Can you ship to my country?

Thanks for your email and for your interest. On our website, for each product, the drop down menu at checkout is the best indicator of which countries the shipping is available to. You can select your destination country from our drop down menu and enter your address. Please un-check the default checked box for “Ship to a Different Address” below that. This should allow you to enter the quantity you wish for the product of your choice and get a quote including shipping to your address.

With all our international customers, we have found it advisable for our customers to consider a couple of things. There may be border issues that we have no control over such as any import fees or taxes that your customs may charge. Sometimes, they delay a shipment as well and the rules/laws regarding what is allowed also differ and change periodically. It's a good idea to check that ahead of time. While most shipments get to their recipients without issue, the ones that do get delayed or if the tracking acts up once they leave the U.S., are frustrating, especially because we have no control over them once we ship them. I thought to give a heads-up of all the things that may come into play during your order placement and your receiving that order.

Aminos Usage

I am including below the link for our product page for the Aminos. It has a suggested usage chart that you may find helpful:

Taste and Smell of Kion Aminos

Raw/natural Aminos powder is not the best tasting or smelling stuff, I am afraid. If you read the reviews for the Aminos powder, since it is pretty much just pure aminos, it is not the most pleasant smell or taste. Amazing product but not because of the taste or smell. A lot of people tend to prefer the tablets for that reason. Have a look at the product page for our KionAminos please. It will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect:

Creating an Account

Creating your account is easy. On the “checkout” page, one of the fields is “create password”. That automatically creates your account for you.

Premium Podcast Service Issue

For all our premium subscription clients, we have a dedicated service set up that manages all aspects of the subscription to help solve any issues that you may face, including Billing, access, tech issues, etc., etc. Here’s the link for that service so that they can get that issue resolved for you asap: