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Unearthing the Physical Benefits of Cold Exposure

Cold exposure is trending partly because of the long list of health benefits attributed to it. The headliners include fat loss, improved immunity, enhanced mood, better muscle recovery, and more. Is it hype or is there substance to those claims? In this post, we'll take the (cold) plunge into the research to examine the alleged physical benefits of cold training, and whether or not there are scientific studies to back them up.

How To Brew Coffee Like A Pro: 7 Tips For Crafting The Perfect Cup

Most of us are missing out on some of the health benefits (and getting the best possible flavor) of coffee by not storing, preparing, brewing, and sourcing our coffee properly. Here are seven tips for how to brew coffee like a pro in your own home so you never have to pay $8 for a nonfatmochachocalatte at your local coffee shop again.