Kion Intro Bundle

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The Perfect Introduction to Ben Greenfield and the High-quality Products of Kion!


  • Beyond Training
  • Kion Coffee

Beyond Training - Mastering Endurance, Health & Life

This book is the culmination of nearly a decade of time Ben spent in the trenches helping people of all fitness levels burn body fat, achieve peak mental performance, and take the body to an entirely new level of performance and total human optimization.

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Kion Coffee

12 oz of Certified Organic Whole Bean Coffee

Carefully selected and roasted for flavor, purity, antioxidants, and health.

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The perfect gift for someone you know would benefit from the knowledge of Ben Greenfield and the high-quality products of Kion. Beyond Training, a New York Times Best Seller, is the culmination of the many years Ben spent in the trenches helping people of all fitness levels burn body fat, achieve peak mental performance and take their body to a new level. Kion Coffee (12 oz bag), one of Kion’s most popular products, is a certified organic, whole-bean coffee that is carefully selected and roasted for taste, purity, and high antioxidants.

5 reviews for Kion Intro Bundle

  1. Bobby

    Amazing way to get started with this amazing company. Ben’s book is everything you need to understand the nitty gritty details of exercise and how to improve your body. Coffee is fantastic and I subscribed monthly after trying. High recommend this bundle!!

  2. Thomas Morris

    I absolutely love the coffee and I can taste the difference between commercial brand names and highway services stops verses Kion. I’m digesting the book as we speak!

  3. Austin Martz

    Love this book very much. I’ve been listening to the Ben Greenfield podcast, reading his articles, and reading kion articles for the last year- the book is a culmination of all this knowledge! It feels complete, and to read it with this coffee is awesome. It’s rich in flavor and free of toxins so you know you’re putting a clean coffee into your body. Highly recommend!

  4. Rafael Arevalo

    This is the second time I buy the coffee, and planed on keep doing it. I really like it. Great taste and smooth. The book made a perfect Christmas gift, since I have already bought the audiobook.

  5. Rafael arevalo

    This is my second time getting the coffee, because I loved it. Very smooth and great taste. And the book, made a perfect Christmas gift, since I have read the book already.

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