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“The Energy”: How Dr. Barry Morguelan Tapped Into 5,000 Year Old Deep Eastern Secrets To Unlock Limitless Cognitive, Spiritual & Physical Power.

This exclusive video interview was shot during Ben Greenfield's life-changing three-day visit with Dr. Barry Morguelan in Pasadena, CA. Fully immerse yourself in the power of the Energy with the accompanying article written by Dr. Morgulean and the 18-minute breathing exercise led by him at the bottom of this post. Prepare to have your mind blown!


The 8 Parts Of Your Life You Can Change Forever With 5,000 Year Old Chinese Energy


I’m a double board certified medical doctor, a gastroenterologist practicing in Los Angeles.

So, as you would expect, I spend a lot of time in operating rooms.

Every operating room patient is surrounded by sophisticated equipment which displays real-time patient data.

There’s an anesthesia machine at the head of the operating table with monitors to display the mixture of gases in the breathing circuit.

We measure pulse, blood pressure, the respiratory rate, oxygen levels in the blood… the list goes on and on.

But there is something no device is able to quantify and measure.

No technology can measure a patient’s Energy.

When you stop to consider this, isn’t it remarkable? It brings to mind a quotation often attributed to Albert Einstein, but actually written by William Bruce Cameron…

“Not everything that counts can be counted.”

How true. After all, it’s no secret that nothing happens without Energy.

What’s not well-known is our ability to absorb existing, natural sources of Energy… sources typically overlooked. It’s waiting for us, incredibly real, consistently vigorous, and infinitely beneficial. See, the cells of your body are all vibrating at different frequencies, but you can manipulate that frequency by exposing yourself to and absorbing different energy sources. You can learn about the healing possibilities of one particular form of energy, sound, in the Kion article called Frequencies – How Sound & Vibrations Can Elevate Your Life.

But the Source Energy goes far beyond that. Once it’s absorbed, once we’re “in The Energy” we can use it to enhance the performance of our body and our brain. This is one of the fundamental principles of this unique Source Energy discipline that has been kept exclusively for the Emperors.

Now I’ll readily admit: this all may seem a bit “woo-woo”. If those warning signals are going off in your own mind, I’d recommend that you accompany this article by watching my video interview with Ben Greenfield, above, or listening to the audio here. The fact is, virtually every one of China’s 557 Emperors was protected, healed, or strengthened by this Source Energy – and in the audio and video you can hear about my own story of over a decade searching the planet to discover and learn this energy.

5,000 years ago, beginning with the great Grand Masters and Lao Tzu, they began to identify connections between the performance of the entire human structure internally and externally that could be consistently improved by this sacred Source Energy.

They found these connections were established and strengthened by the existence and flow of specific Source Energy to multiple sensors throughout our bodies.

The principle of Energy pathways has long been recognized by Traditional Chinese and Western medicine. But what remains largely unrecognized, is how Source Energy can be absorbed, and what can be done with it. In the history of this discipline, the awakening of this Source Energy was permitted to be performed only after a chosen healer was tested through an incredible number of difficult physical, mental and Energetic attainments. These extremely difficult tests have even to this day been only permitted to be passed on verbally.

Only eleven people in the world know what I know by personally training with the Grand Master in China.

Over the years, many students have come to study and learn with me. These little known, closely guarded practices my students learn, fully augment and go well beyond acupuncture, meditation, tai chi, qi gong or anything else we tend to associate with Chinese Medicine.

In 2000, I began offering my Energy Treatments to the public. The Energy Treatments that I provide reacquaint one with the core and sacred body of Energy that they had as a child. This Energy may be used in developing a successful life and is a vibration that connects one to lifeforce. It can connect you to everyone and everything else in the world. This Energy affords a huge expansion in one’s ability to love oneself and other people as well as a huge expansion in happiness. Participants report that this Energy has expanded their general knowledge, freedom, and power so that they experience higher degrees of success in their lives.

Those clients who have sought out my work have repeatedly been surprised by how participating in even the beginning practices has shed light on what extraordinary feats we are capable of. These are rich, enduring changes we all can make in our lives.

Over the past 20 years, 10,127 people I have worked with have tried out these practices. Each practice is based on discoveries made during my many journeys to the Sacred Mountains of China where I learned firsthand from the Masters.

What Makes this Source Energy So Unique

When you absorb this newfound Energy, you will find that your results are exponential, not incremental.

When you grow in one dimension of your life, focusing on one area of improvement, you experience enduring and positive change.

When you engage with the Source Energy practices, you simultaneously grow every aspect of your life.

The ancient Masters of this Source Energy discipline have given people from young to old, ways to absorb and amplify the Source Energy that flows throughout the universe, including our bodies.

This Source Energy seeks out areas where it is needed most in your life. The complexity of any deeply rooted psychological or physical conditions in the body does not hinder the benefit of this Source Energy.

Medical school students at Harvard and Johns Hopkins are now learning about things such as the “Gut Brain Connection,” something The Masters of this Source Energy have been including for centuries in their practice.

When you use this Source Energy to focus on one aspect of your life, it and many other things naturally get better at the same time.

There are eight areas of your life that will undergo profound change when you’re in this Source Energy.

1. The Quality Of Your Relationships

Successful, enriching relationships can become effortless.

You can reasonably expect to change the way you connect with people… even those “hard to get along with people” who seem to take joy in creating difficulties.

One way this happens is through the process of giving and getting feedback, a process where this Source Energy can dismantle defense mechanisms.

Another way is by expressing appreciation. What’s left unsaid can be more harmful to a relationship than an inappropriate comment. My students find that this Source Energy makes appreciation and acknowledgment the norm.

2. Your Financial Situation

Patience and prosperity often go hand in hand.

When you are in this Source Energy, you won’t wake up one morning to immediate financial wealth.

But the ways this Source Energy shifts your outlook will quickly and tangibly begin to pay off. Your ability to gather the information necessary to make financial decisions improves.

Perhaps the benefits of a partnership you once rated as low become more clear, or an investment opportunity you once considered full of risk is now seen as full of profit.

Make no mistake. You need to work on developing this skill. Significantly sharper intuitive skills and critical thinking skills are the results of consistently spending time with physical and mental exercises.

3. Your Physical Strength and Vitality

Exercise matters more than most people believe. Exercise and a fit body can save your life.

We shouldn’t look at physical strength through a narrow lens. It’s not about how much weight you can bench press. It’s about the health of your organs, your muscle and your bones.

One hour of exercise a day will provide optimum levels of health.

The good news… being in this Source Energy gives you the ability to overcome the excuses that get in the way of this. It also means you can do simple exercises anytime, any place.

Accomplishment and achievement begin with intention.

They cross the finish line because of vitality.

Vitality unfolds in the mind and is all-embracing. It can melt away many of the sources of heart disease, ranging from depression and anxiety to isolation and hostility.

Emotional vitality is fed by this Source Energy. The flow of Energy can calm the nervous system, lower the heart rate, and lower blood pressure. It can create feelings of self-assurance and control.

4. Your Creativity

The debate is never-ending. Some people are convinced that creativity can’t be taught. Others disagree, which is why creativity has been taught at the university level for half a century.

It doesn’t matter where you stand. The fact is that creativity can be cultivated.

This Source Energy nourishes the creative process in many ways. One of the most impactful is how it elevates our critical thinking skills. It helps us make new connections between facts we previously considered unrelated or even irrelevant.

It also gives us the inclination to think in a way that leads to creative breakthroughs.

Lao Tzu taught, “Use the light to return to clarity.” The Energy that makes this light possible is what enables deeper, more precise thinking. Details are observed instead of overlooked.

5. Being In The Flow Or The Zone

Perhaps you’ve been here.

It’s where things just seem to happen with little or no effort. We lose track of time. External interferences vanish. We’re lost, soaring, pleasantly and productively immersed in a project, or perhaps in a conversation with someone.

This state is real. But what’s also real is its fragile and fleeting nature.

The only way to create permanence is with Energy. When you’re in this Source Energy, you’re in the flow or the zone. But it is sustained, not just a “productive morning’s work” that may not be repeatable.

Doing the mental and physical practices daily replenishes your Energy so that the state can be sustained.

6. Serendipity On Command

When wonderful things fall into your lap, why does this happen? Are these random events?

They are not. More than 300 years ago the British author Horace Walpole coined the word serendipity to describe this phenomenon.

(In some languages, the word does not exist.)

Serendipity is more than dumb luck. It happens to people who are aware of their surroundings, tend to be more curious than most and possess the ability to maintain focus.

These people tend to be highly observant. They often make discoveries about things they are not specifically looking for. These things happen because The Energy makes the necessary behaviors possible.

7. No more overwhelm anxiety

When somebody is overwhelmed, we usually think they’re doing too much.

Sometimes this is by choice, and sometimes not. Either way, there are too many decisions for somebody to make.

This Source Energy makes this feeling obsolete. It’s not always a function of making the need to make multiple decisions in a short amount of time go away.

It’s about clarity this Source Energy creates that lets you easily make decisions with confidence.

8. Intelligence

Everyone is aware that at times they have much more ability to think, create and compute all types of important mental tasks. However, throughout the centuries, this discipline has allowed those fortunate individuals in the Emperor class to be able to rule safely and wisely by expanding their mental competence with the Source Energy practices.

It has been shown in our courses that children of all ages can rapidly improve their test scores, reading, mathematics and creative talents.

Many professionals over the years have remarked that using the Source Energy techniques has allowed them to experience have an expanding, almost Einstein intelligence available to them on demand.

The Key That Unlocks All These Changes

There are two steps you can take to experience this Source Energy for yourself.

The first is to approach these practices that connect you to it with an open mind. Prove it for yourself. I’m the first to admit that there’s no simple way to explain why this Source Energy does so much when you’re in it.

So please set your skepticism aside. Keep in mind that what you’re about to learn has been used for fifty centuries. It’s not exactly new, and not exactly unproven.

With a refreshed and receptive outlook, get the GET ENERGY app.

The key, of course, is to begin. Take the first small steps. The results you will be rewarded with won’t simply improve your life. They will redefine it.

Enjoy this exclusive 20-minute introduction to the Energy as well as an 18-minute immersion breathing exercise led by Dr. Barry Morgulean.


About Dr. Barry Morgulean

Dr. Barry graduated from the University of Louisville Medical School in 1973. He is a double board certified Gastroenterologist and Internal Medicine doctor trained at UCLA and now practicing in Los Angeles. Throughout his time as a western doctor, he has been profoundly interested in cutting-edge techniques that would more efficiently treat, heal and prevent disease. In 1980, Dr. Barry Morguelan’s desire to advance the western medical field resulted in a worldwide search for alternative forms of healing that could complement western medicine.

The Asian symbol of wholeness, the Yin/Yang, is an analogy representing the complement for which he was looking. If Western medicine is one side of the Yin/Yang symbol, then the other side of the symbol is what his worldwide search was seeking. He learned many alternative practices over a ten year period of time.

In 1990, after extensive worldwide travel, Dr. Barry Morguelan began exploring China. He exchanged his work as an accomplished Gastroenterologist and Internal Medicine physician for information on Chinese healing methods. During this time he was introduced to a select group of people in remote areas of China who resolved multiple illnesses without drugs or surgery. He realized that this was the modality he had been searching for all these years and which could powerfully complement western medicine.

Energy For Success (EFS) was created by Dr. B to provide people with access to the energy source he discovered that profoundly supports success towards personally defined goals. In addition to achieving personal success, people have found that by learning how to use this Energy in their everyday lives gives them a greater sense of peace and fulfillment. EFS believes that this unique method can be used on a global scale to achieve peace throughout the world. This unprecedented opportunity to affect positive global change is what fuels Energy For Success. Since its creation, EFS has supported world leaders, entrepreneurs, health-care professionals, scientists, professional athletes, attorneys, politicians, teachers, moms, dads and many more.

Energy For Success provides the support necessary to stay connected to this Energy in order to successfully accomplish your personal goals while simultaneously enhancing relationships in your personal life, local community and ultimately the world. Dr. B was invited by the elite group he found in China to train in an over 5,000-year-old system of Energy Treatments referred to as the “Grow Younger” Treatments. He traveled to China several months each year to undergo the rigorous training that was required. He accomplished this while still operating his western medical practice in Los Angeles.

5 thoughts on ““The Energy”: How Dr. Barry Morguelan Tapped Into 5,000 Year Old Deep Eastern Secrets To Unlock Limitless Cognitive, Spiritual & Physical Power.

  1. quick question… erm… how come dr barry still looks his age? shldnt he look much younger if the treatments work? a genuinely curious. not being sarcastic

  2. Fantastically interesting interview and learnings. Heartmath have found a way of measuring coherance and power amplitude as a result of increased coherance. Doc Childre and Howard Martin also looked to TCM for inspiration rather than re-inventing the wheel. There’s a lot of overlaps and its great to see more of this work in the public domain.

  3. An excellent and inspiring interview with a Master of his craft. I am very grateful for the free app, which I will get to shortly. Many Thanks!

  4. Some of this stuff is supposed to be confidential and secret. What? How selfish of him, and I am sure you can find it on the internet regardless. The real content doesn’t start until like 45 min in, and even then there is no useful information for like 20 more min.

  5. Thanks for the information. There is a device that can measure energy and it was developed here in the US. It’s called the ClearView. You can talk to the brilliant physicist, women, herself, Nancy.

    Also, if you have a physicist reading the NUMBERS, NOT the colors or aura as some call it, the Russian GVD can also calculate people’s energy.

    The technology is out there, it just needs the right educated people using it is key.

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