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Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss: What Does The Research Say?

Intermittent fasting is the practice of cycling between periods of eating and periods of intentional fasting, or abstaining from food. Humans have fasted for millennia, whether for religious or cultural purposes or out of necessity during times of scarcity. In this article, you'll discover research and practical tips on how intermittent fasting, a powerful practice for better health, affects weight loss and body composition.

Low-Fat vs. Low-Carb Weight Loss Debate: Which Diet Comes Out On Top?

You’re no doubt well aware of the countless diets claiming to be the magic bullet for permanent weight loss. The lasting low-fat dogma of the 80s and 90s was met with the lower-carb South Beach and Atkins crazes that have continued with the latest fat-loss darling - ketogenic diets. But what does the latest science say?

What Is A Leaky Brain And How Do You Fix It?

Just like your GI tract has a protective barrier protecting it from its surroundings, your brain has its own casing that protects it from your body and bloodstream. It’s called the blood-brain barrier (BBB). And, just like you can get a leaky gut, you can also get a leaky brain.

Developing Speed & Power – How To Optimize Your Nervous System Performance & Reaction Speed

To develop true, functional strength, you need to do more than move weights at the same cadence over and over again. Discover the best training modalities for nervous system and muscular adaptations that are crucial for speed and power.

Nootropics and Smart Drugs: What’s the Difference?

Think for a moment how much visual, auditory, and sensory information you’re exposed to and required to process every single day. Learn about how smart drugs and nootropics can boost cognitive function and enhance brain efficiency.

Biohack Your Workout – Science, Gear & Tools For Building The Perfect Body

You can’t shortcut your way to health, there are ways to maximize your exercise time through various types of fitness biohacking enhance your traditional workouts for superhuman results.

The Role Of Carbohydrates & Carb ReFeeds In The Ketogenic Diet

Mark Sisson, author of The Keto Reset Diet, explains the amount of carbohydrates you should eat when doing a ketogenic diet for fat loss or athletic performance, how to implement carb refeeds, and the best carb sources.

How To Burn Fat Fast and Become Lean and Mean (Without Destroying Your Body)

Sure, burning fat often begins with getting off your butt, moving more, working out, and denying yourself the treats that seem to show up everywhere, But when it comes to staying shredded, ripped, and toned year round, there are potent strategies that fly under the radar.

Biology Of Belief – How Invisible Forces Affect Your Physiology

You may not be able to fully articulate or grasp how, but you understand on some level that there are invisible variables we are in tune with. Things like emotions, thoughts, and beliefs play a big role in the health of our mind, body and spirit. We can label these invisible forces in different ways- […]

“The Energy”: How Dr. Barry Morguelan Tapped Into 5,000 Year Old Deep Eastern Secrets To Unlock Limitless Cognitive, Spiritual & Physical Power.

This exclusive video interview was shot during Ben Greenfield's life-changing three-day visit with Dr. Barry Morguelan in Pasadena, CA. Fully immerse yourself in the power of the Energy with the accompanying article written by Dr. Morgulean and the 18-minute breathing exercise led by him at the bottom of this post. Prepare to have your mind […]