Kion Performance Bundle

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*NEW* The Ultimate Performance Bundle!


  • Kion Coffee
  • Kion Creatine
  • Kion Aminos Tablets

Kion Coffee

Elevate your daily grind with Kion Coffee:

  • Certified Organic
  • Toxin and Mold Free
  • Roasted to Maximize Health and Taste

12 oz. of medium roast whole bean coffee.

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Kion Creatine

Fuel your performance, energy, and strength with Kion Creatine, made with 100% Creapure®.

  • Helps reduce post-exercise fatigue*
  • Promotes boosts in athletic performance*
  • Supports increases in muscle mass and strength*
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Kion Aminos

Building blocks for muscle recovery, reduced cravings, better cognition, immunity, and more.*

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The Ultimate Bundle for Fueling Exercise and Athletic Performance!

Our Performance Bundle contains three powerful products to support:

  • Clean pre-workout energy without the jitters*
  • Optimal exercise performance, endurance, and strength*
  • Post-workout recovery for your muscles, joints, and nervous system*

Kion Coffee

There's no better pre-workout than a cup of clean, black coffee! Kion Coffee is Certified Organic, 100% free of mold and mycotoxins, and 1000% delicious.

Kion Aminos

Essential amino acids support athletic performance, lean muscle, energy, and recovery.* Kion Aminos are pure, highly bioavailable, essentially zero-calorie, and contain no added sugars or artificial ingredients.

Kion Creatine

Creatine is one of the most well-studied and trusted supplements in sports performance. It has been shown to promote increases in strength and muscle mass, energy levels, post-workout recovery, and it even helps stave off muscle loss in older populations.* Kion Creatine contains the gold standard of creatine on the market, Creapure®.


Time to drop the sugar-laden energy drinks and gut-busting protein powders.

The Kion Performance Bundle is all you need for fueling your workouts!

Ingredients & Label

Kion Creatine

Kion Aminos Tablets

Kion Coffee


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