TianChi Chinese Adaptogenic Herb Complex

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Extra nourishment to help you navigate the storm of stress, work, and life.

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If you're feeling rundown or desire extra nourishment to help you navigate the storm of stress, work, and life, then TianChi Chinese Adaptogenic Herb Complex may be your ultimate solution.

TianChi is a potent blend of a unique category of herbs called adaptogens – herbs that facilitate your body’s “adaptation” to stress. They help your body maintain, build or mend it’s own natural healthy processes, even if you’re exposed to a wide range of external and internal stressors.

Aside from a small handful of elite athletes and coaches, trained monks, and scholars of the Orient, most people don’t realize that regulating your nervous system and stopping the constant outflow of energy due to various adrenal stressors is the first step to creating true and lasting energy. It is through targeting the natural regulating mechanism of the body that real energy can be harvested and used to power and rejuvenate your entire body system.

This is because low energy may be your body’s response to stress – and to fix the low energy, a whole body treatment is required – not just a cup of coffee or extra helping of salad. TianChi is a whole food Chinese herb supplement that may help to restore your whole energy system — mental, emotional, physical, sexual and intellectual. As a result, this potent powder is enormously beneficial as a nutrient “shotgun” designed to support your cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, reproductive and nervous systems.

What you’ll receive when you get your TianChi in the mail is a box filled with packets that contain a delicious herbal tonic blend of the most renowned herbs in the Orient. These superior herbs are consumed throughout Asia to promote a healthy lifestyle and have been used for centuries to prevent fatigue and supplement a long, healthy life.

Every herb used in TianChi is extracted with a focus on purity and potency. Very few products contain 100% whole herb extracts. On average, the herbal extracts are at least 10:1 yields, meaning it takes 10 pounds of raw herb to produce 1 pound of pure extract. Most manufacturers start with pure yield and cut them to concentrations of 4:1 or 5:1 by adding filler. This produces a cheaper and less effective extract. Imagine buying a 5:1 extract that originally was 45:1!

In stark contrast, the herbal extracts used in TianChi yield 12:1 or greater, and there is even one herb in TianChi that is a 45:1 yield. In other words, you would have to take 9x as much herb from some other sources to equal the potency in TianChi! And you would be getting mostly filler and probably few results.

All of the herbs in TianChi are Non-GMO, Kosher Certified and non-irradiated. They are extracted in purified water and test free of heavy metals. And the creator uses only wildcrafted herbs – herbs found in their natural state and grown and harvested in their native environment.

TianChi's effects may be noticed almost immediately. For best results, simply open up a packet of the dark, rich, red powder, and pour into a refreshing glass of ice water. Drink your TianChi all by itself, with no extra fancy juices or added ingredients. Then sit back and enjoy the feeling of TianChi.

Below is a complete list of the pure and potent herbs you’ll find inside each pack of TianChi.

  • Schizandra – the “Five flavor berry” is known as a beauty enhancing herb, one of the main herbs pictured with Lady Maku the Goddess of Beauty. Traditionally, this herb has been used in preparations to support the liver, lungs, and reproductive systems. It contains over 20 lignans, which are plant polyphenols with antioxidant properties. A mild adaptogen and powerful anti-oxidant, schizandra is the Chinese equivalent to milk thistle.
  • Reishi Mushroom – Reishi is known as the “Mushroom of Immortality,” and “Herb of Good Fortune”. It is the most highly revered herb in China for its ability to brighten the mind and spirit. Traditionally used for boosting immunity, liver and blood support, and to relieve stress.
  • Ashwagandha– Ashwagandha is known as Indian ginseng and is one of the most famous of all Ayurvedic herbs. It is a premier adaptogen and has a profound effect on regulating the HPA Axis (hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal axis) which is the basis of the stress response. Although many herbs have been crowded into this category, the “Gang of Four”, ashwagandha, rhodiola, reishi and eleuthero, are substances most often described as effectively helping to regulate stress response.
  • Rhodiola – Rhodiola is known as the “Rose of Heaven” and “Plateau Ginseng.” It is one of the premier adaptogens in the entire world. Regarded as life-prolonging and wisdom enhancing, it may help to regulate stress response and is said to balance both creative and cognitive functions of the brain. Rhodiola has been found to reduce fatigue associated with physical activity and mental performance. It is a favorite herb for cosmonauts and mountain climbers. Rhodiola is a “Three Treasure” tonic, it builds Jing, Chi and Shen.
  • Eleuthero – This is the herb that launched all of the studies on adaptogenic herbs. Commonly used as an adaptogen in regulating stress response and supporting adrenal function, it’s famous as a physical endurance and mental enhancing herb used by cosmonauts. Eleuthero is a great herb for anyone who’s involved in sports or work that demands strength and endurance. It’s more Chi building than Jing. Eleuthero is seldom sold as a bulk herb as it’s not very nutrient dense. It takes over 40 lbs of good root to make one pound of powdered extract.
  • Epimedium – Famous as “goat sex tea”, epimedium is known throughout the world as an herbal aphrodisiac. It has traditionally been used to support healthy circulation. It is a Jing tonic.
  • Cistanches – Its Chinese name is “Duzhong” having been named after a doctor who took it and achieved great intellectual success. Eucommia is a premier Jing tonic as it contains a perfect balance of Yin and Yang energy. Its main use is commonly in bone support formulas.
  • Gotu Kola – Gotu Kola is one of the most important rejuvenating herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s used to help revitalize the brain and nerve cells. Gotu Kola is historically used in all matters of brain support. It has been known to support normal immune function and adrenal energy. Gotu Kola is commonly used by monks and yogis in the Himalayas as an aid to meditation; similar to how Reishi is used in China by the Taoist monks.
  • Albizzia Flower – This flower is known as the herb for “forgetting cares and sorrows” and “collective happiness flower”. It is an ultimate Shen tonic and is often used for supporting memory, circulation, and has mood elevating properties.
  • Astragalus – Astragalus is one of the greatest Chi tonics in all of Chinese Herbology. It’s often used as a ginseng replacement in younger people. Recently it has gained great popularity as an immune-support herb. It is said to build Upright Chi, meaning when the lungs are strong and the breath is deep. Astragalus is an excellent herb for maintaining the Protective Chi circulating on the surface of the skin. If the cold wind seems to bother your neck, it’s often a sign you’re Protective Chi is weak.
  • Green Tea – Green tea is one of the most powerful plant-based antioxidants. Studies have shown it to be valuable for a variety of treatments, including fat loss and cognitive performance. Most of green tea’s antioxidant polyphenols are from a class called catechins of which EGCG seems to dominate.
  • Polygonum (Ho Shou Wu) – Translates as “Ho’s black hair,” is one of the main kidney restoratives in Chinese herbology. Legend has it that Ho, an aging lonely hermit living on the edge of town saw a vine intertwined on his walk through the forest. The vines resembled a couple embracing and so he harvested the root, cooked it and consumed the tea. His hair turned back to black from snow white (hence the name) and he actually married and had a son. They both lived to be over 100 years old and the herb has since been called Ho’s black hair.
  • Lycium (Goji) – Lyci Gojium is a restorative for the liver and kidneys, popular these days as Goji, and one of the 5 most famous herbs in China. Reputed to be the main food of Li Chen Yuang for the first 125 years of his life (he added some ginseng root for the next half of his life). Li died at a banquet in his honor after consuming a heavy dinner (he was a Taoist hermit who lived on herbs and vegetables) causing a national uproar and disgrace for the public official who hosted the event.
  • Other herbs – Anemarrhena, Licorice, Polygala, Clubmoss, Cocoa Bean Extract, Stevia Leaf, Acerola Cherry, and Raspberry.

Suggested Use: 
TianChi is designed to be taken on an empty stomach. For maximum absorption, wait at least 20-30 minutes before eating. It is most effective to take TianChi all at once rather than sipping. Best taken apart from other supplements by at least one hour.

  1. Mix a single packet in 8-12 ounces of cool water.
  2. Let stand for 1-2 minutes, allowing herbs and nutrients to rehydrate.
  3. Stir vigorously to keep ingredients suspended.
  4. Drink immediately and enjoy your day!

Warning: Children under 18 years of age, pregnant or lactating women or anyone with a medical condition should consult a health care practitioner before using this product.

Store in a cool dry place away from heat.

Ingredients & Label

25 Packets Per Bag

15 reviews for TianChi Chinese Adaptogenic Herb Complex

  1. Darrell

    This has been an incredible find and offers a calming, focus and memory improvement. This product and Qualia have had the effect of a lifetime on my memory. I have shared the Tian Chi with other family members and they have also had dramatic energy and calming results. Their only complaint was they loved it, ran out and shipping was slow. Can’t say enough good about this product and its effectiveness.

  2. Jennifer Schlossberg

    I have taken this for only 2 days and I have a very strong feeling that it’s going to change my life. I have suffered from chronic fatigue for years and for the last 2 days I’ve taken this, I don’t feel like I’ve been dragged behind a truck. I have so much energy that I don’t know what to do with myself. After years of napping and not participating in life, I need to learn how to get back into the swing. I really am stumped as to what to do with myself.

  3. Hannah

    I’ve been taking these for almost a month but could tell immediately upon taking them that this is an amazing product. It does exactly what it says it does: clear, calm focus. My brain and stomach love it.

    • Team Kion

      Awesome! Thanks for your review, Hannah!

  4. Casey

    I’ve been taking tianchi for about 3 weeks now, which i think is long enough to be able to give an accurate review for myself, though with the inconsistency in my day to day routine and eating times it’s difficult to be right on. But overall I have definitely noticed sustained energy and clarity throughout my entire morning (I drink it first thing after I get up) and into the afternoon. I’ve also noticed a feeling of well-being, nothing earth shattering, but I’m just a little less triggered by certain things and have more calm optimism and good mood. I’m going to continue taking for another week and stop for a week and see if I notice any difference after stopping. So far overall I’m quite happy with the product, though it is not cheap, and this is the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5. Seems like it could be more reasonably priced.

  5. Alexa Rosenthal

    We were disappointed to find caffeine as an added ingredient once we received the box. Caffeine is not included on the description when we went to purchase. Is the caffeine naturally occurring in some of the herbs or does the product actually contain added caffeine and how much? Feels like it defeats the purpose if caffeine is actually added to the making of this proprietary blend. Seems silly not to be able to share the actual ingredients.

    • Team Kion

      Hi Alexa. The caffeine is naturally occurring from green tea phospholipid, and the amount is equivalent to a cup of black tea. It is in fact listed on the Ingredients & Label section of the product page, under Other Ingredients. But we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!

  6. Devin Rhode

    Really important to know how many milligrams of caffeine is in any energy drink type of product.

  7. tomjensen007

    I am in the third month of a seven-month concussion and TianChi has been incredibly helpful in taking away moderate headaches and improving my focus significantly. It clears the cobwebs and opens your mind. The effort that Kion has made in researching and perfecting this mix has resulted in an herbal mix that is essential to my recovery and will be an ongoing part of my life. Thank you!

  8. Tamara

    This is an AMAZING product!!!
    I am dealing with numerous health issues and although it not healing them it is helping me to cope and manage stress and give the energy I need to just make it through the work day right now!

  9. Steve

    It would be helpful to know how much caffeine is present in each packet rather than bury it in “other ingredients.” To me, that seems to be the main effective ingredient.

  10. Patrick Diedrich

    I bought this on the recommendation of Ben Greenfield. I thought I was getting something that was herbal. Turns out this stuff has ten times the daily recommended amount of B 12. It kept me awake all night. My wife had the same experience. This stuff will jack you up from a B 12 overdose. Do not buy.

    • Team Kion

      Sorry you experienced this, Patrick. TianChi does contain caffeine as well and should be taken early if you have sensitivities.

  11. Andy

    Why don’t you include amounts of each herb. I can’t purchase without knowing this,

    • Team Kion

      Hi Andy, TianChi Chinese Adaptogenic Herb Complex is a proprietary blend, so we, unfortunately, can not reveal the exact formula.

  12. Autum

    I took TianChi during my triathlon training days. It was a much better source of energy than coffee. Mind and body felt good.

  13. Cristian

    Hey kion is there a podcast on this?

    • Team Kion

      Hi Cristian. I believe there is. If you do a search on Ben’s website you should be able to find a podcast and even an article on the subject.

  14. ruiz_josealberto

    Amazing product! The calm, focused, energy is fantastic. After one week I feel like there is a balance in my body that was missing, even with my clean eating and exercise routine. It’s pricey but, in my opinion, well worth it.

  15. Declan

    I really love this Product so much. I’m just still curious to know if taking it during a fasted state will break it?

    • Team Kion

      Hi Declan, yes it will break your fast.

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