Kion Oregano Oil

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A simple and effective herbal remedy to support your immune system, all year long.*


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Kion Oregano Oil supports:

  • A healthy immune response*
  • A healthy, balanced gut microbiome*
  • Healthy respiratory function*
  • Your body's natural resistance with antioxidants & phytochemicals*

This Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano is mixed in a very unique and highly effective and absorbable 7:1 almond to oregano oil ratio. Our oil has a natural carvacrol level of 80.12% to 80.46% (the primary indicator of quality) and is harvested from Turkey. It even comes with a laboratory certificate of analysis, which the “fake” stuff at the grocery store or bulk supplement website doesn’t give you.

To gain the benefits of Kion Oregano Oil, simply put 10-20 drops in a glass of water and consume this beverage two to three times a day.

Our oregano oil blend can also be used topically by rubbing a few drops onto problem skin.

Get your Kion Oregano Oil today to support a healthy immune system year-round and a healthy, balanced gut along with powerful antioxidants.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Suggested Use: 10 drops in a glass of water, 2-3 times per day.

Ingredients & Label

Ingredients & Label

Ingredients: Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Kion Oregano Oil

  1. Liberty

    Kion Oregano Oil is a fantastic product! I have only been using this product for 6 days and I haven’t felt any bloating after eating. I purchased this product to stabilize my gut function and got a bonus by being able to consume foods containing lactose. I still have to test it though with other food I have stopped eating over the years due to lactose intolerance. It’s also too soon to comment about immune system benefits, hence the 4 star rating. I do 10 drops in the morning with my coffee and 10 drops in the evening with tea. The taste is too rough for me with just plain water. Thanks Kion!

  2. tschroeder717

    I use this on my foods and drinks.. quick eas

  3. Michelle Silbernagel

    The Kion Oregano Oil is a staple in my medicine cabinet. It’s fantastic as an anti-viral. I take it at the first symptom of a cold or virus and it stops the infection in its tracks. It’s definitely a must have during the cold season. I’ve also used it to combat Sibo in lieu of conventional pharmaceuticals treatments. I trust the Kion brand over some of the less expensive, but also less potent brands.

  4. Brandon

    This oregano oil is great. I take it when I feel like my immune system is suffering. I feel that it really boosts my immune system.

  5. Kelsey

    Kion makes some really high-quality oregano oil – much more potent than what you usually find in the store. I take it internally every day and it’s really helped boost my immune system and fight against bacteria. I also use it topically (it’s diluted) on occasional breakouts and it works great! This has definitely become a staple in my daily supplement routine.

  6. Alex

    I love this product. It continues to be a staple supplement as I have a sensitive stomach that I have worked hard to restore after SIBO. I know I can trust the product label as Ben Greenfield produces it, which is important to me when spending my hard earned cash. My husband and I have also really enjoyed using Nature Cleanse for over two years. I would love to see both of these products continued indefinitely.

  7. Alex

    I have used this and continue to use this product for a sensitive stomach. I couldn’t recommend it more as it continues to be a staple supplement for me. I know that I can trust the product label from anything Ben Greenfield produces which is important when spending my hard earned cash. My husband and I also can’t live without the Nature Cleanse. I hope to see both of these products continued indefinitely.

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