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Elevate your daily grind with Kion Coffee:

  • Certified Organic
  • Toxin and Mold Free
  • Roasted to Maximize Health and Taste

12 oz. of medium roast whole bean coffee.

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Why The Quality of Your Coffee Matters

Not All Coffee Is Created Equal. Especially When It Comes To Your Health.

Over 97% of the coffee worldwide is considered to be “commercial coffee”. It’s produced on a mass scale in large factory farms, with the primary goal of minimizing cost and maximizing yield.

If you’re looking to maximize the health benefits of a beverage you likely drink every day, multiple times a day, commercial coffee might not be the best choice.

Commercial coffee often contains:

  • Yeast
  • Pesticides
  • Acrylamide
  • Mold and mycotoxins
  • Pre-ground beans that are more susceptible to oxygen exposure, leading to a stale, flavorless coffee

Don’t get us wrong. Commercial coffee serves a place if you’re simply looking for a cost-effective caffeinated vehicle for cream, sugar, and mocha-choca-latte flavoring.

But we think you deserve better than that.


It's Time to Elevate Your Daily Grind With a Better Brew

At Kion, we’re die-hard coffee lovers. We love the taste, the aroma, the mental buzz, and the cultural experience of coffee.

But we also care about our health.

So we went on a mission to craft a coffee we could feel good about—and look forward to—drinking every day. 

Enter Kion Coffee: A brew designed to taste good, and make you feel even better.


Specialty Grade

Kion Coffee is in the top 3% of all coffee grown worldwide that can claim to be “specialty grade”. Put simply, it's the very best coffee the world has to offer. 

Specialty coffee is also as transparent as you can get: The cooperative where the beans are sourced, the date of the harvest, and the varietal of the beans are all traceable.

For perspective, let’s compare specialty grade coffee to the other 97% of coffees. Commercial coffee is like blending together different grapes from different countries, dying it red, fermenting it to make alcohol, and calling it “Red Wine”. 

Specialty coffee, on the other hand, is like drinking a vintage wine from a single estate in Tuscany.

Certified Organic

Our coffee is also USDA Certified Organic, a standard that’s only met by 3% of all coffees worldwide. To ensure maximum quality, Kion Coffee beans are tested by an accredited global organization to ensure they are free from:

  • Yeast
  • Pesticides
  • Mold and mycotoxins (specifically Ochratoxin A and Aflatoxin)

You can rest assured that Kion Coffee is pure, free of contaminants, and grown in a way that supports your health and the planet’s.

Ethically Sourced

Kion Coffee beans are only sourced from farms that meet the highest standards for ethical and sustainable farming practices. Our farmers are ensured safety, ethical treatment, and fair pay.

Roasted to Maximize Health and Flavor

Kion Coffee is roasted to a medium level to both preserve naturally occurring antioxidants and reduce the formation of acrylamides. Thus, the medium roast allows us to maximize health benefits and taste, while reducing any potentially harmful chemicals.

Each batch is roasted by experts using the world’s most efficient and environmentally-friendly “smokeless” roaster. Our roastmasters also personally taste every batch of Kion Coffee, making sure each is just as good as the last. 

The result is a medium roast coffee with maximum health benefits and unparalleled, consistent flavor in every cup. 

And for you coffee nerds, you can expect Kion Coffee to have a pure, rich flavor with notes of caramel, roasted nuts, and subtle hints of fruit.

Packaged for Freshness

Virtually every food will eventually oxidize or spoil, and coffee is no exception. When coffee beans are packaged improperly and left exposed to oxygen, the natural antioxidant levels, flavor, and aroma all decrease.

And what good is high-quality coffee if it arrives at your doorstep stale and bland?

We use the industry’s highest-standard packaging method to ensure the healthiest, freshest coffee possible. Nitrogen-flushed bags prevent oxygen from harming the delicate oils and nutrients in our coffee. Then we rush-ship it to you so you can enjoy it well within the window that maximizes the health potential of the coffee. 

Kion Coffee is guaranteed to be as fresh the day you open it as it was the day it was roasted.


How to Best Enjoy Kion Coffee

While the quality of your coffee is important, proper storage and brewing methods also have a huge impact on its taste and health benefits. Here are some tips for getting the most bang-for-your-buck in each cup.


One of the biggest mistakes coffee drinkers make is not storing their coffee in a way that maintains freshness and flavor. Coffee beans are very absorbent, so it’s best to store them away from:

  • Heat
  • Odors
  • Oxygen
  • Moisture
  • Direct sunlight

Store your fresh, whole coffee beans in an opaque, airtight container in a dark place away from moisture or other odors. For more detailed instructions, see this post.


Your exact process will depend on what brewing method you’re using. For more detailed instructions on different brewing setups, check out this article.

In general, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Grind your coffee within 15 minutes of brewing. This ensures the best flavor and maximum health benefits, as coffee begins to stale and oxidize as soon as it's been ground.
  • Determine the grind you need based on your brewing method. Slower brewing methods like a French press require coarser grinds, while faster brewing methods like espresso use finer grinds. A good rule of thumb: If the coffee tastes bitter, use a coarser grind; if the coffee tastes sour, use a finer grind.
  • Use clean, filtered water. Heat it to between 195-205 degrees, just below boiling.
  • Use the appropriate coffee-to-water ratio for your brewing method. The standard ratio is 1:16, and adjusting it will give you either weaker or stronger coffee.
  • Preheat your mug. Simply add some hot water to your mug before you add your  coffee So the mug doesn’t suck the heat out of your java.
  • Take care of your equipment. Keep it clean and dry when not in use.

Sip, and enjoy!


Finally: A Coffee You Can Feel Good About Drinking Every Day

Coffee is a cherished part of many people’s daily routines. Preparing, brewing, and drinking a warm cup of coffee is a morning ritual that simultaneously awakens and enlivens the mind, the body, and the spirit.

As something you consume every day, it’s important to get the healthiest coffee you can findand also enjoy drinking it.


Take a simple step to improve your health. Elevate your daily grind with Kion Coffee.

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  1. Is the coffee pre-ground?

    Kion Coffee is whole bean, and needs to be ground prior to brewing.

  2. How many servings are in each bag?

    Each bag of Kion Coffee provides 12 oz. of whole bean coffee. On average, that will make ~70 tablespoons of ground coffee, and ~25-35 8oz. cups of brewed coffee, depending on personal brew and grind size preference.

  3. What’s the roast and flavor profile?

    Kion Coffee is a medium roast. The flavor profile can be described as very clean, naturally sweet, rich and complex. It contains notes of caramel, toasted nuts, and subtle hints of fruit.

  4. Will my coffee still be fresh by the time it gets shipped to me?

    We seal all Kion Coffee with a nitrogen flush 24-48 hours after roasting. Due to our quality packaging and rush delivery, your coffee will arrive as fresh as the day it was roasted.

  5. Where are the green coffee beans sourced from?

    Kion coffee comes from a handful of small producers in Mexico and Central America. We have a great relationship with the farmers and co-ops, and are confident they meet all of our selection criteria for the highest quality green coffee beans.

  6. Where are the beans roasted?

    Our coffee is roasted in the United States at two different roasting facilities.

  7. Do you have a decaf coffee?

    We do not have a decaf Kion Coffee at this time, but are hoping to release a decaf version by 2021.

185 reviews for Kion Coffee

  1. Nicster

    I love my Jura espresso machine and love GOOD coffee. I thought that I bought good quality beans in the past. Name brands and not really cheap either. I know Ben doesn’t like Starbucks 😉 but I do like their Americano and think it tastes pretty good. ANYWAY, so I was very skeptical about spending the money for the Kion coffee, even though the test/ comparison results were amazing. Well, the CREAMA is thick, the FLAVOR is very smooth, not bitter, AND I know I DON’T DRINK toxins or mold. Superbly done.

  2. Andre Tucker

    This is without a doubt the best coffee I’ve had. The aroma is great and I’ve never had coffee taste this clean. Even the coffee I get from Everman’s which is also organic does not taste this good. However, the price is what I have a problem with.

  3. DrT

    Finished my first bag. TBH I’m not a coffee expert but it tasted great and the peace of mind that I’m feeding my body a healthy; toxin, mold and pesticide free product is good feeling!
    Thx Ben

  4. Jewel

    Delicious coffee and I love that it gets delivered to my doorstep monthly.

  5. Drew

    I really wanted to like this coffee. I’m a big fan of Ben’s podcast and think he’s an excellent resource for health and wellbeing. I realize that taste is personal, but this coffee tastes like over-roasted generic coffee. If you’re buying strictly for the health benefits, go for it. I trust Ben and the claims he makes and there are the studies to back it up. But if taste is a factor at all, then it’s a hard pass. For the money, I think there are better organic options out there that have a better taste profile.

  6. Amanda

    Excellent coffee, no bitterness in the after taste. I can taste the cleaness of the coffee and this is the best thing since good coffee is important to me and since living in the States I have found it very difficult to find REAL good quality coffee. I would love to see a darker brew on offer but in the meantime very happy to keep drinking this.

  7. Eddie B.

    I love dark roasts so was unsure about Kion. While the roast is noticably lighter than what I would normally choose, I was fully satisfied by the bold fresh flavors, and not disappointed by interference from acidity or sourness. The rationale for the optimal roast is understandable, and I can have my finicky tastes met at the same time, for a true win-win.

  8. Michael Kutschara

    Got this coffee for my dad as a gift. Had them ship it directly to him. Now tell me why I am getting a bunch of spam mail for “dad”! Thanks kion for selling my information to solicitors….

    • Team Kion

      Hey Michael! Sorry to hear about your Spam mail issue… but it definitely isn’t from Kion 🙂 We never sell our customers’ data to any third parties. You can check out our privacy policy here:

      Thanks for supporting us, and hope “dad” enjoys the coffee regardless! Cheers

  9. Fred Cadena

    Great coffee. Very good flavor, dark but not too bold. Very rich…. drinks great black or with your favorite extras.

  10. Stephanie

    I cannot say enough about this coffee..I crave the taste from the second I wake up. I love knowing how clean it is and never realized how jittery and anxious other coffee beans made me until I started drinking Kion Coffee! Thank you for providing such a quality product, I will be a customer for life.

    • Team Kion

      Thank you Stephanie! We appreciate your kind words and support! Cheers xx

  11. erik

    Best coffee by far for my palette and my health! I highly recommend it. and I love what Kion is doing to contribute to health, well being and longevity. Thanks Ben
    listen to your podcast everyday. Hope I get to meet you in person one day.

  12. Steve

    I purchased 3 bags and have a brand new coffee maker. I also used filtered water. So far I have enjoyed this coffee VERY much. I have moved towards medium roast over the past year and this is comparable. I will purchase again.

  13. Guillermo Tijerina

    Not only do I love this coffee, but so does my wife. And, incredibly, I did a blind test on her. I made this coffee without telling her (we drink our coffee black). She tried it and immediately noticed that it was a new coffee (we typically switch coffees). She loved the smooth taste. I do too. We consider this to be treat the first thing in the morning and it puts some pep in our dad before our four savages (aka “the kids”) wake up.

    On a side note, I rounded up and gave this coffee a 5-star rating even though I’d really probably give it a 4.5 rating because of the coffee’s price. This is certainly expensive coffee. My family has has an EXCELLENT coffee shop nearby where we can get dreamy imported coffee beans for slightly less than the Kion brand. However, if I end up buying a subscription, then it will work out to just about the same price. Seeing as how this is a guilty pleasure for my wife and I, we will continue buying this coffee. My family loves the organic, excellent quality of these coffee beans and will continue to trust Ben with our health needs.

  14. Mark Maly

    Coffee is good but too expensive $20 per 12oz bag is steep and after you add shipping, on a 3 bag purchase, you up to over $22 per bag. I think highly of Ben and all the great work he does but quality and increased antioxidant claims aside, you need to make this coffee closer to $14-$15 and include shipping to really make this a big hit – closer to Dave Asprey’s bullet proof coffee’s cost which taste just as good, but less expensive and more readily available at local locations.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for your feedback, Mark! We definitely take it to heart and are always striving to balance quality and cost effectiveness of our products. Shipping is something we are actively working on improving. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

  15. Kelly Cap

    Best and cleanest tasting coffee ever. No bitterness, just smooth and fresh with every sip!

    I hope you all come out with a decaf blend soon. I started to switch it up…to decaf 1wk, regular the next 3wks. Would really prefer the Kion brand at some point only for the fact Ben seems to genuinely stand by what he promotes. He seems to have high standards for everything he is involved in and is a true ambassador for quality in health and longevity practices with nothing but science to back it up. Thank you Ben and thank you Kion!

  16. Daniel Pileggi

    Delicious coffee! Very aromatic, and the freshness is extremely evident. I enjoy it most when I use my French press as the flavors are very evident. I usually enjoy a bolder roast, but I can tell that there are reduced levels of PAHs and other carcinogenic combustion products in this coffee. It feels good to know I’m steering clear of mold and mycotoxins while consuming a high antioxidant coffee that is actually focused on health. Will continue to purchase!

  17. Alan Pennell

    Great taste and aroma! I only use a French press for this coffee since it is worthy !

  18. Jen

    I really wanted to love Kion coffee. Upon opening the bag the smell was so smooth and wonderful, truly very pleasant. Unfortunately the coffee was just too thin/watery for my taste. I had to use almost double the amount I normally use to make a cup of coffee I could enjoy and it just didn’t make sense for me.

  19. Andrew McCrumb

    Cleanest, tastiest coffee there is. I pair it with FourSigmatic Lion’s Mane coffee for an extra brain kick! Amazing stuff

  20. Steven

    Ben, this coffee is amazing. It will be on my shelf from now on. The only problem with it is the packaging. The colours should be inverted so the logo is white and the bag is black. This coffee is so good it can be consumed straight black with or without liquid. Its the cleanest coffee I’ve ever tasted.

  21. Jennt

    A great tasting coffee

    • Team Kion


  22. Linda Tomczak

    I admit it. I was a skeptic. I had tried Bulletproof coffee, which was good but did not knock my socks off for the price. I was curious to try Kion coffee based on the reviews that it did not cause an adrenal hyper response, which is my issue with coffee. I’m a convert. Kion coffee is so smooth and delicious. It makes me feel alertwithout the jittery response. I usually drink coffee about 4 times a week and matcha green tea 2 times a week and 1 day off caffeine.

    • Team Kion

      Great to hear, Linda! Thanks for your review! Cheers xx

  23. Paul

    Kion Coffee is smooth and I love it hot or cold.

  24. Mary Lynn

    This has to be the cleanest smoothest tasting coffee I’ve ever had. I love coffee period, and consider myself an amateur taster. Kion is noticeably different. It is pricey, there is no way around it, but it’s obviously better. Have already bought more.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for your review, Mary Lynn! Cheers!

  25. Patrick Martin Jr

    I really like this coffee. It’s clean, smooth, and crisp. The lab results also make it a go-to for my coffee needs.

  26. Derek Enrique

    I truly love this coffee. This is a clean medium roast. It isn’t bitter and doesn’t burn my stomach. As a person who suffered from mold illness and got my health back doing intravenous ozone (another Ben Greenfield recommendation, ty Ben!); I appreciate the mindfulness that goes into this coffee. The packaging is a bonus. I purchased a Coffee Gator container to help keep the beans even more fresh for every brew. Also the price is CHEAPER than what I was paying for with two other competing brands that didn’t offer the superior packaging of Kion Coffee! Did I write this review while drinking my morning Kion Coffee brew? You’re damn right I did. Haha!

    • Team Kion

      Amazing review, thanks Derek. Cheers to your newfound health! <3

  27. DeVon Snedden

    I have been following Ben for a while and decided to pull the trigger and get kion coffee. The hype is real! It’s smooth and tastes great. I prepare in a French press and grind beans per cup. I would give 5-stars, but with shipping it’s about $10 per bag more than I was spending on my previous coffee. It would be great to have more variety in beans/flavors and if subscribed free shipping. I will continue to order. I have told everyone I know about kion coffee. Keep up the great work.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for your review, DeVon! Glad you’re loving the coffee. And regarding shipping costs and more variety, we are working on both 🙂 Cheers!

  28. Steve McLeod

    Clean, & smooth, perfect alone are as a base to a magic mix 🙂 On non coffee days I get a clear head by simply smelling it. I

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for your review, Steve! Maybe we’ll make a Kion Coffee-scented cologne… 😉

  29. Mike

    I believe in Ben and his approach to life so I know that the Kion Coffee is made from the best beans possible and this has such a positive effect on my mind, heart and spirit. I welcome the strong, rich taste and smell of Kion Coffee every morning. Thank you for your commitment to sharing your “way of life” through coffee and so much more!

    • Team Kion

      Thank YOU Mike, for your lovely review! We’re so glad to hear Kion Coffee has such a positive impact on your day!

  30. Kim Pham

    I love your coffee. I am a tea drinker, and each time I taste coffee, I told my daughter that it tastes sour. I try organic, I try many different kinds. I do not like coffee until yours. I ground it then soak overnight. It is so perfect, smooth and no sour taste. Your product makes me realized that there is coffee that I can fall in love with. I love the smell before now but just haven’t like the taste.

    • khess

      Thanks for sharing your love of Kion Coffee, Kim!

  31. chvalova.eva

    Coffee is amazing. I LOVE to drink European style of coffee. Strong , fine grounded coffee is in the mug. But recently i developed acid reflux on coffee (and other food). I was desperate to try all kinds of coffee which i Can handle but nothing worked!! Until my husband told me to order this Kion coffee. ( He always listed pod cast with Ben Greenfield) 😊👍
    I made the first order. Only i can say YEEEAAY. I can have coffee again!! No acid reflux at all!! Thank you
    I know i gave only 4 stars- I’m sorry. I star off is only for shipping charges..!!:(((
    I’m ordering from Canada- charged are ridiculous!!
    Thank you for coffee thought 👍👍☕☕

    • Team Kion

      Thank you for your review! So glad to hear you’re able to enjoy coffee again! Regarding our shipping policies, we are working on improving those and reducing costs in the next year. 🙂 cheers!

  32. Angela

    Living in the heart of Seattle where coffee roasters are abundant I consider myself a coffee “snob”. That said, after trying Kion I have been continually re-ordering these beans! Primarily because I find I am entirely satisfied after one cup. The flavor is rich and I do not experience any jolt from the caffeine. I am entirely satisfied and energized. This may be due to the cleanliness and purity of the product; if so, AMEN! In the spirit of how Ben freely communicates bodily functions…I only need to inhale the open bag to achieve morning “functional stimulation and clearing”…if you know what I mean…thanks Ben!!!

  33. lake.aloha

    This is now my favorite decaffeinated coffee. I usually drink decaf these days; however, this coffee provides me with enhanced mental clarity without the negative side effect of caffeine (buzz, etc.). This is a clean tasting and light/medium roasted coffee. I am hoping that Kion will offer a decaf version in the near future.

    • Team Kion

      Hi there, thanks for your positive review on Kion Coffee! Just to clarify – we do NOT currently offer a decaf version, so what you ordered was definitely good ol’ caffeinated coffee 🙂 However, we are hoping to release decaf in the near future, so stay tuned! Cheers!

  34. Theresa Holleran

    Best coffee by far for my palette and my health! I highly recommend it. and I love what Kion is doing to contribute to health, well being and longevity.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks Theresa!

  35. Colleen Sunich

    This coffee is really good. When you smell it, you can just tell it’s high quality. One of our guests remarked that coffee usually makes them jittery, but our Kion coffee didn’t! We thought that was pretty cool.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for your positive review, Colleen! We love that Kion Coffee doesn’t cause jitters!

  36. Lisa

    I really wanted to love this coffee for all the obvious reasons. Overall it was good, but , I love a bold dark roast cup of coffee .

  37. Steve Donaghey

    Nice taste, too expensive. Needs to be priced out the door at same price as bulletproof in order for me to switch.

    • Team Kion

      Hi Steve, thanks for your honest feedback! We’re glad you enjoyed the taste of Kion coffee. The quality of our coffee is really the highest you can get: It’s certified organic, sustainably sourced, hand-picked, tested for mold and mycotoxins, roasted to perfection, and uses a unique packaging technology that ensures it’s incredibly fresh all the way to your door. All of those variables factor into the cost, which really is as low as it can possibly be. However, we’re always working hard to keep our products at an affordable price, so we take your feedback to heart! Cheers.

  38. Jeff Anenberg

    I’ve been drinking this coffee for over a year and I really enjoy it! Great taste and I have the peace of mind that Ben and his team at Kion are delivering some of the cleanest coffee in the world directly to my door. Highly recommend picking up a bag if you haven’t already!

  39. Demarcus Ray Nehmelman

    Hands fown some of the best coffee ive ever had .Smell and taste are on point and the energy you get from this coffee is second to none .

  40. Margaret

    Do yourself a favor and get this coffee. Every cup of this clean coffee is a gift from Ben. I won’t drink any thing else. I even mention it when I do go in to coffee shops to look around. I think they are kind of offended when I mention the KION coffee, but I really don’t care!!! I think everyone should know how to find the best coffee.

  41. Demarcus Nehmelman

    Ive been exploring the world of coffee for nearly 15 years now and in my book this is Some of the best coffee Ihave ever had .The amazing flavor is only a perk next to the clean consistant energy in each cup .

  42. Ben Shatto

    The coffee tastes great!!!! And I know Ben has insured the quality. TO be honest I find I can drink more of it without a sour gut. So that is good, but I didn’t really want to drink more coffee. Well maybe I really did. Thanks Ben

    • Team Kion

      Ben, we share your dilemma 🙂 glad you enjoy Kion Coffee!

  43. Lee

    Fanatastic coffee!!

  44. Mark

    GREAT product – send it as gifts to my friends.

  45. Janay Simmons

    This coffee is amazing!! I’m still in awe with how pure and alkalizing it is 🤩 I am a holistic nutritionist student and I love discovering new products that are organic, full of antioxidants and the cherry on top, has great flavor!! I drink my coffee black so I appreciate the flavor so much and this Kion coffee is amazing hot or cold. I think it’s best cold though, the flavors are really accentuated and you may even let out an, “Mmmm”. I also really appreciate that it is sold as whole beans and not ground so that I can store it longer and it retains its great flavor. Ben you really did it with this coffee, thank you so much!! 😍

  46. lenar.abbasov

    Clean coffee, smooth taste, no crush, no jitters. I actually found I need to have less coffee to satisfy my caffeine cravings with KION. I wish it had more unique taste so you could detect differences, and definitively say – yeah, it’s KION. However, other clean coffees, similar to KION, such as BP coffee, are inferior and bland. KION has more character.

  47. Mike

    I like the coffee. This is my second order. However, it takes a long time to receive. For example, this order was made 5/28/19, to date, 6/16/19, I still haven’t received the order. I inquired once between these dates and was told It will arrive 6/14/19.
    My last order took over a month and a half to arrive. Keep this in mind when ordering if you are anxious to try the product.
    Other than this, once you get the product, it is quality.

  48. Rita Mastrovito

    Look it doesn’t get better than this! Coffee is the perfect start to every day and this coffee does it all! With the certification of no mold, toxins, pesticides, etc., you can’t go wrong ! We all want to do the best for our bodies and then we try by buying organic products but we don’t know how long they have been packaged and what happened during processing–believe me, I work as a Quality Manager in a food company and you can’t believe how hard it is to keep the process pristine. You can taste how fresh and how diligently this coffee has been processed! I won’t ever put any other coffee in my body! Way to go Ben!!

    • Team Kion

      Wow, thank you! <3

  49. Thomas Kruppstadt

    Tastes like roast beef. Does not taste like fresh roasted coffee.

    • Team Kion

      Roast beef? That’s a first… Here’s a cool brewing guide to get the best flavor from your Kion Coffee: If you find you still don’t like the taste, we’ll send you some Arby’s sauce… or I mean you can contact Kion Customer Support and they’ll get you taken care of: [email protected] 😉

  50. spencersadler25

    A couple years ago I switched from milk and sugar to pure black coffee. Without the dairy and sugar I found the “crash” disappeared. However, if I drank cheap coffee it would cause my head to ache. Since I’ve been searching for the freshest roasted beans and high quality coffee. I’ve tried bulletproof super over priced coffee, onnit coffee is alright, but Ben Greenfield really knocked it out of the park with this one. This kion coffee is incredible. It’s rich, smooth, bold, but not bitter it’s quite possibly the best coffee ever bagged. I highly recommend giving it a taste.

  51. Simone

    I am a self confessed coffee snob. Therefore I was sceptical about trying Kion Coffee. Sooo grateful that I did. Every cup is perfectly smooth & clean tasting. No nasty aftertaste. It’s worth the extra cost for the quality, conversion rate from US to AUD and then shipping to Australia. Love it. Thanks Ben and Team Kion. Looking forward to more high quality additions to the Kion range.

  52. Shawnda Kovacs

    Well, it depends on what you are going for! Flavor, yikes. It’s dark and can’t compare with the single origin craft coffees where you can taste the beautiful notes! We love natural sundried (our fave), and we love light roasted coffees particularly from Olympia, counter culture, evocation, sweet bloom, and slate. These are incredible small roasters with craft coffees. So, when you go from that to Kion….it’s rough. Kion is just dark, no notes. But it’s smooth and clean! It’s easy to drink. I’d love to see a clean coffee, light roasted, with all the lovely notes coming through!!

  53. Bobby

    Unbelievable. I wont drink anything else ! Fresh and you can taste the difference!

  54. Tony Rose

    Best coffee. I drink it black. You can taste the cleanliness!

  55. dylansbarton

    Before I tried this coffee I would drink starbucks ground coffee at home. I would also go to starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts at least once a week. I can taste a major difference. I cannot on a good conscience support the other places anymore, nor can I tolerate the taste of starbucks or dunkin. I have not only noticed a difference in the taste, but also in the effects. I can drink 4 cups of Kion Coffee and experience absolutely no jitters

  56. Tim

    Can’t believe how great this coffee tastes. It has to be some of the freshest coffee I have ever had. I just love it.

    • Team Kion


  57. Jen

    The best coffee out there…I don’t even need to put half & half in it!

  58. frankveneziale92

    Can really tell a difference going from Ben’s coffee to any other coffee from day to day. Typical drink Ben’s coffee as a treat 3-4 days a week to conserve it.

  59. Devin

    The best coffee i have ever had. I love the clean taste and powerful smells. The only downside is now i can’t drink other coffees without judging them harshly.

  60. B

    We really appreciate having this coffee even though the cost is very high.
    USD and AUD along with the postage makes it a real luxury product for us.
    We only have one cup a day, but that cup is worth several of any other coffee we could care to mention.
    Time it takes to arrive from USA to Australia also needs to allow up to 4 weeks at times.
    So ordering in advance is key.

  61. Cristian B Parra

    Absolutely mind bending lol

  62. Lisa

    Love this coffee…smell & flavour mind blowing 👏

  63. Boone Zavik

    I really enjoy the coffee! I’ve had several of the allegro brand coffees from Whole Foods and also the bulletproof brand coffee. This is one of my favorites and although I wish they had already ground coffee I understand that would sacrifice some of the freshness and flavor, so I’m okay with grinding it up at home. I have recommended this coffee to friends and family as well. For me the biggest difference is that I get that caffeine pick up without feeling “hung over” later. If I drink Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts made coffee, I just don’t feel good 30-45mins afterwards. With Kion I feel great!

  64. swisskw

    I would like to say that for anything organic we simply have to pay a bit more, there is more time and risk involved and it keeps you healthier, time for care and risk of losing crops. Organic is the way for longevity. My life it worth it.

    • Team Kion


  65. swisskw

    I received my coffee beans within one week right to NZ, the morning after I ran out the night before, how’s that for perfection?
    Thank you so much, I love the coffee but did not get the sample fruit extract as support of longevity.

  66. Mike

    I must say Kion coffee is my hands down favorite. Great flavor…and the smell! I got started drinking coffee just a few years ago after learning about Bulletproof coffee. I really like their Original and Mentalist coffees, but Kion has topped them. At this point, however, there is a real problem with cost. I can get BP coffee all day long for $12-14 a bag now, even direct from BP with free shipping. Also, Kion needs to start throwing in a Kion Coffee sticker with the orders..I need to put a Kion sticker over the BP label on one of my Airscape coffee canisters!

    • Team Kion

      Thank you for the feedback! Really happy you love the coffee and rest assured we are working hard to offer even more value to our amazing customers <3

  67. Charlotte Wayman

    The roast is very interesting something I haven’t had before, usually I tend towards darker roasts but this one does not disappoint! It’s not to dark and not to light it sits right in the middle. Excellent Smooth taste with no bitterness. I was having the bulletproof mentalist prior to this. I am not an everyday coffee drinker, but even if I was, I would still spend the extra money on this! So far the best coffee I’ve ever tasted.

  68. Robby Elmore

    Went out of town for the weekend. I drank other 5 star coffees. I miss Kion.

    • Team Kion

      Once you go, there’s no going back! 😉

  69. Derek

    The coffee is awesome. I get it delivered monthly. Would be nice if you could lower the shipping cost or something to offset that cost? I would take a few more days on the delivery side if the cost was less.

    • Team Kion

      Thank you for the feedback Derek! We’re actively working on improving our shipping policy to better support you and all of our awesome community <3

  70. Lee Maasen

    I don’t eat for “taste”, I look at anything that I am consuming as information and what I am telling my body. Anything we consume -eat, drink, etc- is either feeding our bodies health, or the opposite. Coffee is the highest antioxidant on the planet, unfortunately almost all companies load their coffee with pesticides, herbicides, and simply cause a lot of damage. Being sensitive to anything that is not organic is a blessing as I can feel this harmful compounds disrupting my physiology. KION coffee gives my body a smooth clean energy with enhanced focus and production. I LOVE this coffee as I know when I am consuming it, I am feeding my body what it needs to operate at full capacity. Not to mention just how delicious it is! Thank you KION

  71. L A

    I love the coffee, it is very expensive hence $7 for shipping for a bag is too high in my opinion.

    • Team Kion

      Thank you for your feedback <3

  72. Tanja

    I am so picky with the taste for my coffee! I have tried over 50 different kinds by now and have found some I liked, some I even loved. BUT Kion coffee is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! My friends have asked what coffee I buy once I served them, and this has never happened before, and believe me, I serve a lot of coffee to my friends and family. It’s sort of hard to explain but it’s so clean and pure, the taste is exactly what I have always wanted my coffee to taste like! It’s really hard to put into words how grateful I am for this product. Thank you Ben and team Kion, for the quality work and effort you deliver, with integrity! Keep up the great work.

  73. Paul

    Best coffee I’ve ever tasted. Whenever I make it at work, I have to make a full pot cause everyone enjoys the rich quality of this product.

  74. Martin J Morrisroe

    This is probably the tastiest, smoothest coffee I’ve ever tasted! My wife uses creamer with her coffee, but since I purchased this, she uses maybe half, at most, of her creamer with a cup of coffee.

    • Team Kion

      Thanks Martin! Glad you and your wife are loving the coffee <3

  75. Eric Morris

    I’ve never been a coffee drinker but when I found Kion Coffee and all it’s qualities and standard of purity, it addressed all the issues that would make me hesitant to try it. It’s antioxidant content, polyphenols, and no mycotoxins (mold) is what made me decide to try it. And it tastes great and I feel great because I know it’s pure. Best coffee ever.

  76. Patricia Kuptz

    This is a great coffee with an amazingly clean taste. It’s the first coffee I found that I can drink black. Of course, it IS great with half and half or MCT/butter, but when I am on a through hike a cup of Kion coffee and a Kion clean energy bar keeps me fueled and energized for hours.

  77. Callan

    Solid coffee. Has a good flavor and a clean caffeine feeling. Sucks I don’t have it when I travel.

  78. Tomy Lulgjuraj

    Hands down the best coffee out there! The price came down significantly since the first time I ordered a few months ago, I will subscribe to this at the new lower price, 100% worth it

  79. Shon G

    I’m not a coffee drinker but I bought this as a gift for a work buddy. Now I’m drinking it almost every weekday! I couldn’t believe how clean and smooth it tasted without adding anything to it. My friends comment how great it smells when it’s brewing. I also have tried the ‘other’ brand that is more well known and it tastes just like ‘regular’ coffee. Not the aromatics that Kion has.

  80. John George

    Great coffee. I don’t mind paying a couple extra bucks knowing that it’s a higher quality. In the big picture it’s inky a few mire cents per cup. Defiantly worth it!!! Thanks KION!!

  81. Leslie Brown

    Seriously the best coffee EVER! So…clean and smooth and not bitter! And best thing is I know it’s mold free!

  82. Michael Bodrog

    Best coffee ever! Hands down I feel great after 1 cup. Best coffee I’ve used for fasting, no jitters just clean energy.

  83. Bruce Flunker

    I love coffee and can be particular – so had to take the Ben challenge and try it out. Did not make a big deal about it but just brought it home and told my wife the I heard it was supposed to be pretty good. Tried it the next morning, absolutely amazing. Our word to describe the taste is Smooth! Then I mentioned the price and my wife said I probably spend more at Starbucks – which is true

  84. john george

    I would say I’m an avid coffee drinker with a poor knowledge of what great coffee should taste like. However, I am very knowledgable with regards to what considered organic, pure, clean, etc…So, this is what brought me to KION Coffee. I just received my first 2 bags a couple day ago. I must say, I actually noticed a difference from the brand I was currently drinking. When I opened I was immediately hit with this very unique great smell of coffee. It did not disappoint. Now, my girlfriend on the other hand is a “Coffee SNOB” not only for taste, but also for clean healthy organic coffee. She read some information on her own and then tried some of mine and “LOVED IT”. She couldn’t believe I bought it. Yes it cost more than the crap in the stores. But, it’s worth it!! It’s also 50x cheaper that those popular coffee stores on every corner now making millions on not so great coffee. I’d really like to see the test results of their coffee. Thanks BEN and KION!! You have 2 loyal customers!!!

    • Team Kion

      Thanks for the awesome review!

  85. Sondria Gregg

    Really good coffee. I bought some of this coffee when they were having a sale after listening to Ben’s podcast. After trying several organic coffees and being a faithful clean coffee drinker from another Biohacker, I was pleasantly surprised how clean the coffee tasted. Will be purchasing more.

  86. Margaret

    Best Coffee….EEEEEVER!!

    • Team Kion

      Thaaaank you!

  87. Sam Abbott

    The best coffee I have ever had. It is a little pricey but it is absolutely worth it. I feel great when I drink this coffee. It tastes great black or blended. I am sold on this coffee and will be a customer for a long time.

  88. Darren Liu

    I was brought here from one of Ben’s coffee podcasts and definitely had to taste it for myself. It didn’t disappoint. It’s unique, it tastes great, it tastes PURE… and sometimes I just open up the bag and take a few whiffs because it smells so damn good. I live in Bangkok but I will continue to pay the harsh shipping fees for this coffee.

  89. kjervell

    I absolutely love Kion coffee!! Quality, Fresh, Healthy, Pure coffee…need I say more?! Tastes Amazing! My husband is now hooked and I have given a bag to a friend to try. I brag about this coffee. No joke. Jitter free.. Thank you Ben for creating the perfect blend . Love it!

  90. Meg Shea

    Kion from Purity has become the coffee to start my day. Robust, clean and rich. Living where Agtron’s home base is located and having a city where there are many roasters, I appreciate the research behind the product. The subscription and ease of storage is a bonus!

  91. CJ

    Excellent coffee. Perfect for those who like more of a medium roast. Beans tasted fresh and had a rich flavor.

  92. Jared

    Noticeably unique coffee. Very complex and nuanced flavors. It is obviously quality and very fresh. We are pleased and have only good things to say about our new coffee subscription!

  93. Patrick Martin Jr

    Kion from Purity is the cleanest, brightest and smoothest coffeee I’ve ever tried.

    After seeing the research, it’s no wonder why other coffees don’t stack up.

    Keep the love alive, drink Kion!



  94. Denise Dias

    The best coffee on earth for enemas! It tastes ok, but I love knowing I’m getting the very best ingredients up my behind. Can’t recommend enough!

  95. Luke

    I was expecting something passable for taste, but with the benefit of being healthier. This greatly exceeded my expectations for taste. I had subscriptions running for both Intelligentsia and Blue Bottle single origin coffees and replaced them with Kion exclusively. I typically make it in a cold brew and it has a great, complex taste that is on par with any other coffee I have had.

  96. Shawn Jewett

    Really happy with the Kion coffee so far. I was excited to have a coffee that is this healthy. But one that taste this good is a huge bonus.

  97. Connie Graves

    I have never in my life drank Coffee Black, but this is the best coffee. When I add all of my stuff it just doesn’t do it justice…Had to change my order each Month to 2 bags, 1 just doesn’t cute it…

  98. Tina King

    The best coffee I have ever tasted !! It is smooth and does not give me caffeine jitters. I use my french press and grind it fresh daily .

  99. Chris

    It made me rest a bit easier after Ben published the independent reviews, proving Kion Coffee to be the most antioxidant rich coffee in the world. With that said, currently my family would not be able to sustain the cost of this coffee as our go-to. We’ll likely cycle it on a quarterly basis.

    I’ll also note that the taste is acceptable, but definitely nothing that I’d rave over. Luckily for us, nutrition and quality overrule taste 🙂 but thought it was pertinent to mention that for those of you who still let your taste buds rule the roost.

  100. Mike Lynch

    This is such a great coffee and I rarely drink anything else now since I’ve signed up for my monthly auto ship. Plus, I’m a coffee snob now! I never really truly understood how good coffee could be for you until listening to Ben’s podcasts and reading the articles that have been posted. My only regret is not getting 3 bags per month and only 2…I’ll be editing that soon!

  101. V

    WE love this coffee! We upped our subscription to 4 a month and go through it all.

  102. David Nylen

    Amazing coffee. Just signed up for the monthly (2 bag) delivery. Obviously don’t want to ever run out.

  103. leblanc.gregory

    Be sure to buy 2-3 bags when you order. I only got 1 not knowing if I would like it. I fell in love on the first cup.
    It’s perfect black so don’t ruin it by adding anything to it. Expect a medium bodied flavor and a clean, not strong and jittery, caffeine kick
    I just ordered another 3 bags

  104. Shane

    The coffee is good but its really expensive. My family drinks quite a bit of coffee, and we would go through 4 bags a month. Spending nearly $100 per month on coffee is not really sustainable.

  105. Vitalie Ungureanu

    I would like to consider myself a coffee enthusiast on the pursuit of THE ultimate coffee. I discovered Ben and Kion just recently, this year and decided to try it out. Well, it is at least what it says, and maybe, even better. From the moment you open the pouch, you know it is going to be good. The taste and richness is amazing and I’m sure the benefits are as described. No jitters. Don’t forget to follow your coffee with some water. That’s it. I’m a fan. The question is, as with all the products – how long can they keep this up? I hope Kion will. Best coffee so far.

  106. Star

    Best coffee in the world! Not only does it taste better than anything out there, but I love knowing that it is the cleanest and healthiest on the market, plus, it doesn’t make me feel jittery and cause migraines like other coffees.

  107. betsy maldonado

    OMG I’m dying… just ran out of Kion coffee and now I am stuck drinking leftover BP coffee because we made the mistake of selecting UPSP first class mail which diverts to FedEx “smart post” and they take forever to get here… so next time around we will do UPS ground. I can drink Kion black with no cream or sugar and it is so delicious. Hoping shipping options (that are fast like within 3 business days) can be better priced one day, in the near future, especially if one does a subscription or buys bulk… as the free shipping when purchasing $100 plus is the slow FedEx “not so smart” post. This coffee is the best ever… sooo yummy!

  108. Adam Rhoads

    I wake up to the smell of Kion Coffee every morning and I love waking up now! The coffee is superb! Low acidity and great taste, with a clean energy boost to start my day! I have recommended it to many people and all have enjoyed the product! I am subscribed and have no signs of canceling!

  109. Eddie Esparza

    Love this coffee. It tastes great. I didn’t realize the difference until I went out and had coffee at a diner. The diner coffee was bitter compared to our home brewed Kion coffee. It made me appreciate Kion coffees so much more. It is my favorite coffee hands down.

  110. Darryl Cross

    Great coffee! But not five-star because $24 to $25 per pound PLUS freight is just not sustainable for me.

    You need to provide a shipping break at way below $100.

  111. elenadmacovei

    This is hands down the best coffee I’ve ever tasted! After finishing my first bag, I tried another organic coffee from a local co-op, it was not the same. I use a French Press and let the coffee steep for exactly 3 minutes. The result is a rich, creamy, and smooth cup of coffee. I normally use Kion coffee in my Bulletproof coffee recipe, but you can drink it black, its that delicious!

  112. sandy

    I feel and think so much better since having started drinking the Kion Coffee. I like a dark roast and this is a lighter roast so I wasn’t sure I would like the taste. But Im enjoying it and you will too.

  113. Shawn Wright

    Little over priced and hard to differentiate from the real coffee roasters out there that do it for a living. I will try my old go to again and decide if I will try this product again.

  114. Amber Teigen

    My favorite coffee to date! Rich, clean flavor that does not leave me jittery or bother my stomach. Love that I no longer feel the need to add stuff to my coffee to enhance the flavor.

  115. Rory French

    As I live in the UK it’s not as exactly cheap to buy and get this coffee delivered but seeing as I’m fan of Ben’s podcast and I love coffee, the idea of a high antioxidant clean coffee was too much to miss. This coffee is the smoothest clean tasting coffee I have ever experienced, absolutely on another level compared to other coffee I’ve bought in the past. 10/10 wish there was a cheaper way of purchasing it in the UK.

  116. Enrique Ho

    Excellent coffee! Purchased the first one to try, and liked it so much that will become a regular buyer. Gave it to 2 friends to try, and now they bought it as well! Taste is great, there is no acidic aftertaste, and, most importantly for me, I don’t get anxious after drinking it (which happened with other coffees I drink). Hightly recommended

  117. Marisa

    I don’t drink coffee but my husband does and I want him to have the best flavor and least contaminated he can. The price is a little steep, but I do buy it from time to time to time for him so he has great coffee! It is a VIP item. The other coffee he only drinks is Kimera Koffee, which he loves because of the no jittery feeling he gets from it. He hardly ever gets starbucks coffees any more. Thank you for all your research and time to do the best products.

  118. Val

    We love this coffee. We started with 2 bags and month and just upped it to four.

  119. kristian1991nor

    I’ve been a coffee lover for about 1 year. Im in pursue of the best coffee. This coffee is #1, when it comes to taste. I can feel the purity of the coffee, and it smells like no other.

  120. Hristina G

    Great coffee! Mild, aromatic and yet with the kick you need minus the crashes!

  121. Taylor

    Exceptional coffee, just a little out of my price range.

  122. Joe Cora

    I’m a coffee lover and this is some good clean coffee, great smell and taste, only reason for three stars is the $, I’ll stick with Dr.Mercola brand and add this to the arsenal, thanks Ben for all your great info and products!!! Make it a great day!!!!
    Joe C.

  123. Paul N

    Great coffee

  124. Daniel

    I’ve been drinking this coffee for 4 months now and is something I look forward to every morning. The taste is great, but the energy is even better. I get a natural energy and don’t get all jittery while I’m in a fasted state after drinking a cup or two like I do with most coffees . It’s definitley worth a try and is a high quality product that I’ll continue to use and support.

  125. Mark Bousquet

    Nice and clean like coffee should be. I’m highly sensitive to toxins found in mass produced coffee so I know this product is the real deal. Thanks!

  126. Bryce

    Great product! Awesome taste!

  127. Sharon Mclellan

    Yo so good!

  128. Sharon Mclellan

    Lovely coffee! Lovely! Believe in its purity! Thanks ben.

  129. Ven

    This coffee is amazing. I am not a coffee expert but I can tell this is the smoothest coffee I ever had. I did not notice any broken beans which cause uneven roasting. The beans look good and smell great. I use a french press and I drink my coffee during my 16 hour fast. This coffee is something I look forward to everyday. I tried many organic beans including the Costco, Starbucks and you name it. Every Coffee I had before had broken and unevenly roasted beans but not Kion.

  130. AAP

    This coffee was a gift to me from my husband who did his research (which is pretty awesome since he’s not a coffee drinker!) But my expectations were blown away–this is so smooth and delicious. I prefer mine black-no sugars, creamers, or added ingredients. I feel if you have to add something to your coffee, it obviously isn’t that good. As other reviewer’s mentioned, it’s very light on the stomach too. It has just the right amount of caffeine where I’m given that extra boost without the jitters. I would like to see more beans in the bag tho. I will continue and have recommended this coffee to anyone I talk to! I prefer this over going to the local coffee shop down the road.

  131. Ryan

    This is a medium-roast coffee which I don’t typically enjoy because of a tartness and higher acidity, this coffee on the contrary with pleasant chocolate and fruity notes doesn’t have the tart-acidic edge I expected. It is smooth, complex and enjoyable. I can drink my daily ~4 cups in a fasted state (empty stomach) and have zero stomach issues like I do with most other premium coffees I drink (including micro-roasters in the greater Seattle area). I drink primarily in a pour-over preparation (sometimes use an aero-press).

    The caffeine delivery is smooth as well, giving a nice energy boost without a ‘jittery’ edge. This will be a go-to for awhile.

    I _would_ like to see a more bold, slightly darker roast with these beans since I think they could present it well (even if it did reduce the caffeine a little, though I wonder if some of the antioxidant potency is reduced with a darker roast).

  132. dagmarcarstensen

    this coffee is amazing
    it is the BEST ever …
    the search has ended for that perfect brew

  133. William

    I wanted to love this coffee badly, but I simply cannot. While it is truly better than the average joe (see what I did there), I’m afraid to say it a little over-roasted that it’s failing to achieve what it could possibly be. The taste is verging on the edge of the burnt Starbucks profile, and is more suitable for espresso preparations and applications. There’s just little nuance that could be brought out by more meticulous methods of preparation ( hand pour over, Aeropress, etc.) I’m just imagining how the potential of supremely-selected beans might have been, had they been roasted to standards of better-handled third-wave roasters (sorry if there’s too much hyphenation), such as Stumptown, Counter Culture, and Blue Bottle. But unfortunately the treatment of these beans does not reach such standards. I’m hoping better iterations in the future. Perhaps more choices with regards to roasting styles. I’m giving it four stars for all the work put into each bag, but I simply cannot give it five stars because of the taste.

  134. Amy

    The precision of flavor for this coffee is spot on. You can tell a lot of careful thought and testing went into it. I’ve been looking for a clean coffee brand that still allows me to enjoy somewhat of a “dark, french roast” flavor. Would love to see more beans in the bag. This beats the Bulletproof brand for me. The flavor is superior.

  135. metricmiller

    Amazing product great flavor makes awesome bulletproof coffee

  136. Anna Sheinman

    Beware…if you ever get this coffee, you will NEVER be able to drink another coffee again.

  137. zev507

    Loved the coffee. Great flavor balance. Went through the first package quickly and ordered 4 more.

  138. Dan Larke

    You have ruined me . . . and I love it! Could not have anticipated how amazing this Kion Coffee would taste. Just opening the bag sends a wave of incredible aroma through the kitchen. . . intoxicating. I have been using a French Press, and love the flavor. It has become a ritual for me in the morning to grind the fresh beans, heat the water, wait, smell, pour . . . and enjoy. Whether black, with a little cream, or Bulletproof, it all tastes amazing. Love the rich flavor of a Bulletproof cup in the morn! Worth every penny just knowing the great lengths you have gone through to provide the perfect bean and roast. I genuflect in your general direction! Cheers!


    I live in Chicago, and been drinking organic SUPERB antioxidant coffee for about a year now. Pretty good, especially with heavy cream. Today I drank KION for the first time. Tried it just black. I use French Press as well. I was astonished how good this coffee is, even without my favorite cream. I bought just one bag a week ago, since I tried some other organic coffees, but those had no flavor at all…. I am a truck driver, sometimes driving long hours too… Need to be focused and alerted all the time, and must say the Kion has a kick as well! I do not write reviews much…. But I did it this time! It is time to switch from Superb to Kion! Will orded 5 bags today to save sone $$$!

  140. Cari

    I’ve tried them all, and Ben has succeeded in coming up with the best, most delicious coffee I’ve been able to make at home. I have always had a hard time drinking coffee black, but not with Kion Coffee…simply delicious! Thanks Ben!

  141. Michale Hartte

    Thank you so much Ben for this coffee. I appreciate that you ship to Canada and that it comes in a timely manner! I feel great on it (2 cups in the AM using my French Press) and enjoy it just black (nothing added). Will send my Pre Workout Frozen Protein Bars to you as it includes your coffee, organic dark cacao powder, cacao nibs (both fermented), a touch of Celtic salt, coconut oil (expeller pressed), High quality Whey protein powder isolate (both chocolate and vanilla) and a few more ingredients that I will save as a surprise!

  142. danlarke

    Love this coffee. Intoxicating aroma when grinding and nice smooth flavor. Great to know I have a great tasting, healthy option.

  143. Tom Calfee

    It’s obvious Ben has been around coffee most of his life. Kion Coffee is easy to drink and tastes and smells wonderful. I have had to make some adjustments, though. I make about 3 cups of coffee a day and drink the equivalent of about 2 — So I am a keurig user. I bought 4 reusable K cups and fill them up with Kion Coffee. I bought a burr grinder and set it at 4.5 for a fine grind since the coffee is a medium roast. I also buy $100 worth of coffee at a time to bring the price down. I get 30 K cups per bag, which equals about 60c per cup—which is on par pricing. By reusing k cups I am reducing waste, getting all the nutrients from the coffee to flow into my cup, and am getting fresh coffee at its peak. Since I’m used to coffee being a little stronger. I adjusted my Keurig to brew the second smallest size. I believe I am now drinking the best tasting and most beneficial cup of coffee in the world, for really not much extra $$. Thank you Ben for being the most trusted name in health and fitness.

  144. John Healy

    Excellent coffee, worth the price. Great flavor and it seems like I don’t need as much…

  145. Jonny

    Coffee is amazing. The smell of the beans is out of this world. I’m not even a big coffee person, but I am now, lol. The only coffee I’ll ever purchase. I do wish shipping was a little quicker, hated waiting almost 2 weeks to receive it.

  146. Beth

    Love this! So pure and clean. I was suffering from Raynauds phenomenon, which was brought on by caffeine. I no longer have spasms in my fingers when I drink this coffee. I am hooked, have a subscription now. Thanks Ben!

  147. William Mills

    This is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had. Provides clean, focused energy and tastes great. I drink it black while fasted in the mornings and have noticed an uptick in my concentration without some of the jittery effects I’ve experienced with other brands. I wanted to ask, would you recommend using Kion coffee to make cold brew as well? If so, is there a water-to-coffee bag ratio and steeping time recommendation that will produce the highest quality cold brew?

    • Team Kion

      Glad you like it! Kion Coffee is great as cold brew. Water to coffee ratio and steep time depend on how strong you like your coffee. We don’t have any official instructions on making cold brew, but thanks, definitely a good suggestion for a future article!

  148. jfellrath

    This coffee is not just delicious, but I can feel the difference from regular coffee. Obviously this is N=1 feedback, but I feel more clear-headed and alert after a week of drinking Kion Coffee over the regular brands I drink ( and I consider myself a coffee snob). The charge I get from this coffee is amazing.

  149. Susan Burnett

    Love love love this coffee, it is by far the best and highest in quality coffee I have ever tasted, totally worth having it delivered to my front door step in Sydney, Australia. You can never ever substitute quality ! Anything that Ben formulates has got to be the best he is a genius ! and a very funny guy as a bonus, His podcasts are equally excellent and I cant wait to slowly accumulate and use his Kion products I think this guy is truly an inspiration and a wealth of research and information. He is a Health, wellness and fitness Machine. Thankyou so much Ben for doing all the hard work for us ! and delivering excellence !

  150. mikesorenson3

    Love this coffee. I usually get the 5lb bags of Upgraded (Bulletproof) which lasts me a while. I would love it if I could get larger quantities of Kion at maybe a reduced price per higher volume. Any plans for distributing larger packages?

    • Team Kion

      Maybe in the future! Thanks for the suggestion.

  151. Brian Cummings

    As soon as i heard Ben talking about this coffee i could not wait to try it! I’ve been a coffee enthusiast over the past couple of years and can definitely say that Kion coffee is my go to from here on out. I’ve tried countless different coffee providers, Kion has been by far the most delicious and energizing blend i’ve consumed. I would suggest this coffee over any other brand due to its claim of being the cleanest coffee out there. Smell and taste of the coffee is tremendous!! Get you some 😉

  152. Jim

    I agree with the Reviews that have been posted. The coffee smells great and tastes great as well.
    Honestly I am taking on face the purity issues because I really don’t know. It is the health benefits of this particular coffee that are critical to me and I wish they were a good way to know whether we are actually Getting what is advertised. Other than taste, which is excellent, and price which is very high, how do we know that this is what it is cracked up to be?

  153. Justin Brown

    I make 3-4 espresso daily in our Bialetti which helps to spread a bag out a little over a week. Totally worth it when compared to what I was paying monthly at coffee shops. Provides such a clean energy with wonderful taste. Curious if there will be additional roasts soon?

  154. shaun charkowick

    this is some pretty high quality coffee. i would drink it all the time if i could afford it. but every weekend i look forward to starting my day with kion. taste great black.

  155. Anne Esparza

    This is the best coffee. I have not been able to drink coffee in general due to the impurities and mold that is found in most other types of coffee. So this is my first re-introduction back into coffee in about 6 years, since I changed my overall diet. This coffee smells great, first of all. The flavor is outstanding. It is not bitter in the least. I have been recommending Kion coffee to everyone that I talk to and chat with on social media. I’m doing my part to get the word out! Thanks Kion group for making this available. You’ve allowed me to be a coffee drinker again.

  156. Reid

    I tried Kion coffee at PaleoFx and I found it to be really clean and fresh. I did not get a jittery coffee energy spike. I look forward to trying a whole bag of Kion coffee.

  157. Melissa S

    I received this coffee as a gift and it was a nice surprise. For the most part, I honestly thought coffee is coffee is coffee. But you can taste the difference with Kion. It tastes fresher, deeper, richer. I tend to like candy coffee (flavored decaf coffee with stevia) but I found I liked the flavor of this coffee without having to put in too much stevia. It is also healthier….a win-win! I don’t drink a lot of caffeine and this didn’t make me jittery. I really like the coffee.

  158. thunderberrygrace

    I have been enjoying the art of making and drinking coffee. Thank you. Coffee and health are important to me. I’m enjoying Kion everyday, and have it straight up black! I plan to add cinnamon to make it spicy too! 😆blessings…

  159. Bob

    I developed adverse reactions to popular Kcup coffees. I stopped drinking the Kcups and exclusively drink Kion Coffee. The adverse reactions have diminished significantly.

  160. treeloh

    I absolutely love this clean, mold free, organic coffee!!!! It’s coffee you can feel good about consuming!!

  161. Brad

    My husband drinks this coffee, and let me tell you, if HE drinks coffee, that MUST mean it’s good!! He typically hates coffee, so I guess it either means that he can tolerate this one, or dare I say, actually LIKES this one??Or the pro’s (healthy) far outweigh the con’s (husband dislikes coffee) of this particular coffee!

  162. Corey

    Outstanding coffee! I’ve subscribed to the month order of one bag per month. Great taste and I’m ready to conquer the day after my couple cups in the morning!

  163. Jesse

    We love this coffee.

    SmeIl: We noticed a huge difference when smelling it and comparing it to our ‘organic’ coffee which we use to think smelled good. Now our old coffee just smells burnt to us and this smells far superior.

    Taste: It has a rich, clean and smooth taste without the harash acidity we’re use to tasting with other coffees.

  164. Mehva Renaye

    this coffee tastes great and even with an opened bag the beans still smell great after a few weeks. I don’t use it regularly because I don’t always have the time or the patience to slowly hand grind it but when i do i can taste the difference. It is strong so i can use less in my expresso stovetop pot. sometimes i add some mushroom coffee to it as well

  165. Mark

    The coffee bean I’ve been waiting for. Theres no looking back to other organic coffees after having Kion coffee. This has been the only coffee I can drink with NO sweetener to cut bitterness. Grind, brew, pour, drink. The bean is a nice medium roast, soft and easily to grind fine. The grind almost desintagrates when brewing. Not bitter, flavorful, and smells amazing. The packaging says Kion really cares about keeping freshness and quality. Great to enjoy a good cup of Joe knowing it’s free of mold and toxins.

  166. exscimus77

    Love this Coffee!! Very clean with no crash….ended up getting a subscription….and that says a lot since I’ve been drinking Bulletproof coffee for 3 years and found all other coffees (until now) inferior to it. Thanks Kion!

  167. William Varwig

    This coffee is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  168. achavana3

    The rich aroma of this coffee hits you the second you open the bag…it smells amazing! I normally use a French press when I brew it and love the bold flavor. This is the first coffee that I enjoy drinking black. Excellent coffee!!!

  169. mz62224

    Amazing smell and taste! the fact that it’s clean doesn’t hurt either.

  170. Duarte Sousa

    Best coffee ever:) And it makes you feel good when you know that it is properly produced.

  171. amy

    This is truly the Cadillac of coffee! I have had nootropic coffee, single origin, other “clean” coffees, low acid longevity coffee, etc but nothing has been as good as Kion. I’m usually a darker coffee drinker but the smoothness and richness of this coffee really puts it on a new level. If you want a clean cup of joe that drinks smooth and has more health benefits than all other coffees combined, give this a try! Plus, the aroma from just opening the bag is worth the price 🙂

  172. Rebecca Roeter

    My husband and I love this coffee – we are always looking forward to brewing more! I appreciate the massive attention to detail and the health benefits. Also, generally when I drink coffee I do decaf or .5 decaf/.5 regular due to jitters, but I can drink Kion Coffee and not get jittery.

  173. Gene

    Great taste and good for you too! My “go to” coffee in the morning to get my day off to a great start.

  174. Celeste

    I loved this coffee! You can tell that the beans are hand selected! The taste is smooth and you do feel great after drinking the coffee!

  175. Angie

    I could smell the coffee when it was still in the delivered packaging! On top of it tasting amazing, it is comforting to know that I’m getting the BEST QUALITY coffee on the planet! Thanks Ben for doing the work to create a great cup of joe!

  176. John Shoffner

    I have to say, when I like something I stick with it – I’m kind of a rut person, it’s comfortable in my little rut. So I don’t change things much if they work and that goes double for my coffee. When Kion introduced this, I was quite happy in my coffee rut and didn’t really think I would change – coffee aint cheap and I’m not drinking what I don’t like. But then I dug in a bit on the question of mold, over roasting and other problems with the hyper commercial side of coffee beans. And I must say I do like Ben’s story of growing up with coffee. Add that to his dedication to improving the human landscape, well that was good enough for me to try it. Glad I did. Wonderful flavor, even and smooth but still with a healthy robustness and texture. Very nice. I’m in! Congratulations, Ben on bringing the essence of your childhood and family heritage to the front for us all to enjoy in this way. Cheers. – JS

  177. Kelsey

    Not only does this coffee not give me jitters or the dreaded caffeine crash (even after the occasional 2+ cups) it smells and tastes amazing! It’s also great to know my family and I are getting the healthiest coffee possible. Two thumbs way up on Kion Coffee!

  178. denbokov

    This is very fresh coffee! Smells great!The taste is good, but I prefer the taste of Bulletproof Mentalist blend. It has a richer, deeper taste with hint of chocolate. The bulletproof original is close to Kion in taste, but a little smoother. I use a French press to brew, and followed Kion’s brewing instructions.

  179. Christopher

    Enjoying the new coffee particularly when I make cold brew coffee with it!

  180. AB Telwar

    On top of all the extra health benefits and the cleanliness of the coffee., It’s just a GREAT tasting cup of coffee. Kion continue to impress with the quality of their products. Now get to work on a hi grade Earl Grey/ Citrus Bergamot / Cellualar Autophagy Tea!!!!!

  181. kcumming24

    Best Coffee on the market! Clean, mean, pure and fresh. You can taste the fullness of the beans and it’s clear they are packed dense with antioxidants and clean caffeine. No harsh buzz or negative side effects at all present.
    Also, it blends super well with fats, nootropics, mushrooms etc. 10/10

    Well done Ben and Purity!

    Cheers, Kyle

  182. Micah

    This coffee exceeded all of my expectations. Thanks for all the research to bring us the best coffee!

  183. travis2375

    I have tried a lot of coffees and normally only like dark roast. I really like this coffee. Not the darkest roast, but not light either, the taste is great. One of the top 3 coffees I have tried, maybe the best. I also really like the fact that it is organic and as healthy as a bean can be. Subscribed.

  184. Micah Marino

    This coffee taste amazing! I was so happy to hear all the health effects of coffee on Ben’s podcast. Thanks for doing the research to being us the most quality coffee ever!

  185. Dillonlb92

    I was wondering if you might consider doing free shipping for subscribers? Is there a difference between kion coffee and purity coffee? I might just subscribe to purity for the no shipping cost.

    • Team Kion

      Hi Dillon, not at the moment. However, shipping on is free with $100 in Kion purchases, which includes coffee.

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