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Make meditation practical, learn the most effective techniques, and customize your own practice with our comprehensive 40+ page eBook.

If you get Meditation Demystified today, you’ll instantly receive 5 bonus video meditations from experts like Ben Greenfield, Paul Chek, Emily Fletcher, and more!

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Meditation is a powerful practice for improving your mental, emotional, and even physical health.

Its benefits are widely studied and include reduced stress, better sleep, improved focus and productivity, enhanced mood, better regulation of emotions, and much more. A regular meditation practice can help you calm your mind, focus your thoughts, and develop more thoughtful responses.

Unfortunately, in the words of Tim Ferris, “meditation has a branding problem”.

Many of us still view meditation as a woo-woo practice only done by hippies or ultra-spiritual gurus. We imagine it as sitting cross-legged on a pristine mountain top, eyes closed, thinking about nothing, and totally blissing out.

These misconceptions about meditation lead most beginning meditators to become frustrated, confused, and unmotivated, eventually throwing in the towel before they’ve experienced the benefits of a regular practice.

Meditation doesn’t have to be ultra spiritual. It doesn’t even need to look like sitting still with your eyes closed. It’s simply a form of training for the mind.

The truth is, there are many ways to meditate – as long as you’re aware of what makes up an effective meditation practice.

Our eBook Meditation Demystified was created to provide you with this knowledge and lay out a framework for personalizing meditation. With this book, you’ll be able to craft your own practice based on your physical, mental, and spiritual goals.

And as a bonus, if you get Meditation Demystified today, you’ll instantly receive 5 bonus video meditations from experts like Ben Greenfield, Paul Chek, Emily Fletcher, and more!

Meditation Demystified is a uniquely practical resource on meditation that includes:

  • The proven health benefits of meditation
  • The 4 simple things you need to know to start meditating today
  • Debunking the myths of meditation that prevent many of us from practicing it
  • How to deal with distracting thoughts
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to meditate to improve stress, sleep, performance, productivity, physical health, emotional regulation, and spiritual connection
  • 14 meditations you can do today
  • The secrets to making your meditation practice a daily habit
  • And much more…

Starting and maintaining a regular meditation practice can be incredibly frustrating and confusing. However, the profound mental and physical benefits are so strong that many of us in the modern world can no longer afford not to meditate.

Grab your copy of Meditation Demystified today and finally start a meditation practice that works for you.

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1 review for Meditation Demystified eBook

  1. Linda

    I liked this ebook as it was a simple, easily explained way to start meditation, thanks Kion

    • Team Kion

      Linda, thanks for your positive review! We’re so glad to hear you enjoyed the book. Happy meditating! 🙂

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