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Forget “just sit still and don’t think”.
Jumpstart your personalized meditation practice with 40+ pages of knowledge and guided meditations from experts!

The Kion Meditation Challenge has ended, but you can still get access to all of the goodies, including 40+ pages of meditation knowledge bombs and guided meditations by experts like Ben Greenfield, Emily Fletcher, and Paul Chek!

The mental and physical benefits of meditation are profound, but traditional advice to "sit still and turn off your brain" often results in frustrating experiences, preventing most beginning meditators from fully experiencing the benefits.

Here’s a little secret: There’s more than one way to meditate long as you’re aware of what makes up an effective meditation practice.

Our eBook Meditation Demystified was created to provide you with this knowledge and lay out a framework for personalizing meditation. With this book, you’ll be able to craft your own practice based on your physical, mental, and spiritual goals.


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