Christian Gratitude Journal

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Specifically designed to enhance your spiritual life, your relationships, your physical health and your mind.

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Gratitude is one of the most powerful human emotions that exist. The physical, mental and spiritual benefits of gratitude have been scientifically studied, and the results are both astounding and fascinating…

…it turns out that when you start and end each day with conscious and mindful gratitude, the result is that positive emotions, high empathy, better sleep, improved health, fewer aches and pains, a more resilient nervous system, lower blood pressure, less cortisol and stress, better relationship quality, increased longevity and a host of other benefits begin to pour into your life all day long.

The Christian Gratitude Journal, created by Kion CEO and Founder Ben Greenfield, is simple and elegant. You'll answer three easy questions each day, specifically designed to enhance your spiritual life, your relationships, your physical health and your mind.

  • What am I grateful for today?
  • What truth did I discover in today’s reading?
  • Who can I pray for or serve today?

Every page of the beautifully constructed journal has a unique Bible reading, a practice of gratefulness and a calling to pray, serve or help one person each day – bringing you closer to God, closer to yourself, and closer to others.

Some of the life Changing benefits of incorporating the Christian Gratitude Journal into your daily routine…

A simple devotional structure you can rely on, with zero guesswork.

Service and helping others becoming a natural part of your daily life.

Beginning each day with reading, gratitude and thinking of others is a calming and peaceful way to start the morning and live your life.

Greater accountability to God, yourself, and loved ones.

Stillness each morning to help you feel more relaxed and less stressed.

Fewer aches and pains and better overall health.

Increased happiness and reduced depression.

A stronger immune system.

Improved sleep.

And much much more

12 reviews for Christian Gratitude Journal

  1. Kristie

    I bought these journals for Easter for my older kids (9 and 10) and myself to do together. It has been a great process especially during this coronavirus lockdown to remind ourselves of our many blessings even when everything is so challenging around us. We love the simplicity of it and that a short bible verse is included each day since we don’t yet have a study bible. Love this!

  2. Jenny

    Since using the journal, I see so much more gratfulness and blessing in my life

    • Team Kion

      That’s amazing to hear, Jenny. Grateful for your review!

  3. Rebecca Dakan

    The journal is a beautiful thing. Well organized in a thoughtful way. I am enjoying starting to use it.

  4. Michael

    I could not be happier with the Christian Gratitude Journal!! It has been a simple & great addition to my morning routine. Thank you Ben & team Kion, I am truly grateful!

  5. Joshua Bachand

    I love this journal because it’s bible based and I’ve been slacking on journaling for awhile now and there’s know better way. If your gonna do it roll with Jesus it’s a win win

  6. Paul

    Best way to start my day, with practicing gratitude, getting in some truth, and thinking of how I can serve or pray for others. There are great tips for getting started and it’s a real blessing to have this out there.

  7. Mary


  8. Drew

    I keep this book at my office and enjoy using it as a break from corporate hustle and distractions. Journaling allows me to meditate on truth and correct my heart posture in an environment where I may otherwise lose focus on what is important. There is not an overwhelming amount of content, just enough to spur some thought for the day.

  9. Jessica

    I love this journal!! One of my biggest passions is health; I love watching documentaries, listening to podcast, reading books, and applying what I learn to make my own body and lifestyle healthier. But nothing will ever be more important to me than my spiritual health and my relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s why my daily morning routine always involves quiet time with God and the Bible. This journal is a great way to keep track of that quiet time, and is quick enough to complete when you are having a busy morning. I also love how small it is, cause it’s easy to throw in my bag and take with me when traveling, which I do often. I highly recommend this journal to everyone! 😀🙏

  10. Mike B

    What a great way to get your mind to right! Using gratitude is a biblical approach that we see spread throughout the modern health industry. It’s so weird to say that I am grateful to finally have a Christian spin on this!

  11. Dirk Washburn

    Love this Gratitude Journal. A great way to start the day day.

  12. Josh Gill

    Got this via the initial Kickstarter campaign and it has radically transformed my daily routine. Replacing my morning social media scrolling with journaling in the CGJ has helped me reconnect with my faith, readjust my outlook to a more positive one, and has helped e be more a thoughtful person in my relationships. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

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