Kion Creatine

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Fuel your performance, energy, and strength with Kion Creatine, made with 100% Creapure®.

  • Helps reduce post-exercise fatigue*
  • Promotes boosts in athletic performance*
  • Supports increases in muscle mass and strength*


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Creatine Supplementation Is More Important Than You Think

You Lose Creatine Daily

You break down about 1-2% of your body’s creatine stores daily. For optimal energy levels and overall health, it’s essential to replenish these stores—either from dietary sources or supplementation.

It’s Tough to Get Enough Creatine From Diet Alone

Experts recommend a daily creatine intake of 2-3 grams for optimal health, depending on size, gender, and activity levels [1].

But on average in the U.S., most adult men are only getting 1 gram per day of creatine from their diet. And adult women are even lower, at 0.70 gram per day [2].

This means that most of the population, using dietary sources alone, is well below their daily creatine requirements. And that’s just for baseline health…

You Need Even More Creatine To Experience Benefits

Studies show that you need even more creatine to see improvements in physical performance. According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), athletes who train intensely may need 5-10 g of creatine a day to maintain their stores [1].

In other words, getting enough creatine to provide noticeable increases in energy, muscle mass, and strength can be incredibly difficult without supplementation—many people would have to 5x their intake of creatine-rich foods!


Creatine Benefits All Kinds of People, Not Just Bodybuilders

Creatine Promotes Improvements In Strength and Performance*

A recent meta-analysis of 22 different studies, which accounted for variability in gender and training status, showed impressive results from creatine monohydrate supplementation when combined with resistance training [3].

Subjects taking creatine improved:

  • Muscle strength by 20% (compared to 12% with placebo)
  • Weightlifting performance by 26% (compared to 12% with placebo)
  • Bench press performance by up to 43% (compared to 16% with placebo)

But creatine isn’t just for lifting heavy weights.

Because of its ability to supply energy to muscles so they can train harder, creatine can also support performance for athletes that compete in sports that require short, explosive bursts of energy such as jumping or sprinting.

Creatine Supports Healthy Brain Function for Vegans and Vegetarians*

Animal products are the primary dietary source of creatine, so plant-based eaters often have a hard time getting this vital nutrient into their diets [4]. Studies show that creatine supplementation in vegans and vegetarians measurably increased working memory and intelligence [5].

Kion Creatine is 100% vegan.

Creatine Helps Prevent Age-Related Muscle Loss in Older Adults*

Aging and reduced physical activity naturally lead to decreases in muscle mass, bone density, and strength. And this leads to weakness and less mobility, both of which can increase risk of falls and injury.

However, there is evidence that creatine supplementation can help you maintain muscle mass and improve the function of muscles [6], even as you age.


Supplementing with creatine can help you have the strength and energy to enjoy the activities you love—at any age.


Kion Uses the Gold Standard of Creatine

Kion Creatine uses only the gold standard of creatine. Creapure® is produced in Germany using the purest raw materials, stringent manufacturing standards, and precise analytical control.

Tested for Purity

Creapure® is on the Cologne List® and is tested for purity and banned substances regularly. By using only products of the Cologne List®, athletes reduce the risk of unintentionally becoming the victims of doping.

Backed by Clinical Research

Creapure® is by far the most studied creatine on the market, proved to be both safe for long-term use and incredibly effective.

Superior Bioavailability

Creapure® is absorbed almost immediately after intake, with a bioavailability of over 95%. This means virtually all of the Kion Creatine you consume goes directly to fueling your body—no excess or waste.

100% Vegan

Kion Creatine is vegan- and vegetarian-friendly. It’s exclusively manufactured by chemical synthesis, with no animal- or herbal-derived raw materials or intermediates. It’s also Kosher and Halal Certified, as well as gluten- and soy-free.


Crush Your Day with Kion Creatine

To consistently perform at your highest level, research shows you need a sufficient amount of creatine in your body.

However, relying on your diet is not enough for most people, especially if you’re active, aging, or limiting meat intake. That’s where a high-quality creatine supplement comes in.

Kion Creatine is the gold standard for increasing your creatine stores and boosting physical and mental performance*. It’s safe and effective for all populations, including vegans and vegetarians.


Get Kion Creatine, and give your body the fuel it needs to crush the day, every day.


How to Use Kion Creatine

Serving Size

Take one serving (5g) of Kion Creatine per day, or personalize your dosage between 3-10g based on your size, muscle mass, activity level, and personal response to creatine. A loading phase is not required.


Kion Creatine is best taken immediately before or after exercise to support recovery and muscle mass, or first thing in the morning to promote cognitive function.


Once per day or as recommended by a health professional.





  1. Do I need to load Kion Creatine?

    A loading phase is not required for Kion Creatine. Even though a creatine loading phase may result in acute increases in strength and body weight (via saturation through water retention), daily supplementation over a longer period has been shown to provide similar results [7].

  2. Do I need to cycle Kion Creatine?

    No, you do not need to cycle creatine. It can be taken on a daily, long-term basis.

  3. Does caffeine affect creatine absorption?

    There is currently no conclusive evidence that caffeine counteracts creatine absorption.

  4. Is creatine safe for your kidneys?

    This is a common concern with creatine supplementation, as it may increase creatinine levels above normal (an indicator that kidney health is compromised), especially if taken in high doses. However, long- and short-term studies have found that creatine doses ≤10g/day don’t impair kidney health in people with healthy kidneys. More long-term research is needed for those with compromised kidney health. If you have a history of kidney issues you should speak with your doctor before supplementing with creatine [8].

  5. Can creatine cause hair loss?

    It’s possible, but not likely. One RCT (on males) linked creatine supplementation to an increase in DHT (an androgen involved in hair loss) but this RCT has never been replicated [9]. Many other studies have shown that creatine does not affect testosterone levels, a precursor to DHT. To this day, no studies have directly examined creatine’s effects on hair loss.

  6. Why do I get cramping/bloating when I take creatine?

    Stomach cramping from creatine, while rare, can occur if taken without enough water. Additionally, when too much creatine is taken at once (>10g), it can cause diarrhea and nausea. If you experience these issues, try spreading doses throughout the day or taking your creatine with meals.

  7. Does creatine cause weight gain?

    Creatine may cause gains in lean mass through some amount of water retention. While higher loading doses can cause water retention that may exceed five pounds, lower supplemental doses will typically cause minimal weight changes outside of gains in muscle mass.

  8. Will Kion Creatine break my fast?

    Creatine stimulates mTor production, which interferes with autophagy, so should be avoided if fasting for anti-aging purposes. However, Kion Creatine does not contain any calories or added sugars and has not been shown to spike blood glucose levels [10]. Therefore, it’s safe to take during fasting for other purposes such as mental acuity or body composition. When combined with Kion Aminos, it’s an incredible source of energy for fasted workouts!


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