscle and fat. Trying to stay in shape and regain some of that muscle has not been easy. Protein powders seem to help a bit but the Kion Aminos have made an obvious difference since I started taking them. I take 2 tabs about an hour before a workout and 2 tabs about an hour later and I don’t experience any where near the amount of fatigue I did previously during and after a workout. Kion – Yes !

  22. Guillermo Tijerina

    These aminos are amazing, just amazing. I used these during my Ultraman Florida race this month. I was recovering from an injury and did not want to miss the race. I did 10 tablets in the morning and at night and I recovered like a champ. Then, during the 3 day stage race, I drank the amino powder as recommended–one dose for every two hours of exercise. It worked like magic while I was on the bike as I maintained a relatively clear head. This was especially true towards the end of the grueling second stage where I seemed to be gaining energy. I can’t say enough good things about this product. I’m hooked.

  23. Sara Katherine

    I love it! I drink it every single day because it tastes that good. I’m happy with every aspect of this product and there will always be some in my cabinets.

  24. John Nelson

    I feel much better! More energy, focus and motivation. However, I’m not sure which Kion product specifically or is it all of them combined that worked for me. I began consuming the amino acid, multivitamin and coffee daily. They are all good, clean and effective products. Highly pleased with the results. Thank you.

  25. Emily

    I started taking the tablets a few weeks ago and idk if it’s in my head but I feel like I’ve noticed an increase in my muscle mass!!! I know aminos are more for recovery but obviously that contributes to gains so either way I’m loving these! I want to try the berry powder next because it’s a lot to take 5 tablets but I’m not complaining! I just think I may prefer drinking the aminos. Thank you for these!

  26. Nicole

    Cant live without it! This has made a huge difference in my workouts, recovery and busy days when Im wrapped up with clients and have to skip a meal. The more Kion products I bring into my daily regimen the easier it is to get strong and stay engaged with life from the beginning of the day till the end.

    • Team Kion

      Awesome to hear, Nicole! Thanks for the review!

  27. Shawn

    Awesomeness! Great taste and works very well! Thank you Kion. Really enjoy using this product!!!

  28. Matthew s

    Great tasting! I trust in Bens product to be quest quality.

    * Only wish the shipping to Canada was less expensive.

    After listening to the Quench podcast – I’ve actually started making a Chia seed jello with these.
    (Soak chia seeds for 24 hours ( draining 2-3 times)).
    Mix in a scoop this magic powder.

    Bam – Amazing tasting snack.

    • Team Kion

      Oh wow! We’ll have to try this! Thanks for the tip and review, Matthew. And yes – we are working on our shipping policies 🙂 thanks for being patient with us!

  29. Greg Bounds

    I take no preworkout anymore. Absolutely love how this makes me feel. Great product.

  30. Randi

    Honestly not my favorite flavor but I love them they have helped me get off caffeine literally with no weening and no withdrawals. I perform better at the gym than I did before I don’t feel as fatigued as I was prior to taking them. I feel like it helps give me energy and helps me sleep better kinda weird maybe it’s all in my head but I will be a repeat user. I also love that this is literally the cleanest I have found for aminos and I won’t lie I do have a bit more trust in Ben greenfield vs other manufacturers

    • khess

      Thanks for your review, Randi and glad the Aminos are working out! If you haven’t tried the Berry flavor yet, that’s our most popular 🙂

  31. Zahraa AL-Abbas

    very good

  32. Jim Ducroiset

    Just started using before strength training and also before heavier karate kata or bunkai days so taking either 3 or 4 days per week. Have noticed more sustained energy both physically and mentally. Seems I am able to better sustain form and intensity throughout the 1.5 hr classes.

  33. John Langford

    Always take before long runs. Two scoops in a glass of water seems to give steady energy. Took my normal before last marathon and again halfway through and had energy the whole way. Wish they made something for when everything on body hurts at mile 25😂. Not a daily user do to price point but anytime I’m going 8 or more miles I drink it. Typically 3 times a week. It’s an acquired taste but didn’t take long to acquire it👍. I would recommend.

  34. melissaswanson1011

    My husband and I have been using your EAA’s for a few years now and absolutely love them. We drink the powder daily and use the tabs when traveling and racing. Great addition to our health regimen! Thanks!

  35. RJ Hetherman

    Is it ok to swallow the tablets without chewing like pills?

    • Team Kion

      Yes absolutely! We’d recommend that, actually. The pills are on the bigger side, though, so maybe take one at a time with a big glass of water. Cheers!

  36. b

    Really helps keep energy and stamina levels up when endurance
    matters. Working combo of contents, pleasant tasting, and
    boosts reserves even in lesser portions.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for your review!

  37. Richard L Trent

    These have made the biggest difference to my workout and exercise routine. I feel like I’m on jet fuel when I workout or cycle after taking these. It’s amazing the extra muscular energy I notice. And then when taken post workout they seem to significantly reduce soreness and speed recovery. If there was one supplement I could choose to take over any others, it would be these Aminos.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for the awesome review, Richard. Jet fuel for the win!

  38. Jim H

    This product is amazing. I take 5 capsules 30 minutes prior to my workout. I chew them and drink a lot of water to get them working. I definitely believe these aminos reduce soreness after a heavy work if they are used correctly. Kion aminos seem to give me a little edge when trying to push it a little harder. Helps relieve muscle fatigue during long hard workouts.
    I’m all in on Kion Aminos!

    Thanks Ben

    • Team Kion

      Wow, you chew them?! What a beast 🙂 Thanks for your review, Jim!

  39. Natalia Grigalus

    I feel has been working very well. Although the pills are def. a bit big. Hurts my throat sometimes. I would love to be able to have them right away before working out but half an hour seems to work better. Is def. not the same pre workout drink that gives you the kick, but the energy is a bit more sustainable and there is not a fall afterward. I use them for running and for working out.

  40. Michael Seery

    I have tried many supplements and I can say that this is the only one I’ve ever used where I can really feel a difference. I’m an athlete and muscle soreness is part of that lifestyle, but with Kion Essential Aminos muscle soreness is clearly reduced by a lot and often alleviated all together if I time it right. The taste of the powders takes some getting used to, I mix it in pure lemon, cranberry, or tart cherry juice (not a blend) diluted 50/50 with water, and the overly sweet powder is toned down to a tolerable level. It also takes a few minutes to dissolve, I mix in the powder, stir it with a fork, let it sit a few minutes, then stir once more and it’s ready to go!

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for your review, Michael! Amino acids definitely contain a unique.. essence. 🙂 We do our best to make them palatable without using sugars or artificial sweeteners to mask the taste. Great hack mixing in juice, thanks for sharing! Cheers.

  41. Kyle Smith

    Really loving the tablets. Needed a way to supplement my carnivore while stuck in remote work camp situation where I’m at the mercy of what the camp chooses to serve. Really impressed with not only the quick muscle recovery and building but the cognitive improvements as well. Very happy to have found Ben Greenfield through Dr Paul Saladino. Will definitely be subscribing.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for your review, Kyle! Glad the Aminos are serving you well.

  42. Laurie Reisch

    As a 57 yr old USTA wmns league 4.0-4.5 tennis player that just went to Nationals last yr.. im so glad i came across you‼️ This was the missing link for me… I am not one of those kind of gals that glow… I sweat, And I mean “become a salt block “ sweat.. getting leg cramps, constantly fighting fatigue, constantly thirsty, gulping the water 💦 To the point that apparently I was drinking To much water… sweating out all of my electrolytes-And with such a low body fat ratio I did not realize I was needing amino’s as bad as I was!! So far it’s made a world of difference…❤️LOVE IT.. & the taste is great.. not overly sweet & mixes well especially when i mix it with my bio steel pink drink 🍹 👍👍👍 please keep up the quality products‼️‼️ The world has enough crappy products

  43. lenar.abbasov

    Great product. Use it daily as a fasted pre-workout boost, and as a key supplement for muscle building, and body’s own collagen production vis L-Lysine, especially on the days when I don’t consume meat or fish. I wish it contained some Glycine as well.

  44. Richard Hetherman

    Tastes like cheezits and dirt!

    • Team Kion

      Hi Richard, that’s a new one 🙂 But of course, thank you for your 5-star review and honest feedback. The Kion Aminos are comprised of a raw Amino Acid compound, which inherently contain their own very unique “essence”. We at Kion strive to bring this product to you in its most palatable form possible without compromising the integrity of the product. Where Kion Aminos differs from many other Essential Amino Acid products on the market is that we do not add unnecessary flavorings or fillers that could potentially degrade the efficacy or purity of our product in order to “mask” the natural taste.

      We’re sorry to hear you are not a fan of the taste/texture. Many of our customers like the way the aminos taste, but preferences certainly vary between individuals. We get a lot of comments that some folks like the Berry Flavor over Cool Lime, or prefer the tasteless tablets – so maybe try one of those next time!

      Thanks again. We very much value your feedback, as it helps us in our quest to continually improve our products!

  45. Rigo

    I think the tablet amino’s are great. However, it seems the tablets run out much faster than the powder. Could possibly be in my head.

    • Team Kion

      Hey Rigo, there’s the same amount of servings in both powder and tablets. However, it’s a little bit harder to manage the serving size as tightly with the powder since it’s a scoop. Thanks for your review!

  46. Christine Labrot

    I have a really hard time with the flavor, for me it taste very chemically so I haven’t been using it as much as I should have.

    • Team Kion

      Hi Christine, thanks for your review and honest feedback. The Kion Aminos are comprised of a raw Amino Acid compound, which inherently contain their own very unique “essence”. We at Kion strive to bring this product to you in its most palatable form possible without compromising the integrity of the product. Where Kion Aminos differs from many other Essential Amino Acid products on the market is that we do not add unnecessary flavorings or fillers that could potentially degrade the efficacy or purity of our product in order to “mask” the natural taste.

      We’re sorry to hear you are not a fan of the taste/texture. Many of our customers like the way the aminos taste, but taste preferences certainly vary between individuals. We get a lot of comments that some folks like the Berry Flavor over Cool Lime, or prefer the tasteless tablets – so maybe try one of those next time 🙂

      Thanks again. We very much value your feedback, as it helps us in our quest to continually improve our offerings. If you are unhappy with your order, please reach out to our awesome CS team at [email protected] and they’ll take care of you!

  47. Dustin

    I have tried both flavors of the powder. Cool lime is really hard to drink. Feels like I brushed my teeth and then took a swing of OJ, maybe not quite that bad but that is what it reminds me of.

    Mixed berry flavor is way easier to drink! I only mix with water and this goes down way easier.

    I have seen a difference since taking these EAA’s, mostly improvement in muscle tone. However I have been loosing weight since January so not sure how much is due to the aminos and how much was due to fasting, eating clean consistently, exercise… etc.

    I will say these are handy to down going into a hard workout fasted! I never get hungry during a workout when I have these before hand. Not much in terms of energy for using as a pre workout boost but it does help you few satiated without being weighed down.

    Normally I use this after a cardio/weight routine right before I go into the sauna for 15-20 minutes. Feel like I’m giving my muscles a quick snack before I have my protein shake on the way home!

    Recently I have been using these as my “pre workout” instead in my regular product. Like I said no real energy boost but gets me through the workout and it’s lean and clean fuel.

    Not sure what the best method is but either way this product is exactly what it says it is and is versatile and can be used in many different ways. I only take a scoop at a time but that is mostly so I can stretch out my bottle to last longer.

    Thanks Ben for making a great product and the always entertaining podcast!

    • Team Kion

      Thank YOU, Dustin, for your thorough and positive review! We love to hear about how people are using our Aminos. Hope they continue to benefit you!

  48. Eric M

    44 year old male. I am training for a Spartan beast, so working out pretty hard everyday. I was not feeling fully recovered the day after an intense workout. So I started taking these aminos. I take them before each workout and also after if the workout is really intense. I’ve been taking them for a few weeks now and I’m feeling really strong in my workouts and my performance has not dipped when working out hard several days in a row.

    I wonder how much benefit I would feel if I wasn’t working out so hard. My guess is I wouldn’t notice. So I’ll probably back way off on the dosage when I’m not training.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for your review, Eric! We’re happy to hear the Aminos are helping your performance. And to answer your question, you can certainly lower your dosage when you aren’t training so hard, or just use them as needed. Happy training!

  49. Leslie JUSTIS

    Like the tablets, the list of ingredients is great! Tablets are so big…have to do one at a time to swallow.
    Tried the powder and only used 3 times…it upset my stomach… the tablets do not upset my stomach.

  50. Dena Zimbel

    This is my second time purchasing Kion Aminos. First time I bought the lime flavored powder. Its not horrible but I can’t just mix it with water. (the directions say to take is 20min prior or 1-2hrs post prandial), so water seems like the best choice for optimum absorption. My son is a teen athlete and wouldn’t drink them at all because of the taste. The second time I chose the tablets. These my son will take and I give them to him before a game or practice. I take them regularly too, but I haven’t noticed a huge improvement in energy or performance yet. Even so, I like the idea of optimal absorption so I’ll stick with these.

  51. McLeod/Life

    For the last yr I have been taking the Amino 2x per day- I feel its clean, easily adsorbed and helping to maintain my fantastic 62 yr young bod 🙂

  52. Dancemf247

    I was looking for a better way to take these kind of aminos other than the horse pills that can sometimes get caught in your throat. But I think I’ll stick with the pills as I have a hard time getting past the taste of this powder. I think I’ve tried every hydration powder there is, and some are just too stevia inspired. This one falls in that category…two artificial tasting. I’ll definitely finish the canister because it’s good for me, but I think I’ll go back to taking the pills

  53. j

    Not a medical doctor but can attest to the fact that athletic injuries that were not healing finally did after using the aminos. Heard same from one of Ben’s guests on a podcast. Seems to be true. Am now a repeat customer.

    • Team Kion

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review!

  54. Aaron L.

    Great so far. The taste of the cool lime is a little rough but it is tolerable. I bought this after trying some aminos my wife purchased from some IG model. I didn’t like her ingredients lids “sucralose, artificial flavors, yellow 5, etc.”. I came to Ben’s aminos because I know how anal (coffee enemas) about what he puts in his body. Thanks!

    • Team Kion

      Haha, nice pun. Thanks for the positive review, Aaron! Check out the Berry Aminos next time, some people find that flavor more tolerable.

  55. AC

    I love all things Kion and Ben Greenfield related. I do many of my workouts in a fasted state and use this product (amino powder) as a way to mitigate deleterious muscle catabolism during intense workouts. I recently checked my blood sugar after a fasted state workout and noticed that it was abnormally high (112 mmol). I was under the impression, as I thought I’ve heard Ben proclaim, the amino product does not affect blood sugar. I was quite shocked. But other than that, I absolutely love the way I can power through workouts with no fuel source.

    • Team Kion

      Hey Adam, thanks for your positive review! The spike in blood sugar was likely not due to Aminos, but from exercise in general. Cortisol is released during exercise, which results in liver glycogenolysis – meaning the liver releases glycogen to fuel your workout. That happens whether or not you’re in a fasted state, but it might be elevated when you’re fasting to provide immediate energy and to maintain blood glucose levels. So if you check your blood sugar right after a hard workout, especially fasted, chances are it will be high most of the time. Hope this helps!

  56. Nicholas Scicchitano

    Above everything I’ve noticed a difference in my hair health and finger/toe nail strength. I got the tablets because I like the idea of just taking the aminos and not all the flavorings and such, and I like them. No complaints, and nothing unexpected after listening to the BenGreenfieldFitness Podcast about “The search for the perfect protein”. Love the product, and I have it on auto deliver!

  57. Dawn

    I’m really noticing a difference in my muscle tone since adding Kion Aminos to my diet.

  58. Tom

    I would just like to leave a review regarding customer service.
    As far as the product goes, I’ve only recently began using it, but I can say the results have been good.

    I had made some mistakes ordering aminos, because I did it in a rush…I normally never use the “live chat” feature of websites for help but this time I did.
    Brandon from Kion was extremely helpful and friendly, and went out of his way to deal with my issue. I really appreciate the service and that attitude is what will keep me coming back here to Kion, and to recommend it to others!

  59. Richie Trent

    Kion aminos have elevated my workout performance and recovery. Very satisfied with this product.

  60. peter

    Simply the best aminos on the market! I have ordered them several times and have never been disappointed. I take them for overall health and wellness, they even help me sleep. I do wish however that they had a flavorless powder so I could add them to my smoothies without changing the taste.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for your positive review, Peter! Regarding the flavorless powder, we don’t currently have any plans to develop it, as the taste might be a bit unpleasant 😉 Our Aminos are also actually best taken without food, so we would’t recommend adding them to a smoothie anyways. If you’re looking for a flavorless option though, you could try our tablets!

  61. Zachary Castro

    AWESOME, except shipping. First day working out and noticed HUGE difference when I was biking to the gym. Usually my legs fatigue and I slow down a bit. Took Kion aminos before I left home and absolutely smashed my bike ride to the gym! Once at the gym I felt great, no muscle fatigue and no DOMS. Shipping was a bit difficult. With shopping to Canada the product ended up costing me $60+, and it took 2 weeks to be delivered… Otherwise, AMAZING!

    • Team Kion

      Hey Zachary, thanks for your awesome review! We value your feedback and are currently working on improving our shipping times and costs for our international customers… appreciate your patience!

  62. Tommy

    I find so far the tablets are great and though its only been two weeks I feel a big difference between these and the cheap $11 aminos I used to use.

    Only reason I am not doing five stars is because of the texture and taste of the tablets is less than great, otherwise keep it up!

    • Team Kion

      Hey Tommy! Thanks for your review and honest feedback. The Kion Aminos are comprised of a raw Amino Acid compound, which inherently contain their own very unique “essence”. We at Kion strive to bring this product to you in its most palatable form possible without compromising the integrity of the product. Where Kion Aminos differs from many other Essential Amino Acid products on the market is that we do not add unnecessary flavorings or fillers that could potentially degrade the efficacy or purity of our product in order to “mask” the natural taste.

      We’re sorry to hear you are not a fan of the taste/texture. Many of our customers like the way the aminos taste, but taste preferences certainly vary between individuals. We get a lot of comments that some folks like the Berry Flavor over Cool Lime, or prefer the tasteless tablets – so maybe try one of those next time 🙂

      Thanks again. We very much value your feedback, as it helps us in our quest to continually improve our offerings.

  63. Leigh

    This is my first time using amino acids. I have “adrenal fatigue” and despite the hormone tests saying my hormones are in the normal range I don’t believe it. I have been working on my health (nothing drastically wrong/just not good enough) for a wee while and slowly getting better After listening to the podcast on EAAs I heard enough to try them. More on the basis of EAAs support everything and also work on the gut level rather than they are a specific for thyroid issues as such. At this stage all I can say, taking into account that “natural” remedies take time, is that I am feeling good and my eyebrows seem to be growing back a bit faster than prior to taking these.
    I will review again in a few months if I remember.

  64. Rigo

    Utilitarianly its an amazing product. I am much less sore after workouts and my recovery time is much shorter. The reason I’m not giving this product 5 stars is because of the taste. I may simply purchase the capsules next time.

    As an aside, I recommended this product to a family member who has been placed on an extremely restrictive diet due to kidney issues. I’m hoping the EAAs will give her the nutrients she needs whilst sticking to a diet that restricts nearly everything.

    All the best Ben.

    • Team Kion

      Rigo, thanks for your review! We appreciate your feedback, and take your review of our Aminos to heart. The Kion Aminos are comprised of a raw Amino Acid compound, which inherently contain their own very unique “essence”. We at Kion strive to bring this product to you in its most palatable form possible without compromising the integrity of the product. Where Kion Aminos differs from many other Essential Amino Acid products on the market is that we do not add unnecessary flavorings or fillers that could potentially degrade the efficacy or purity of our product in order to “mask” the natural taste. Some of our customers love the taste of the powder, while others definitely prefer the tasteless tablets.

      We apologize you weren’t completely happy with the flavor, but we very much value your feedback, as it helps us in our quest to continually improve our offerings. Let us know what you think of the tablets!

  65. Laurie Coreno

    The best aminos !! They taste great and I feel amazing when I use them . I will continue to purchase these and many other Kion products for their quality and to support Ben’s amazing Podcast. I learn so much ! Thank you Ben !!

  66. drcatherine

    Product is AMAZING. Way better than any other bcaas ive tried i feel amazing and i already felt amazing but im talking SUPERHUMAN i instantly lifted heavier and recovered faster after one week of using this product, also MAD ENERGY and there is no caffeine in this?! i was rereading the label searching for the caffeine because didnt seem possible. Only reason it doesnt get 5 stars is because this took wayyyyy longer to ship to Canada then other companies i order from (i get my bulletproof orders in 2 days for no extra charge and this took nearly 2 weeks ?) so PLEASE better shipping to Canada we love you up here KION and BEN G! regardless just ordered more in advance so it hopefully comes before i run out! THANKS

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for your review, Catherine! To verify, there is no caffeine in our aminos 🙂 We are also working on our international shipping and hope to have a better model soon!

  67. DMM

    Amino acids are an essential part of my routine. I love the ratio of aminos in this formula, but the taste of the powder is HORRIBLE. I literally tried mixing it with all kinds of different things to get it to taste better, but ultimately I couldn’t get it in consistently. Because of this, I took an almost 2 week break from taking my aminos and could definitely feel a difference in my workouts — tired, not as strong, limited stamina, limited focus. I switched to a different brand with the same profile of aminos but with a MUCH better taste, and am back to feeling strong and focused. Kion, PLEASE do something about the taste. This is yuck.

    • Team Kion

      Hi Drea, we’re sorry to hear about your experience with our Kion Aminos powder. We have a lot of customers that enjoy the taste of the Cool Lime Aminos, but understand that amino acids have a very strong flavor that’s hard to mask without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. If you’d like to stick with Kion, we’d recommend trying out the Mixed Berry flavor (which is a bit milder) or the tablets, which have no taste. Thanks for your honest review!

  68. Michael Allen Sr.

    Just wanted to say that the customer service is excellent. I received the Kion Amino tablets and was not able to swallow them and when I called customer service they sent me the powder Aminos. I am very pleased with the results. I take them in the morning prior to attending crossfit. I have found out that if I take them approximately 45 minutes before the workout they are a big help. Really helps with my recovery and feeling sore after my workouts. Thanks again

  69. John

    I have been using Aminos since BG offered it (pre KION). Fantastic product for pre and post workout support. Keeps me from getting sore or tired during my day and staying sharp after any physical activity.

  70. JC

    I’ve been taking a minimum of 10 grams and up to 20 grams with the intention of:
    -muscle gains as I believe the aminos keep you anabolic (state that fosters muscle growth)
    -anxiety/ depression (after listening to ben’s podcast with dr. Minkoff)
    On my 3rd bottle now.
    All 3 of these factors have been improved, with an emphasis on the anxiety and depressed area which I’ve been battling for the last 25 years. As I’m from Canada the cost is high when you factor in the dollar exchange and shipping, so I’ve had to eliminate other supplements I would normally take in order to afford this, so far I believe well worth it.

    • Team Kion

      Amazing! Thank you for sharing your results with us.

  71. Lee

    Normally a great product. Orderd cool lime and got mixed berry, label shows cool lime??

    Long shipping times to australia

    • Team Kion

      Hi Lee. We recently updated our formula for Cool Lime, so it’s possible that’s what you’re tasting. If you’re unhappy with your order, please reach out to Customer Support at [email protected] Thank you!

  72. L

    Great product. What I like most about it is that it is an easy way to stay fuelled while working hard or working out. I would recommend these.

  73. B

    have definitely had increase in energy levels when taking between meals,
    and actually like the berry flavor and it tastes fine.
    Have not tasted the lime yet.
    appreciate we can find these great products, and look for the
    specials to stock up as Australia exchange rate brutal on the $$$.

  74. VB

    I have now tried both the berry and cool lime EAA powders and love them both. They dissolve very quickly in water, 10 oz works best for me and I am loving the benefits of taking this first thing in the morning – before workouts, after workouts or just to get the day going. I am an older athlete and I feel these are helping for sure with recovery and healing from several trail running injuries. Thanks KION!!

  75. Val

    I train a lot and am an older athlete. I think this has helped me maintain muscle mass.

  76. Danny

    Awesome product. Use this before workouts and while fasted. It gives me great energy and muscle gains are increasing!

  77. Kelly

    I actually like this flavor better than the berry. Great product 🙂

  78. allstar_ry13

    Used to be great tasting, recipe must have changed because I can barely choke them down now. I guess they still do their job though

  79. Daniel McNulty

    Not too bad flavor. I can still taste the aminos, which taste nasty if not flavored. But I can live with this Lime stuff.
    I have been using the amino mix for a while, and this stuff works. I feel much better and I recover faster by a lot.

  80. Ben

    Awesome product. Tastes horrible. Buy the tablets if taste is important.

  81. Jeff

    Hoping to see something long term– purchased after reading a post from @biohackingchick using them with carnivore. I’ve had some major GI issues for a long time and was hoping this would do the trick– I got powder to help with the swallowing but the taste is quite aweful. I also purchased the lime one and it honestly tastes the same– overpoweringly sweet with the nasty stevia after taste. The powder also takes about 30 minutes to actually dissolve…even using an electric mixer doesn’t really do the trick and no difference with liquid temp that I’ve noticed. Otherwise , nothing noticeable–hoping its not just really expensive urine.

    • Team Kion

      Hi Jeff, thanks for your review and honest feedback. The Kion Aminos are comprised of a raw Amino Acid compound, which inherently contain their own very unique “essence”. We at Kion strive to bring this product to you in its most palatable form possible without compromising the integrity of the product. Where Kion Aminos differs from many other Essential Amino Acid products on the market is that we do not add unnecessary flavorings or fillers that could potentially degrade the efficacy or purity of our product in order to “mask” the natural taste.

      Individual pallets can vary greatly from person to person, which is why we offer our tasteless, odorless Tablet formation with the same exact standards. You might find these are more palatable to you, personally. Again, we apologize that your purchase of Aminos powder was not to your liking but we very much value your feedback, as it helps us in our quest to continually improve our offerings. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] – thanks again!

  82. David Moffitt

    I bought the cool lime aminos. I’ve had to travel a lot lately, but when I can, I hit the workouts hard. I feel like my recovery is faster and I keep the muscle on when I’m taking these Aminos. It helps with food cravings, too.

  83. Neil Simard

    Best preworkout I have ever used. Clean energy, no crash and doesn’t upset your stomach. It’s amazing

  84. Scott Estes

    I love this stuff. Any serious workout gets a skoop of this and a scoop of Ucan. Not sure how to improve on that combo.

  85. Stephanie

    Love the products effects, but also agree with the powders being overly sweet and hard to take unless double diluted. I drink them slowly to not overwhelm my tastebuds. My husband and I take them before workouts and were liking what we see! Keep up the good work Kion!

  86. Kelly

    Great product, I’ve only been using it for like a week so far and I’m happy with my choice.

  87. Alex

    I Don’t Train Without It. Period

  88. Jay M

    OK, let’s get the flavor out of the way. I have cool lime and I’ve tried both berry and cool lime and neither are amazing. I found I prefered lime and I’ve even added lime juice to it to some pretty decent results. Make it more of a sour citrusy limeade. Play with the water ratio too. I use a little more than suggested, these are supplements not koolaid. Overall it works amazing. For me the most noticable thing is a massive improvement in mood. Recovery is hard to quantity but I do feel better. I recommend the tablets, but I couldnt pass up on the BOGO deal they had on cool lime.

  89. Janice

    Gives me energy but not my fav flavor (lime).

  90. Ryan Schroeder

    I have had many tubs of the aminos, recently I bought again and there was a new label, didn’t think anything of it but it seems that the formula may have changed. The smell of them is horrible and I can hardly drink them down anymore. They taste somewhat rancid. I don’t know what happened with them… they used to be amazing.

    • Team Kion

      Hi Ryan, thanks for your review and honest feedback. The Kion Aminos are comprised of a raw Amino Acid compound, which inherently contain their own very unique “essence”. We at Kion strive to bring this product to you in its most palatable form possible without compromising the integrity of the product. Where Kion Aminos differs from many other Essential Amino Acid products on the market is that we do not add unnecessary flavorings or fillers that could potentially degrade the efficacy or purity of our product in order to “mask” the natural taste.

      We’re sorry to hear you are not happy with your purchase. If you purchased Cool Lime, there was a very slight flavor change recently that you might be noticing. Many of our customers love the new taste, but taste preferences certainly vary between individuals. If you got the new Berry Aminos flavor by accident but usually order Cool Lime, please reach out to [email protected] and our CS team can assist you. Alternatively, you may like our flavorless Aminos tablets instead.

      Again, we apologize that your purchase was not to your liking but we very much value your feedback, as it helps us in our quest to continually improve our offerings.

  91. Greg

    Good stuff

  92. wjnewp

    This is a great product. Works exactly as advertised for me. 5 stars all day. My only recommendation/minor complaint would be to increase the container size and servings per container. I would appreciate not having to purchase as often. Thanks!

  93. fred

    I used to take BCAA’s and Whey protein, now I just take this one and a shot of coffee or Kion Coffee and I’m good and ready to hit the gym! I don’t feel full or bloated, you just feel cleaner and leaner over all.

  94. Thomas DeCarli

    I prefer the tablets and use them daily sometimes twice a day. I can feel the difference in recovery when I stack multiple days of training together. Also use them between meals which helps my hunger. Great product, highly recommend!

  95. Brendan

    Best EAA product on the market! I have been looking for EAA’s (not just BCAA’s) that mix well, taste good and don’t contain any artificial junk. This ticks every box. I use it almost every workout/training session.

  96. Wes

    Effects of the product have been good and an assistance for workouts and training efforts
    however not a fan of the taste of the mixed berry – way too sweet
    will try the lime next time, but less sweetness the better for me – if it’s working and it tastes bad I don’t mind, but over sweetness is a killer

    • Team Kion

      Duly noted! Appreciate your feedback Wes <3

  97. drjaywiles

    The creme de la creme of EAAs. Not only do these aminos taste good, you will reap massive benefits in the gym. From the moment I took it, I felt an immediate rush of energy. My vascular response and muscle “pump” were insane. It felt like taking a pre-workout supplement, but without the junk. It also provides all of the essentials (see what I did there) for muscle growth and repair. Do not miss out on this opportunity to get the best EAAs out there. And no…Ben did not pay me to write this, I honestly just love this stuff.

  98. Jeffrey Bell

    I am on my 4th container. It is great. It is one of the few supplements that I can immediately tell it’s working. Reduced soreness after a hard workout and quicker recovery. Great product!

  99. Alex Brown

    I dig it! I take the one scoop 15 before my workouts in just a few oz’s of water. My energy seems to be a bit higher throughout the workout and my recovery time seems to have benefited as well. No adverse effects so far and I plan to continue to supplement with it

  100. cal collier

    This came as a sample packet, with another purchase. I gave these to my son, who had completed an ultimate tournament and was pretty exhausted. These Aminos did appear to pick him up, but he said he did not like the flavor at all – much too sweet. I think maybe a little less stevia would fix the flavor issue, or go with a stronger flavor to offset the stevia. Disclaimer – this was my 15 year old son’s review. Thank you

    • Team Kion

      Thank you for the review… We’re always trying to make our products better, and your feedback helps a ton!

  101. Joe

    Not sure how to rate this I had a good/bad response. I took three tabs before the workout, according to Ben’s recommendation.
    Good – during the workout (CrossFit) I felt like superman and ended up beating the rest of the group in the workout.
    Bad – later during the day I had the worst abdominal pain I have ever had.
    Not sure if its a “get used” to the pain or if it goes away with more use…but I stopped since the pain was not something I want to continue with.
    Any advice on what the pain was or how to get around it?

    • Team Kion

      This is not a typical response to the Aminos, and may be a sign of underlying GI or other issues…. However, we are not medical professionals and recommend you speaking with your doctor before continuing supplementation.

  102. Doug Clayton

    Love this stuff. Curious about the L-Lysine HCL. How much are we getting in each 5mg scoop assuming uniformity of the mixture? I have had some minor issues with dehydration and renal fluctuations and there are articles about Lysine in large doses being dangers for kidney function. I am going to assume we aren’t getting a large dose but I wasn’t sure how much we are getting. Thanks!

    Also, a tip: The stuff mixes better if you use warmer water to mix it and then add cold water to cool it off.

    • Team Kion

      We are not doctors and recommend you speak with a licensed medical professional to assess if the Aminos are a good option for you… Each amino acid is present in different moderate levels to ensure the best ratio for optimal absorption/utilization.

  103. Tom S.

    This is a quality amino product. It does have a bit of an aftertaste that’s reminiscent of every other amino acid powder that doesn’t use a ton of artificial flavors, but this is more or less unavoidable. I use this for the later part of a daily 16/8 or 20/4 fast if I start to get hungry or feel fatigued – always does the trick. I’ve also noticed some performance improvement in the gym when training fasted after consuming Kion aminos.

  104. Travis

    I use before and after every fasted workout. Love them. Much better than a whey shake

  105. Greg

    I feel that this product has been helpful in supporting my prolonged efforts on the bike (>2 hours). I do wish that there was an option with no Stevia and very mild flavor. The Stevia “aftertaste” gets a bit old when on the bike for 8-9 hours, I like the flavor profile of Skratch Hydration, and it would be great if Kion Aminos could move closer to that idea. Not sure if it’s possible due to the bitterness of aminos, but I can wish! I do trust that this is the best formulation for my needs and I will continue using it. 🙂

  106. Joe Teson

    The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because I’m not a fan of the mixed berry flavor. Other than that, I love the benefits and how I physically feel when I take this routinely. Since I’m not a fan of the flavor I mix the powder with 8 oz of spring water, shake vigorously, and drink the entire thing in one shot. I’m going to be ordering this product again, just a different flavor.

    • Team Kion

      Thank you for the feedback! Sorry to hear the mixed berry isn’t your fave… Definitely encourage you to give the Lime powder or tablets a shot.

  107. Christine Smith

    Love this!!! I am less sore after working out. I feel that being less sore has also improved my sleep. I’m also going to try taking them before bed.

  108. dylansbarton

    I was given a free sample with a purchase of the 3x coffee bundle. A week later I bought the product itself. I did a pretty intense workout and drank this product 10 minutes before. Not only did I feel a surge of energy before the workout, but it didn’t deplete afterwards. The next day my soreness was minimal which was surprising because I had gone 2 months without doing any type of workout before this

    • Team Kion

      Awesome Dylan! Keep up the great work <3

  109. Marianna

    This is truly an amazing product. It’s delicious, easy to drink, it doesn’t make me feel sick like almost everything else on earth. It gives me a boost before weightlifting or hot yoga and it also helps with muscle recovery during sleep. I want them to print on the label about how it helps with sleep, it is the best thing that has happened to my sleep schedule in my whole life. I just wish it had been created sooner.

  110. Stephen

    Pleased that the product boast >90% bioavailability (5 star). However, the taste has a lot to be desired (1 star) Taste like berries with an aspirin crushed up in them. The taste could be better. I just drink it anyway to get the benefits of the amino acids.

    • Team Kion

      Sorry to hear you don’t love the mixed berry flavor… The tablets could be a great option if the powder isn’t your thing, but the Lime powder offers a more mild, refreshing taste.

  111. Rita

    This powder is perfect! It is a powder so it can easily be added to your drink so that you don’t have to take yet another handful of pills. As a great tasting powder, you can add it to water — yes, water!– and have a refreshing drink with the added benefits of getting your aminos. So many times, the healthy drinks and supps are not quite as tasty as their not so great counterparts and it gets tiring to always have to buckle down and do the right thing. Not so with this powder! You’ll love it and it’s great for you!

  112. Kay

    I got the Cool Lime powder. This is the cleanest tasting amino drink I’ve tried. Others tend to have weird off flavors or a sharp smell. I can gulp this one down really smoothly. With Ben Greenfield formulating the EAA content, I know this is a supplement I can trust.

    • Team Kion

      Awesome! Glad you love the Aminos and thanks for the feedback <3

  113. Rebecca Roeter

    I love Kion Aminos! I use them as my go to pre-workout. Great taste, clean, and they help me feel energetic throughout my workout! Also, following my workouts I don’t feel as hungry as I did with my former pre-workout. Win-Win-Win!

  114. John

    Honestly the most effective supplement I’ve ever taken. I’ve tried lots of different bcaa’s, creatine, etc. This one takes the cake. Give me a major boost in strength & I don’t get nearly as sore. Lets just say if I skip a day with Kion, ill notice!

  115. Tommy W.

    I was looking for something to help with my early morning, fasted workouts. Before taking Kion Aminos I could get through the workouts pretty well, but just wouldn’t “kill it” like I wanted to. With Kion Aminos I am working hard in the AM and feeling great doing it. I was a bit skeptical that the aminos would help that much, but in my experience they are a huge boost in performance. Plus my recovery seems better, too. I’m keeping the aminos on auto-ship for the foreseeable future! Thanks, Ben!

    • Team Kion

      Love this <3 Thanks for sharing your experience Tommy!

  116. Jeff

    LOVE THIS STUFF …. tastes great, performs amazing. Been using it pre-workout for HIIT and I’ve noticed a major improvement in endurance and strength.

  117. Sarah

    I use this after my morning run to help me continue my intermittent fasting.
    It keeps my brain sharp and body fueled as I get three little kiddos ready for the day and then myself off to work.
    I have also been using this product during my fourth pregnancy and I have been able to continue intermittent fasting and running and feeling great until I eat my first meal. We are due this thursday and I am still getting out there. Thank you Kion.
    FYI – Thank you been for putting out such great research on your pod-cast.
    I listen to you during my morning runs!!

  118. Howard McNeill

    I a simple word, WOW! Don’t remember ever being so impressed by the way a product performs as I have the Kion Aminos. Great job, Ben and the whole Kion team on producing a product that truly delivers. My favorite way to take these is in a fasted state just about 30 mins before I go for a run or an upper body workout. These aminos give me a steady supply of energy throughout my entire workout, without making me jittery like caffeine or having a huge crash like with some of the “energy drinks.” Planning to do my first Spartan Trifecta this year at 50 years old, and Kion Aminos will definitely be part of my game plan! Thanks again for a great product!

  119. Jeremy Roberson

    I really enjoy the product. I was taken the capsule version before this flavor came out. It was hard to accept the flavor at first but now I enjoy downing it in the morning or before my workout. Im feeling good with it while maintaining a simple training routine. I look forward to more in the future.

  120. Joshua Rundquist

    I recently ran a marathon, joined the sub four hour club and set a 45 minute PR. I primarily fueled with Kion Aminos throughout the run. While there are multiple other factors at play such as training and the fact that I ran my previous marathon the day after a half, I would still state that fueling with such a high quality product did play a major role in how I felt throughout the run and lowering my perceived rate of exertion.

  121. David Reinisch

    Weirdly, works as advertised. I’m a 62 year old competitive rower. These allow me to skip a meal and train on an empty stomach so the added flexibility on when in the day to train is wonderful. I’m no longer tethered to not having enough to eat to go train or having to wait to fully digest a meal to train. And when I train with these, the perceived effort has shifted from those moments in every workout where my mind is saying, “I can’t do this anymore, just shoot me” to “this is fun”. It’s like my good feeling endorphins are no longer masked by the pain of the workout. I am faster cause I can work harder cause the pain threshold has moved. I’m excited for how this impacts the races. I’ve been using these three to five times per week for just the high intensity workouts on the erg and for the strength training sessions. As I’m only 5’8″ and 145 pounds, I use only 4 tabs and that seems to have plenty of positive effects. Zero side effects. I’ve shared this with some other team members and they are noticing identical benefits to mine. I’ll check in again after race season gets under way.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for sharing your experience David!

  122. Cecilie

    Hi! Im loving the kion aminos. Finding my workouts getting so much easier and really getting that extra boost! You are saying that 5 gram of these are equal to 15 grams of meat protein, or 30 gram of whey. Does that mean I do not need to add any more protein than 5 grams of the kion aminos after my workout and can substitute the protein in my smoothie with the aminos, or should I have some other protein source as well and just reduce the amount a bit? If I would want the aminos to be the only protein source, should I then add more then 5 gram? I usually have 5 gram before, 5 gram during if im working out for about 1,5 hour, and 5 grams after. Hope you can give me some pinpoits, thank you =)

    • Team Kion

      We recommend that you do not consume any other significant source of protein at the same time as the Aminos (within approx 30 min). This will alter the amino acid profile, which can have effects on absorption.

  123. Stephen

    Honestly. Tried it 3 times. Each time rocked my GI system not in a good way.
    Other kion products have been great but this one not for me.

    • Team Kion

      Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue. Contact [email protected] and they’ll take care of you!

  124. janice.m.flood

    The mixed berry powder tastes great. I use it for post workout muscle recovery and it is excellent. I used to use a whey protein powder and my muscles were constantly sore. With the Kion Aminos the soreness in my muscles has been reduced significantly. Great product!

  125. Boone Zavik

    The mixed berry powder is a perfect flavor. It has enough flavor without being too much and the sweetness is just right. Since taking it before my workouts I feel great throughout the whole workout period and I leave having energy for the rest of the day. I also have noticed that muscle soreness has reduced. I used to feel pretty sore the next day, but that hasn’t happened since taking Kion Aminos, could be coincidence, but I keep lifting more and more and feeling great.

  126. Richard Mihalovich

    I love Kion Aminos! They are a huge part of my everyday supplement routine. I’ve packed on some serious muscle and my recovery time literally got cut in half since taking it.

  127. Jaynied Dylan

    I absolutely love all the aminos I’ve tried from kion. The tablets are awesome and I love the mixed berry powder! I can notice a big difference in definition, energy and recovery when I use these. Highly recommend!

  128. Tucker Newman

    I use it after every workout, absolutely love it!!!

  129. otoyali1986

    Hello thank you for the answer regarding blk coffee intake.

    What about collagen? MTC? And butter coffee? Is this also ok 30 mins or so after the amino acids?

    Thank you!

    • Team Kion

      The Aminos should have enough time to absorb in that time frame!

  130. Michael Quinn

    Hi, I’m a 42 year old triathlete and I started on the Kion Aminos 3 weeks ago to help with my fasted workouts and in an attempt to speed healing of a hurt shoulder. I noticed a difference during my first workout. I was able to hold a much harder pace without the mental fatigue I normally experience. After 3 weeks my shoulder, which has bothered me for 6 months is also noticeably stronger and hurts less. I’d recommend these for anyone doing fasted workouts or doing rehab.

    • Team Kion

      Awesome to hear the Aminos could help you get back to dominating races!

  131. Steve Bowley

    I’ve been doing CrossFit and taking every pre-workout imaginable for the last 8 years. I workout fasted every morning and I’m in awe at the energy I have without the caffeine! Not to mention it continues throughout the day. I’ve also noticed lesser soreness.

    • Team Kion

      Love this <3 Thanks Steve!

  132. otoyali1986

    Hello, I just started using the Kion amino acids. So far so good. If I take them after my morning workouts, which I do in a state of fast. How long should I wait after I consumed the product to
    Drink coffee? Black course!

    • Team Kion

      Really the biggest thing to avoid would be another significant source of protein, and coffee would be less of a concern. Having said that, Kion Aminos absorb very quickly (less than 30 min) so if you’re looking to consume them with only water, wait about half an hour so they’re fully absorbed.

  133. Edward

    I work out early during my fasting phase. These aminos give me the energy to power through my rigorous workouts. The days I don’t drink them are night and day. Highly recommend.

  134. srjaeckel

    Amazing. Not like a crappy workout supplements that makes you rage and chew on the walls. Calm, clear head. Can push much harder in the gym. I take the pills.

  135. Robert Clark

    I have the same issue as Bruce. Taste is not good and it gets very frothy after mixing. I am sure it is delivering the goods though so no worries. I will look at the tablets as suggested.

  136. Bruce Apfelbaum

    Taste is really awful & is very frothy after mixing. I want something to drink as a pre-workout supplement so all my energy is devoted to the workout. I’m sure it works but hard to get past the taste. I mix it with other products. Would appreciate suggestions.

    • Team Kion

      Have you tried the new Berry Aminos flavor or the tablets, Bruce? Could be a great option!

  137. nauzy

    I would buy this product if it had no flavoring as all react to all flavoring.

    • Team Kion

      You could give the Kion Aminos tablets a shot!

  138. Lee Maasen

    Kion EAA’s has been an absolute game changer for my body composition and recovery. After becoming educated that the supplement industry is NOT FDA regulated and a lot of companies are simply not telling the truth about the ingredients or adding artificial flavors and food colorings. It was challenging to find a company that I could trust and count on and KNOW with certainty that I am getting what is on the label. Outside of this product truly being the top of the market(hours of researching) I use it in many different ways; As a pre-workout boost, post-workout recovery, before going to sleep, during any fasting -I also train fasted sometimes- and on days I simply need a pick me up. Love this product and will continue to use it for a long time.

  139. Billy Sanderson

    I still like this product, since incorporating it daily in conjunction with intermittent fasting i’ve noticed improved lean muscle mass without breaking my back working out. For personal preference, the lime is better. New berry flavor is kind of bollocks mate, tastes awful, not like mixed berries at all. Ordered 2 jars instead of 1, oops. Mixed berry formulation seems to dissolve slightly better overall, but takes a bit longer to stir in the clumps. I’d honestly like to see this product available in a flavorless formulation with the stevia removed. cheers.

    • Team Kion

      Thank you for your feedback Billy!

  140. Daniel McNamara

    I do a 20-30 min workout every day in the afternoon with some kettlebells, dumbbells and bodyweight type exercises. I usually do one set to failure mixing up HIIT, slow lifting and explosive lifting (just to keep the body guessing). I honestly can’t afford to take these as a daily supplement but I thought I’d try it on a harder type day, so I took 3 tablets 20 min before and couldn’t believe what a difference it made to how many reps I could do before failure (I’m getting towards my normal failure reps thinking WTF I have so much more in me!) and the type of soreness afterwards (took 2 more before bed – couple of hours after dinner so that I’d be ok to get back into it the next day). I’m incredibly happy with my purchase and wish I could afford this as a daily supplement but will probably spread one bottle out across two months or so on harder days.

  141. William Drury

    I like the product, just started working out again a couple times a week. Supplementing with the Kion Aminos along with Creatine and some Whey Protein, my recovery has been good and I have put on 7 lbs.

    Only negative is the pills are not easy to swallow for me.

    • Team Kion

      Happy to hear you’re having great results! Thanks for the feedback… A great alternative to the tablets is our new Berry Aminos powder <3

  142. burnslauren94

    Love love love!!!!! Tastes so good. Watermelon flavor next?!

  143. ashley

    love these things! Everyday staple!

  144. Brett Pentecost

    Love this product! I met Ben at a spartan race and did not know who he was at the time but later saw him on Joe Rogan’s podcast and realized that was who I met at the race I was just at in SoCal last year. I’ve started following his podcasts and some of his news letters and have fallen in love with the wealth of knowledge he shares and after looking into his supplement line these Kion aminos were the perfect supplement for what I was looking for to be able to get a complete blend of quality amino acids I can take in a fasted state to help support my body’s recovery and improve functions and energy in the morning when I am still fasted. I also started using the Kion flex as many of the things in that supplement were already things I was sourcing individually to consume in my diet to help with joint inflammation and over all recovery. It is a quality supplement that saves me lots of time and money having to otherwise source those ingredients individually.

  145. Tomy Lulgjuraj

    I do like that it provides more aminos then regular BCAA’s, and it does help with my workouts. The weird thing is, I get a flem response in my throat similar to when I consume dairy, for that reason I probably won’t order this again.

  146. Benjamin Gehrke

    I can’t really put my finger on it because my diet is not the greatest. But I’ve always had a tough time recovering from hard workouts. After being on this stuff regularly I find I can actually workout harder and not be as sore. As if my muscles are getting something they have been missing. I highly recommend this product.

  147. Austin Martz

    I started incorporating these into my offseason training plan- about 20 minutes before a big interval workout and/or heavy lifting. Combined with some creatine and electrolytes, I’ve been feeling great in my workouts and recover well too. I use the powder and the taste is relatively subtle so you don’t get that sugary temptation. Will continue to buy these.

  148. Organic life

    The question of the day is, what food sources are these amino acids extracted from????
    The nutritional label tells me nothing other than the serving recommendation.
    You are what you eat, so if you don’t know then what are you really eating??

    • Team Kion

      The amino acids are derived from plant based sources such as beans and peas mixed with a culture that breaks them down to a sugar form. Then the individual amino acids are extracted from the broth using a process involving centrifugal force which separates them by their weights. They are pure, pharmaceutical grade, crystalline amino acids. There are no plant residues or sugars, yeast, gluten, soy, corn, wheat, rice, preservatives, excipients or animal products. They are vegan. They are produced in a cGMP Laboratory in the USA.

  149. Wesley Robins

    Great product, highly recommended for anyone trying to gain muscle but also living a busy lifestyle. Add a scoop to a jug of water and sip it throughout the day! I like to use it with a little creatine, l-citrulline, and beta-alanine for a preworkout boost.

  150. D1

    Works great, easy to digest. High quality as promised. A+ company. Thank you Kion and Ben.

  151. Robert castillo

    Never received my last purchase. I also need to cancel my monthly shipments. How do I go about doing this?

  152. Robert castillo

    Never received my last order. Also need to cancel my monthly shipment. How do I go about doing this?

  153. Bill McGovern

    If you have any sort of lingering toxicity from psychiatric drugs, fluoroquinolones, other drugs or another form of TBI, I would recommend against using this product. I took just one tablet and had a hellish reaction, including symptoms of serotonin syndrome. Days later, I am still suffering and have nothing but regret from using this product.

  154. Mike

    I purchased these to help with my Sealfit workouts. I’m quite satisfied. I also found the supplement had a positive effect on my memory and mood.

  155. jpro

    so far so good, definitely feel the energy and appetite control effects.

  156. jpro

    so far so good, definitely feel the energy and appetite control.

  157. Vern Rowe

    Depending on the day, I do fasted cardio or resistance or yoga each morning. I just turned 64 and my body doesn’t recover as fast as it used to. I was looking for a product that gave me a bit more energy and stamina during workouts and eased the soreness I experienced the next day. Kion Aminos delivered. Thanks for such an effective product!

  158. Rod Hauer

    Ordered the powder and I agree with other posts it tastes awful, I cut it with lemon flavored electrolytes. I take it after workouts and seems to help, have good energy the rest of the day.

  159. Minette

    Unbelievable! I tell everyone I found the magic unicorn pill that ACTUALLY helps with sustained energy level, less hunger pains while intermittent fasting, and better cognitive function throughout the day. Don’t even hesitate, grab a bottle. You won’t regret it!

  160. Tom D

    I am one month in using the Kion Amino tablets. Typically I take them pre and post workout (CrossFit 5x a week). There has been a significant difference in my recovery. I have noticed my muscles feel less sore and my overall energy level is improved. When I wake up I feel good, not crushed!

  161. George I Vitorovich

    The best product like this I have ever taken. Until now amino acids have only been theoretically helpful. The quality shows~

  162. Richard Preston

    Been on the Keto diet for 90 days and just added Kion to my daily workout routine. Power and focus in the gym has gone to a new higher level. I look forward to the results in the coming weeks and months.

  163. Mario Berber

    I’m three weeks in to using the Aminos powder. I take it 30 min before a workout & I take it on a empty stomach every morning. I like to take it in the morning for recovery. I’ve been having some awesome workouts. I would say the best I’ve tried.

  164. paulmartinez67

    Best in the business hands down

  165. Neil Howell

    I now consider these EEAs a necessity. I can tell a big difference whether working out or doing chores around the place. Huge help when doing a workout fasted.

  166. MSimpson

    For being 64 yrs old, I am felling better taking Kion Aminos once or twice a day.

  167. Kortney O.

    I got the lime powder. The taste is hard to get past for me; it is really not good. I definitely feel like the stevia should be removed and something actually natural (real flavoring) added. I mix it with black tea, and it is still so strong. It also gives me bad breath afterwards- so just gotta brush my teeth after I drink it.
    However, having said that, I do feel like it works. It helps curb my hunger and I feel like it helps me recover so I’m not so worn out and gives a little energy boost. I have thyroid issues, so I am tired a lot and I think this helps. I just wish it tasted better. As of right now, I dread drinking it! This is why it only gets 2 stars; also it’s a little pricey ($15 or so less would be a more reasonable price point, but that’s my humble opinion..).

  168. Jacob nash

    Definitely a difference in muscle soreness and recovery. Taste is decent. Mixes great. On long rides i use one scoop every hour. Rode 100 yesterday and feel fine today.

  169. Jillian Murphy

    As anyone will see from these reviews, this product is not just your common or garden “Amino drink”. Most of the “workout energy amino” type products have a lot of stimulants, colors and junk in them. They are not something you will benefit from putting in your body. This is a clean, pure, simple product. I find that especially as a supplement to intermittent fasting, they are a fresh way of making sure I don’t lose muscle or get fatigued while fasting. They help keep energy up and seem to help my blood sugar stay more even. But don’t take my word for it… just ask any other person who has taken these. The opinion is pretty much unanimous. Try them and you’ll be a believer!

  170. Kj Davis

    I’ve had a remarkable gain in fitness after supplementing with Kion aminos. I absolutely love them, the science behind them, how they make me feel, how they help me perform. They’re even helping my knee. I’ve taken up fasting for autophagy to decrease inflammation in it from an ACL replacement four years ago and have also incorporated fasted workouts along with aminos. There’s such a huge difference from where I was just a month ago. I’ve been a fan of Ben Greenfield for over a year, so I trust in his products as well. This is one that I’ll keep using. Thank you, Ben and the Kion team for all your research and blog posts. Keep up the great work!!

  171. Jessica Tarleton

    I love working out while fasting. Taking Kion amino acids, gives my body the energy I need to push through a grueling workout.

  172. Alfredo Torres

    Kion Aminos is awesome! I love the fact that it provides the right amount essential aminos before and after an intense Workout. The fact that it has no fillers or crap reduces the amount of toxins in your body.

  173. Thomas Harnett

    The product science is solid, yes I performed my own experiment to verify what was advertised. With no changes in diet or workout program I experienced 2.5% fat loss and 3 pounds increase in lean mass in 1 month using the same two measurement methods. Bioelectric Impedance and calipers.

  174. tschroeder717

    Great tasting convenient and seems to help build muscle on keto diet

  175. Dominic Wilson

    Super clean energy. This not only gives me the essential aminos I need to optimize performance but gives me stable, good and clean energy. I often use it as a pre-workout, post workout or even for an energy boost on rest days. Mixability is relatively good and the taste isnt bad. Definitely recommend.

  176. matt4

    I have been using Kion Aminos for the last two weeks and they have been great! I switched from BCAA’s and have been able to prolong my fasting longer than before. I usually add some ice and a few drops of lemon juice for improved taste. I plan on using this supplement for a long time.

  177. Brady Crone

    Best Aminos I’ve used. Tastes good and no tummy upsets during long workouts or while fasting. Definitely helps in maintaining muscle while on a keto diet. I noticed a significant difference in Muscle Recovery & soreness when using it before during and after workouts whether it be endurance or heavy lifting…or Both!

  178. Sheila H McDevett

    I tried the Kion Aminos because i know how much Ben puts into everything that goes into improving his health. I am a Masters crossfit athlete and recovery is key for me. I am enjoying and feeling the benefits of the product. I highly recommend.

  179. Paul N.

    Really liking the powder. I’m using it as a replacement for breakfast in order to do TRE. Taste is good too. I also think it’s helping with workouts, but my sample size is still too small (two weeks) to know for sure.

  180. Steve McLeod

    I think my work recovery is faster and I have less muscle loss when not working out and eating enough. I am 61 yrs young and going for my third order of the Amino 🙂

  181. Frank C. Allen

    I have only read the reviews. I am not going to work out or start a new routine. I’m 70 years old & I haven’t been sick, not even a cold, in over 30 years. I’m 6′ 1″, 222 lbs. & people already think that I lift weights, but, I never have. I do take supplements & they do work for me. I’m looking for a change in my getting up in the morning & the feeling I get after working in my yard. Stiffness & pain. Smile

  182. njpcptrainer

    I wish I could give a good review but I haven’t received my product yet. I ordered it on July 9th and it July 22 now and I still haven’t gotten it, This is the slowest delivery I have ever dealt with,

    • Team Kion

      Sorry about this! We received your support request and are looking into what caused this delay. Please look out for an email from Team Kion.

  183. Josh

    Amazing. Taking ten grams in the morning gives me hours of energy. Helped with reducing my caffeine intake, recovery, and my focus. Great nutrition.

  184. tschroeder717

    Great taste ,Dissolves in water fast

  185. Anibal

    I really enjoy EAA and I use it mainly during my fasting, my only question would be, which form of silica is used here. Great product

    • Team Kion

      It is silicon dioxide.

  186. Steven Lee Epperson

    Aminos are great, easy to take the amount is great.

  187. Paul

    Excellent product puts me in beast mode after 18/6 IF

  188. Jayne Peterlin

    I don’t know where to start! Ben’s podcasts have change my life!!! I started on his amino’s, Flex, serum. Things are changing so fast in the way I feel it’s hard to explain. I’ve ordered his other products and can’t wait to get this week! The serum I absolutely love! My face has never felt so tight, clean and clear. After a workout I will wipe my face and apply the serum. I apply it after shower and before bed. It’s change the redness I have had for months.

    The amino’s I take first thing in morning and after workouts. If I need a boast I take before working out. Love them and feel a big difference! I cannot wait to try it in my ultra runner races! 3 more weeks and I’ll give you a update. I plan to use Ben’s guide on how to use in racing. I cannot say enough about the Flex. My world had change with these products. I don’t know Ben, I stumbled on his podcasts and listened intensely For a few weeks before diving into product! I couldn’t have made a better choice! Thank you Ben!! Looking forward to reporting back after my races in August!!

  189. Matt Klacman

    So far so good after a week. Originally purchased as a preworkout to replace some of the others that have refined/processed sugars. Have since started using it as the morning shot as well. Great taste, I was skeptical (sorry Ben). Mixes very well as has been said. Really love the clean ingredients. Thanks.

  190. elizwallsuva

    I am a 27 y.o. female, 122 pounds, 18% body fat, and I just started taking my Kion Amino tablets daily, 30 minutes before I start my workout at the gym or before I go for a long run (to allow for the 23 minute minimum absorption time for an empty stomach). I have been taking 3 Kion tablets to start out instead of the recommended 5. They taste pretty bad, but I LIKE that because it reassures me there are NO binders, fillers, stearates, coating or dye. I swallow them down with my usual water mixture of exogenous ketones and Aprey’s “Bulletproof Octane” MCT oil. I have been able to run 8-13 miles at a time much faster, without the usual soreness the following day. I have also been able to train with heavier weights & solid stairmaster sessions daily without feeling fatigued. I am encouraged to continue taking these Kion aminos (& to increase my daily dose to 5 tablets) to see how much more muscle I can build, fat I can lose, and if they will help me run the Army 10 this October faster.

  191. Scott Pedersen

    Really incredible stuff ! I Love to climb or trail run fasted in the morning and Kion Aminos takes you to that Superman level no joke . Highly recommend

  192. Customcardioandfitness

    This is a must for anyone looking to insure and improve a high quality amino cascade throughout the day! The tablets are convenient and no stomach issues what so ever.

  193. CJ

    Amazing! Very good product! I will be ordering more. Great for workouts and recovery is much better.

  194. Sam

    So far, so GREAT! I’ve been experimenting with intermittent fasting and have taken this a couple of times pre workout on days where I’m lifting heavy. I felt INCREDIBLE. I’ll probably be buying more once I run out. Going to try and make it last because at $1 per serving, it’s not the cheapest, but the quality appears to be self evident.

  195. Michael

    Noticed an immediate difference when taken before a workout. Noticed almost immediate difference in strength and muscle gain, as well. This is the highest dose of amino acids I’ve ever seen, and I won’t stop using it, even on non-workout days.

  196. Bobby

    I noticed a significant energy boost when using this product. I can’t quite handle the recommended dose before exercise, but that just means I can save more money! I like how this product isn’t loaded with junk like other amino products. Already subscribed and ready for the next batch!

  197. Pete

    I’m a 60 year old guy, and couldn’t resist pushing my limits with a few 50+ mile rides within the first week of buying a new road bike. A few days later my hip flexors were screaming. Trying other BCAs, ice baths, massages nothing worked to ease the excruciating deep pain. After reading up on these essential aminos, I ordered and took a double dose…within 1/2 hr, pain gone! Worth every penny!! Thanks for having a product that matches your claims. You don’t see that very open these days.

  198. Jonas Sova

    Best Aminos on the market

  199. allstar_ry13

    These aminos taste so good and mix well! They are not too sweet, just a very clean and smooth Aminos supplement! Thank you for the great prodcut!!

  200. Michael Dylan Cone

    I enjoy running in a fasted state. Lately, my long runs have been hitting me hard after the 90-minute mark because of being fasted. Kion Aminos have helped boost my performance and curb fatigue on these runs, helping me go the distance!

  201. sodmount

    Wow, this is why I listen to Ben’s podcast. Over the years (yes I have been listening for awhile) I have learned so so much from you Ben (thanks for that). This product made a huge difference in my workouts! This is a great product!!! Thanks Ben for your knowledge and your podcast and NOW your products!!! We want more products from you in the future, we trust YOU.

  202. Anthony Anzelmo

    I used the Kion Aminos Cool Lime Powder. Fantastic product that really rejuvenates your body and mind post workout. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was because of the flavor. There was a bit of a chemical taste when mixed with water but that was the only downfall. Highly recommend.

  203. Ethan

    So far so good, I am looking forward to trying these on fasted days as well.

  204. Johnny

    One of my favorite supplement staples. It has an easy taste, and has benefits for daily life on off days and training days. I will definitely be buy this again!

  205. Andrew Bachi

    Wow! These are so much better than any BCA I have tried. Definitely helped me with muscle gain and to recover more quickly from a workout. I recommend these for anyone who is looking for great gains.

  206. Lisa

    Kion Aminos not only gives you more energy while working out (especially during fasted workouts), it’s also a great recovery booster. I used this product while training for the Boston marathon and could feel it helped with endurance, strength and recovery. When I ran out of the product I trained for about 3 weeks without it and could tell a huge difference in my performance. I reordered and had the same energy boosting/recovery enhancement effects as before. I plan to always keep some on hand.

  207. Matt

    Awesome product. Love no added coloring, etc. Perfect by themselves or mixing with some ketones, ice and club soda for a fasted snowcone!!

  208. Josh

    I’ve been taking MAP aligned aminos for over two years to balance out protein synthesis issues related to autoimmune. These are great quality at a solid price

  209. Brandon

    Kion Aminos are great. I primarily use them while fasting, as Ben recommended in a Facebook video. I find that they help me sustain a 24 hour (or longer) fast much easier.

  210. amy

    Compared to BCAAS, this blows my workouts away! I use pre-workout as well as a compliment to morning fasting. The taste of the powder is good and it mixes well with other flavors as well. If you are in the market for amino acids, try these first!

  211. nebelskirjn

    Kion Aminos is amazing! Usually the aminos I have used taste horrible but you take them because they are good for you. Not only are these great for you they taste awesome! Just some ice, water and Kion Aminos in a blender makes an awesome frozen dessert!!

  212. Valerie

    Great product! Helps with recovery after a workout big time. Sometimes it gives me a headache. No complaints besides that. I’ll be buying it again.

  213. Angie

    Kion Aminos helped my husband and I build and maintain muscle and fight cravings between meals and during periods of fasting. It tastes great too! The only downside is the small container, I used it up very quickly.

  214. John Shoffner

    I started using Ben’s Nature Aminos a few years ago and did some research on the specific protein stack. It’s true that the arrangement and quantity of the specific proteins here work synergistically because of the uniqueness of the blend. Use it exactly as Ben describes (before and after a work out) (be careful of your timing eating fat) and you will truly enjoy this product. It’s even good for a super quality protien snack when traveling (I chuckled when I read that Ben used this often on airplanes to avoid the crap food – but he’s right). Nothing beats a well timed and bio-correct amino stack. Go for it. One note: I like the pill form better – the powder gives me a bit of insulin spike, tastes pretty good though. Enjoy. -JS

  215. Kelsey

    Kion Aminos has helped me put on more muscle in a shorter amount of time than anything else I’ve ever taken. Great workout booster, and also hands down the BEST way to fight cravings during fasting. Fabulous product!

  216. Jeff Leonard

    Great product, you need to put the powder in small packages for backcountry hunting. I can’t stand the tablets and it’s nice to get some flavor when I’m the backcountry.

  217. Ary Trinidad

    Im interested in this product but didnt see what ratios the BCAAS are in the tablets. Can someome let advise?

    • Team Kion

      Hi Ary, while we can’t disclose the exact formulation, Kion Aminos are aligned with the MAP (Master amino acid pattern) and contain all eight essential amino acids – the exact building blocks needed to support and maintain your body’s systems – delivered in the exact proportion needed for maximum utilization.

  218. ruiz_josealberto

    I remember listening to one Ben’s podcasts and him saying something along the lines of, if you do a workout without EAAs and then do the workout with the EAAs you will notice a huge difference. I decided to test this and OMG! It was night and day. My endurance was up, my strength was up, and my recovery was also significantly increased. This product will definitely be a regular for me.

  219. Dale Daubenmeyer

    BCAA vs. Kion Aminos-

    I have tried different BCAA products over the years and never felt the benefits as boasted by the providers. Then I heard Ben ask to put them to the challenge compared to his new Kion Aminos. At 54 years old, I play hockey and grapple and I can say Kion Aminos work better hands down, less soreness, quicker recovery and a little more gas in the tank during these events.

  220. cramey13

    Big fan of the Amino powder!

    1) Noticeable strength increase during my workouts;
    2) Satisfies appetite during late morning or afternoon hunger;
    3) Taste is subtle, but is enjoyable. Which I appreciate as most Amino or BCAA supplements taste Jolly Ranchers and seem too good to be true.

    Con’s (both of which are more so me vs. product)
    1) Could use a bit more of a kick after early morning consumption;
    2) I rip through the 30 servings real fast. Although well spent, this can get pricey.

    Love it though, thanks!

  221. Jonathan Profili

    I take amino acids for three scenarios; 1. Before an early morning endurance session when I don’t want to eat. 2. After a hard session and I’m not going to eat right away. 3. Sometimes before bed if it was a hard training day To support my recovery while I sleep with no calories. I’ve tried 2 other aminos that didn’t have loads of artificial colors and flavors but this one is by far the best. It’s not sweet, it has the right ratio and bioavailability which is crucial when taking any supplement and it’s moderately priced. The main benefits I’ve felt with this amino is preserving lean muscle during endurance sessions, energy and appreciate suppression. This is top quality.

  222. Team Kion

    Hi Chuck, Kion Aminos contain 30 servings per container. How long each container lasts depends on your usage. Kion Aminos are a very versatile supplement and have many uses. You can refer to this Cheat Sheet to gain a better understanding of how much you will potentially use.

  223. Alex

    5 stars for the tablets and 3 for the powder. I do agree with a previous review posted by another customer that the taste of the powder is not great. The tablets however have been great in several instances including extended fasts. As always, I know I can trust the label which is so important to me. Thanks Ben!

  224. Natalie Foote

    Im not usually one to use supplements but as a highly active person, Ive always had a hard time maintaining muscle from my strength training because I also love endurance pursuits. Thought Id give this a shot and I am loving it! Its incredibly convenient, clean, and tastes great. Its perfect for fueling when you know you need something but don’t want to weigh down digestion from a meal. I wanted to try it out before subscribing, and lets just say ill be subscribing!

  225. Simone

    I use this product daily in my training drink. I mix it with fresh squeezed lemon juice, creatine, taurine (sometimes electrolytes) & crushed ice. The stevia in the product relieves the sour taste of the lemon. So refreshing. I look forward to trying more Kion products because I have faith in the research Ben conducts to provide us the best products available. It is slightly pricey but I am looking for optimum health so I will continue to use this product. Thanks Ben. Love your commitment & I have learnt so much valuable information from listening to your podcasts.

  226. Joe Allison

    Just starting out with this product. Recovery time after workouts seems shorter. Very happy with my results so far

  227. Kan

    I can’t really tell if it is having any effect, but I have no reason to complain either. I am trying to get some protein without putting more strain on my digestion, liver, kidneys etc. I am wondering…Does this still have to be processed by the kidneys or liver?

  228. Georgiana Gilbert

    Really amazing product! I get automatic shipments for these aminos. They have helped me with better muscle development and recovery already. Also really useful to get me through a fasted workout and focus better. 🙂

  229. tschroeder717

    Great tasting and mixes well in water

  230. Steve

    Have been a subscriber for several months now and have not had an issue with delivery at all. I find this product helps keep me satiated between meals without any stomach issues. Love this product and would recommend it over any essential amino acid supplements on the market. Thank you for making a clean and effective supplement!

  231. Eric

    The only issue I had was with timely delivery on my first shipment but each one after has been arriving promptly

  232. Robert Hawk

    This is an amended review. It would seem that my initial order got caught up in the Christmas mail rush and delayed my order. I was in contact with Amber and she was awesome in helping find my order. The customer service has been great! Now for the product itself. The aminos are pure aminos. That is great for absorption, but I have one minor complaint and that because these tablets are pure compressed aminos there is tablet breakage in the bottle and a lot of product “dust.” All-in-all this is the type of product you would expect from Ben.

  233. Brian Haynes

    great product, get it!

  234. tschroeder717

    Great taste

  235. Cassandra Gill

    Taste isn’t amazing, but it is natural and grows on you. As an athlete, I really like these full spectrum amino acids to make sure I’m consuming enough protein while competing in endurance sports and working out intensely. As a college student, the upfront price may be expensive, but buying meat from whole foods costs me more per serving.

  236. pialomax2

    I have no doubt the quality is superb based on Bens standards and reputation. I’m excited for the benefits. However, it is sweetened which I don’t like. Any way to get an unsweetened option?


    • Team Kion

      Thanks for the feedback! I suggest you try the tablets as an alternative to the powder that we flavor with stevia.

  237. Jacqueline Corbett

    Where’s histidine?Why doesn’t this have all 9 essential AAs?

    • Team Kion

      Thank you for your comment. There is debate on whether histidine is an essential amino acid because the body can produce it on its own. It seems best classified as semi-essential because adults can typically produce enough histidine from other amino acids in the liver to support the body’s daily needs, however children must obtain histidine in their diet. It is easily obtained in foods such as meat, dairy and some grains.

  238. Mitch Mitchell

    Way overpriced. The original product, MAP, is 27.50 on Amazon. Sorry Ben, it’s hard to support you when you Jack up the price!

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for the feedback, Mitch. We do our best to use the best raw ingredients, the highest manufacturing standards, and the most trustworthy partners. Our prices reflect that, not an attempt to gouge customers. Also, some of the cheaper brands found on Amazon typically contain 30 fewer tablets than Kion Aminos.

  239. Thomas Diones

    Amazing quality, great taste, and a clean feeling. I wish i had a bottomless container of this stuff because im going to be using Kion aminos for the long haul.

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